“Shadows of an Empire”

Stardate 76543.2; July 18, 2399







Edited by Peter Bossley

Written by Chris Adamek


Overseer Artanis

Legate Brunel

Angela Christopher

Admiral Kathryn Janeway

Courtney Kimball

General Ordikan

Cerebrate Ra’thenn

Justin Reinbold

Underling Tassadar

Lt. Commander Jayla Trinn

Administrator Va’kyr

Overseer Xelos

High Overseer Xi’Yor

Overseer Zeratul










Author’s Note






First and foremost, welcome to the Final Chapter of Star Trek: The Final Frontier.  Before this epic begins, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken the time to read TFF over the years—and I would especially like to thank those of you who provided comments and insights into the series.  You know who you are.   Without people like you, I never would have been able to devote five years of my life to this massive project.  And since I’m going to save the longwinded and emotional speech for the final episode, I guess I’ll leave just it at that…




And now a quick note about the timeline that starts… well, right after I’m done babbling.  It’s a work in progress.  For the most part, I’ve limited it to events that I think might be relevant to The Final Chapter.  While I’m reasonably certain of the story’s direction, nothing is set in stone until an episode is complete.  Additionally, I’ve included some fairly generic events that are meant to fill in some of the blanks that I probably won’t be able to cover in the series (like much of the ancient Elorg/Phobian/Iconian history).  A lot of you have been asking for such details, but I have been unable to incorporate them into the story.  This timeline might be as good as it gets.




Yes, I have decided to incorporate Enterprise into the TFF universe.  I’ve been ambivalent about Enterprise in the past, but I have begrudgingly come to accept it as an actual part of the Star Trek universe.   “Borderland” was pretty good, wasn’t it?  The Orions looked just like I thought they would!




And… before I get tons of hate mail, I should like to clarify right now that I thought The Empire Strikes Back was an excellent movie.  By far, my favorite of the Star Wars flicks.







To ensure an enjoyable experience for you and your friends…




• Be considerate!  Please, refrain from talking during the show.


• Turn off all cell phones, pagers, Gameboy Advance SPs, and that hideous electric fruitcake hat that your grandmother gave you for your birthday last year.  I don’t care how near and dear it is to your heart, that thing has to go!


• Place all waste in the nearest receptacle on your way out.




Now, grab an ice-cold Pepsi, sit back, and enjoy


















201,134 BCE


A conflict between the Phobian Republic and the Al-Bhed Collective begins.  The Phobians are swiftly defeated at every encounter (“A Link to the Past”).




201,131 BCE


• The Phobians encounter a space-dwelling organism in the Sra’xa’diin Nebula.  After extensive study, Phobian scientists are able to genetically modify the organisms for use against the Al-Bhed (“A Link to the Past”).




201,129 BCE


• The Phobians successfully deploy the genetically modified aliens in battle; the Al-Bhed are summarily eliminated (“A Link to the Past”).


• The Phobian Republic enjoys a few months of peace, however scientists quickly discover that they are unable to control their creation—and with the Al-Bhed no longer a viable target, the aliens—now known as the Sra’xa’diin—begin to attack Phobian targets (“Reconciliation,” “A Link to the Past”).


• The Phobian Ambassador Phannah contacts the Iconians for help containing the Sra’xa’diin (“A Link to the Past”).






201,128 BCE


• The Iconian Professor Eridar reaches Fa’diel Station several months later, and is initially receptive to Phannah’s suggestions—but when he discovers the Sra’xa’diin were genetically modified to suit the Phobians’ needs, Eridar officially withdraws the Iconian’s support.  Unfortunately, he is killed by the Sra’xa’diin shortly thereafter (“A Link to the Past”).


• Without help from the Iconians, the Phobian Republic quickly begins to crumble.  In a matter of months, the Sra’xa’diin obliterate more than 90% of the Republic (“Reconciliation”).


• Rumors of a powerful species called the Elorg begin to circulate (“A Link to the Past”).




201,126 BCE


• Hoping to preserve at least some of their species from slaughter, the Phobians place dozens of their young in stasis pods, and launch them into the unknown (“Reconciliation”).


