“Toccata and Fugue”

Stardate 76067.1; January 25, 2399







Edited by Peter Bossley


Written by Chris Adamek


Overseer Artanis

Commander Holly Gabriel

Underling Hajal

Overseer Katall

Doctor Kharzon

Captain Ryan Landsberg

Cerebrate Ra’thenn

Underling Tassadar

Lieutenant Jayla Trinn

Administrator Va’kyr

High Overseer Xi'Yor

Overseer Zeratul














“Our next target is Theta Minsar.”  Xi’Yor’s cold, calculating voice echoed amidst the cavernous halls of the Dryad Citadel.  The Overseer stood in the center of the Citadel’s Great Hall, calmly pacing amidst a holographic projection of the Elorg armada’s next destination.  “There is a Federation research facility in orbit of the second planet, allegedly devoted to the study of the ionized particles in the Theta Minsar star.  At present, the facility is poorly defended, but according to the Cortisan Enclave, Starfleet is in the process of retrofitting the outpost with an advanced defense network.”


Xi’Yor wandered amidst the holographic projection until he stood beside the smoldering red world of Theta Minsar II.  Beneath the dark veil of black clouds, crimson seas of magma boiled over much of the craggy surface.  It was easily one of the most hellish planets the Overseer had witnessed—and one he very much wanted to conquer. 


The twin moons of Malis and Irtuk orbited the desolate world.  After eons of abuse from the nearby asteroid belt, the ominous gray spheres were heavily pocked and cratered, but they nevertheless endured—there were even indications of microbial life forms swimming in the seas beneath Irtuk.  The ‘legendary’ bacteria fascinated scientists on both sides of the border, but Xi’Yor could not have cared less.


It was bacteria.  And since it had the misfortune of developing beneath the surface of a moon fated to destruction, the ‘legendary’ importance of the discovery was already a disputable point.  However, the sleek Federation outpost lingering nearby… that was something of a bit more consequence.


Xi’Yor smiled thinly as he peered at the structure orbiting Theta Minsar II.  He suspected it would endure for only a few bloody moments in battle with an Elorg warship—and in his mind, even that was a very generous estimate.


The Federation was still recovering from the magnificently successful strike on Earth—and since its denizens feared another wave of enemy forces was on the horizon, the Federation, in its infinite wisdom, retreated.  Dozens of Federation starships returned to protect Earth, leaving many other planets ripe for invasion—and Theta Minsar II was easily the most vulnerable target.


But that window of opportunity was closing.


“In six days, Starfleet will bring the outpost’s new defense network online.  While it is a certainty we can overpower the outpost regardless of the network’s status, we stand a greater chance of success while it is still offline.”


A flurry of conversation immediately erupted in the Great Hall as the gathered Overseers debated Xi’Yor’s proposal. While Xi’Yor could not make out most of the individual conversations, he would occasionally overhear references to the Federation and its wretched outpost.  He was confident that the Conclave would reach an acceptable decision in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, Xi’Yor would not be present when the Conclave made that fateful decision…


Five seconds later, the High Overseer collapsed, comatose even before his body hit the floor.




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