• The remainder of the Phobian Republic’s fleet is annihilated by the Sra’xa’diin at Xantoran VII (“Reconciliation”).




200,914 BCE


• The Iconians seal the Sra’xa’diin into fluidic space (“A Link to the Past”).




200,618 BCE


• The Elorg Prophet Na’zar is born on Brilnari IV (“The Joining”).




200,505 BCE


• The star at the center of the Eredas System enters the final stage of its life.  Instead of evacuating, the denizens of the fifth planet—the enigmatic Elorg—decide to move their entire homeworld to safety (“Lost Worlds”).




200,464 BCE


• Na’zar sets out on a journey of exploration that takes him across the galaxy; he chronicles his journey in a set of notes that would later be dubbed The Tome of Na’zar. 




200,409 BCE


• After nearly 100 years of preparation, the Elorg use a highly advanced transwarp conduit to move their homeworld, Eredas, to safety (“Lost Worlds,” “Rebena Te Ra”).




200,406 BCE


• The Elorg try to place Eredas in orbit of a nearby star, but their efforts are hindered by a species known as the Rilnar.  Instead of fleeing to another star system, the Elorg stand and fight; they subsequently claim the Rilnar System as their own (“Roulette”




200,399 BCE


• The Rilnar armada attacks Eredas.  Angered by the assault, the Elorg amass a considerable fleet of starships and hunt down the attackers; before long, the entire Rilnar armada is destroyed, and the Rilnar themselves are a conquered people (“Roulette”).




200,316 BCE


• Na’zar concludes his travels, and thusly begins to share the chronicles of his journey with his peers back on Brilnari IV.  Many of his thoughts and observations are considered revolutionary, and at the urging of the Brilnari government, Na’zar travels to Eredas to share his findings.




200,315 BCE


• Na’zar finds the journey to Eredas an arduous one.  While his route falls entirely within the borders of Elorg space, the myriad Elorg colonies rarely communicate with one another, and their differing laws and agendas tended to weaken the empire as a whole.


• When Na’zar finally reaches Eredas, he finds a world in decay.  A combination of factors, including civil war, poverty, and plague, have reduced the once opulent world into little more than a slum.  With little in the way of a government, Na’zar finds it relatively easy for the natives to accept his ideas.




200,311 BCE


• Na’zar forms the Elorg Bloc.  At the moment, it is little more than an official title for the myriad Elorg colonies, but as word of the newly organized government begins to spread, leaders from each of the colonies travel to Eredas to learn more.




200,307 BCE


• At long last, representatives from all 21 of the major Elorg colonies agree to unify.  Na’zar thusly grants each of the representatives the title of Overseer, and appoints them to the newly established Conclave of Overseers.




200,306 BCE


• Curious about this new government forming very near the borders of their empire, the Iconians begin to investigate the Elorg Bloc.




200,304 BCE


• After several years of rule by the Conclave of Overseers, Na’zar seeks to reform the governing council, believing the Conclave needs a single voice to speak of its myriad actions.


• In response to the call for reform, the Conclave appoints Overseer Fenix to the newly created position of Cerebrate. 




200,294 BCE


• Hoping to add a few more worlds to the Elorg Bloc, Fenix issues an edict to the Conclave of Overseers authorizing them to colonize worlds along the Iconian Border.




200,292 BCE


• The Elorg colonize Gildebron III, a desert world on the edge of their territory.  It is the first of six colonies established under the Cerebrate’s edict.


• On his deathbed, Na’zar adds a list of ten prophecies to The Tome of Na’zar.  He claims they are visions sent to him by the chi-goehs, the Elorg gods.




200,289 BCE


• Hoping to dissuade any further colonization along their border, the Iconians attack the Elorg colony on Rebena Te Ra. The Iconians subsequently occupy Rebena Te Re, making it one of the few colonies where Iconians and Elorg coexist (“In Memoriam”).


• Fenix dies at the age 304.


• An’tiir is elevated to Cerebrate—and vows to honor both Na’zar and Fenix by continuing to expand the Elorg Bloc (“Adversaries”).




200,172 BCE


• The Elorg continue to colonize, not only along the Iconian border, but across the galaxy.  Their territory now spans hundreds of light years, and their military now rivals that of the Iconian Confederation…  Unwilling to stand by and allow the Elorg to gain supremacy over the galaxy, the Iconians attack and destroy most of the Elorg colonies along the border—and the Great War begins.


• An’tiir and the Conclave of Overseers quickly decide to take Eredas to a secluded—and secret—location in order to prevent an Iconian attack.  The tactic was devised by Na’zar decades earlier (“Lost Worlds”).




200,166 BCE


• After enduring a considerable stalemate, both the Elorg and the Iconians attempt to harness the vast energies of interspace, the layer of space between subspace and normal space.  The Iconians are immediately successful—but are surprised to find a malevolent species, known as the Ividians, inhabit the region.  Their task force is summarily obliterated (“In the Line of Fire, part II”).


• The Elorg quickly take advantage of the Iconians’ predicament, and make several bold forays into Iconian space.


• In response to the incursions, the Iconians attack the Elorg flagship, killing Cerebrate Al’tiir in the process.




200,165 BCE


• Jevian is elevated to Cerebrate.  He authorizes the construction of a new Elorg flagship—a city ship—that would serve as headquarters for the Elorg Bloc for the remainder of the war.




200,161 BCE


• Construction of the city ship is completed.




200,157 BCE


• Jevian is assassinated by the Iconians.


• A resolute Overseer Xa’yen is elevated to Cerebrate.  After naming the city ship to honor the fallen Cerebrate Jevian, he vows to bring about an end the war.




200,156 BCE


• The Battle of Sorrows.  The Elorg and the Iconians wage a cataclysmic battle that ends with the destruction of Iconia.  In one final act of desperation, the Iconians use their dimensional technology to seal the entire Elorg fleet into a subspace pocket.  In the aftermath of the battle, both the Elorg and Iconians are thought extinct (“Beginnings”).


• A small group of Elorg, however, manage to escape capture.  Fearing some of the Iconians might have also survived, the Elorg flee into the Alpha Quadrant, where they founded the highly enigmatic Breen Confederacy (“Desperate Measures”).




200,154 BCE


• Because they did nothing for the Elorg during the Great War, Xa’yen declares the chi-goehs false gods.  To fill the newfound spiritual void, Xa’yen declares himself a divinity (“Toccata and Fugue”).




30,000 BCE


• Modern humans evolve on Earth.




3200 BCE


• The first of many violent wars takes place on Vulcan.




371 CE


  After thousands of years of violence and bloodshed, a philosopher known as Surak leads the Vulcan people to reject their emotions in favor of a philosophy that embraced pure logic (“The Savage Curtain” [TOS]).






• The Romulans leave Vulcan in a rebellion against Surak’s teachings (“Unification” [TNG]).






• The Romulans conquer the Remans.


• The Romulan Star Empire is founded.






• As Elorg culture continues to stagnate in subspace, many individuals begin to seek the forbidden wisdom of the chi-goehs. 






• A century-long war between Romulus and Vulcan begins (“Death Wish” [VGR]).  The war would ultimately end in stalemate.






• The Hebitians attack and occupy the Breen Homeworld (“Toccata and Fugue”).






• Led by Za-el, the Breen destroy a Hebitian outpost in the Molgeras Sector.  The victory gives the Breen the momentum needed to destroy the Hebitians (“Toccata and Fugue”).


• The Cardassians, also emerging from Hebitian rule, begin to assert themselves as a culture (“Chain of Command” [TNG]).






• The Vulcans make first contact with the Andorians (“The Shipment” [ENT]).






• Humans become a warp-capable civilization (Star Trek: First Contact).


• The Vulcans make first contact with humanity (Star Trek: First Contact).






• Starfleet is established on Earth (“Broken Bow” [ENT]).






• The Earth Starship Enterprise encounters the Romulans for the first time (“Minefield” [ENT]).






• Seven million people are killed when the Xindi attack Earth (“The Expanse” [ENT]).


• The Enterprise is ordered to find the Xindi weapon and prevent another attack (“The Expanse” [ENT]).






• With help from both the Andorians and several of the Xindi factions, the Enterprise is able to destroy the Xindi weapon (“Zero Hour” [ENT]).






• After learning of Earth’s longstanding alliance with Vulcan, the Romulans attack, thrusting Starfleet into another major interstellar conflict (“Balance of Terror” [TOS]).






• The Romulan War ends.  The Treaty of Algeron establishes a vast Neutral Zone between Earth and Romulan territories (“Balance of Terror” [TOS])


• The United Federation of Planets is established.  Founding members include Andoria, Earth, Tellar, and Vulcan (“Zero Hour” [ENT]).






• The Federation has a deadly encounter with the Klingon Empire.  The incident leads to nearly a century of hostilities between the Klingons and Federation (“First Contact” [TNG]).






• The Romulans violate the Neutral Zone for the first time (“Balance of Terror” [TOS]).






• A catastrophic explosion on the Klingon moon Praxis causes serious ecological and economical damage to the Klingon  Homeworld.  The Klingon Chancellor Gorkon subsequently launches a peace initiative with the Federation, an event that leads to the historic Khitomer Accords (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country).






• The Tomed Incident between the Federation and Romulans. Thousands are killed on both sides of the conflict, and the Romulans enter an extended period of isolation that lasts until 2364.  During that time, the Romulans develop their D’deridex-class warbird (“The Neutral Zone” [TNG]).






• The Dii’nysyr Incident.  A renegade Elorg warship attempts to spread the word of the chi-goehs.  A young Overseer Xi’Yor ensures that the renegades are destroyed (“Toccata and Fugue”). 






• The Cardassian Union annexes Bajor (“Ensign Ro” [TNG]).






• The Federation Starship Alexander intercepts one of the hundred escape pods launched the Phobians several thousand years ago.  The pod contains one life form, a child by the name of Bator (“Reconciliation” [TFF]).










• The Federation has first contact with the Borg (“Q Who?” [TNG]).






• With help from Vulcan Ambassador Spock, support for Romulan reunification with Vulcan quietly grows on Romulus (“Unification” [TNG]).






• The Cardassians withdraw their claim to Bajor.  The Federation assumes control of Deep Space Nine at the invitation of the Bajoran government (“Emissary” [DS9]).


• The Bajoran Wormhole is discovered in the Denorios Belt (“Emissary” [DS9]).






• The Federation has contact with the Dominion on the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole (“The Jem’Hadar” [DS9]).






• The Cardassian government is overthrown by civilians (“The Way of the Warrior” [DS9]).


• Believing civilians could not have overthrown the Cardassian government without help, the Klingons invade Cardassia, stating the Dominion engineered the coup (“The Way of the Warrior” [DS9]).


• The Khitomer Accords are dissolved (“The Way of the Warrior” [DS9]).






• In order to avoid a long-term Klingon occupation, the Cardassians join the Dominion (“By Inferno’s Light” [DS9]).


• The Khitomer Accords are reinstated (“By Inferno’s Light” [DS9]).


• The Borg discover fluidic space.  They subsequently mount an invasion in an attempt to assimilate Species 8472—the Sra’xa’diin—but are quickly defeated (“Scorpion” [VGR]).


• The Federation and Klingons become involved in a large-scale war with the Cardassians and the Dominion (“A Call to Arms” [DS9]).








• Despite several major victories against the Dominion, the Federation’s future is still in doubt (“Statistical Probabilities” [DS9]).


• Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko brings the Romulans into the war against the Dominion (“In the Pale Moonlight” [DS9]).






• The Breen ally themselves with the Dominion.  At this point in time, their true origins are completely unknown; many people believed the Breen Homeworld a frozen wasteland, but others were convinced it was a tropical paradise (“Strange Bedfellows,” “The Changing Face of Evil” [DS9]).


• The USS Voyager experiments with Borg transwarp technology (“Dark Frontier” [VGR]).


• The Dominion War ends when the Cardassians, led by Legate Damar, turn against their Dominion oppressors.  More than 800,000,000 Cardassians are killed in the final battle, and the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Dominion fleets are left in ruins (“What You Leave Behind” [DS9]).






• The Dominion retreats into the Gamma Quadrant. 


• While the Klingon Empire remains in shambles, Federation and Romulan forces quickly begin to rebuild their fleets.


• The Romulans refuse to relinquish control of several Federation colonies annexed during the Dominion War, including those in the Kilka Sector (“Beginnings”).






• The USS Voyager returns from the Delta Quadrant (“Endgame” [VGR]).








• Led by Shinzon, the Remans assassinate most of the Romulan Senators and take control of the Senate.  Shinzon later makes preparations to attack and destroy Earth, but the plan is foiled by the Starship Enterprise and the few Romulan Senators that survived the Senate upheaval (Star Trek: Nemesis).






• Following the Shinzon incident, the Romulans and Federation make several attempts at peace, however the annexed colonies along the Neutral Zone are a continued point of contention (“The Fields of Asphodel”).






• Peace talks between the Federation and Romulans break down, and the two empires subsequently to go war (“The Fields of Asphodel”).






• Lacking a strong leadership, the Romulan front crumbles.  They surrender to Federation forces and relinquish control of almost all disputed territories to the Federation (“The Fields of Asphodel”).






• Talyere Rosat, a highly respected Elorg Overseer, begins to speak out in favor of the chi-goehs.  His actions are quickly condemned by Overseer Xi’Yor and the Conclave of Overseers (“Beginnings”).






• Using the advanced Borg technology collected by the USS Voyager, the Federation finally begins to develop a stable transwarp manifold (“Beginnings”).






• Alan Christopher is promoted to Captain, and is given command of the Starship Discovery (“In Pursuit of Justice”).


• Starfleet develops a new type of transwarp-capable shuttlecraft; the Discovery is given the prototype USS Dark Star (“In Pursuit of Justice”).


• Despite condemnation from the Conclave of Overseers, Talyere Rosat continues to be a major proponent of the chi-goehs—and his beliefs are slowly gaining popularity (“Beginnings”).






• A subspace rupture begins to form in the Kilka Sector; because the area is still under Romulan control, the Federation refuses to investigate.  The rift, however, continues to expand, forcing Alan Christopher and Rachael Meyer to disregard Starfleet’s order.  He steals the Dark Star and enters the Kilka Sector to seal the rift (“Beginnings,” “In Pursuit of Justice”).






• The Romulans finally relinquish control of the Kilka Sector to the Federation (“In Pursuit of Justice”).


• Forces in favor of the chi-goehs begin to take radical actions against the divine Cerebrate Z’danorax.  While Talyere Rosat has no part in these radical maneuvers, he nevertheless sympathizes with the rebels—a stance that causes much chaos within the Conclave (“Beginnings”).






  The rift in the Kilka Sector reopens.


• Led by Xi’Yor, the Conclave of Overseers decides to execute all who oppose the divinity of the Cerebrate Z’danorax.  To evade Xi’Yor’s forces, Talyere Rosat flees through the rift into the Kilka Sector—and is greeted by the USS Starlight.  Xi’Yor’s forces quickly follow… only to discover that the rift is an exit from subspace (“Beginnings”).


• The Elorg drive the Federation away from the Alteran Expanse and claim the entire region as their own (“Beginnings”).


• Alan Christopher and Rachael Meyer are captured by Starfleet, but their punishment is ultimately negated; Christopher is given command of the Starlight (“In Pursuit of Justice”).


• The Romulans attempt to invade the Aurillac Sector, but the attempt fails.  The Romulan fleet is left in ruins (“Ground Zero”).


• Xi’Yor challenges Talyere to the zagah’tulina, a form of ancient ritual combat.  Talyere accepts the challenge, but it turns out to be a trap; he is captured and interrogated by Xi’Yor (“Requiem”)






• The Starlight makes first contact with the Velora Aggregate (“Velora, part I”).


• As Xi’Yor plans to claim additional territories outside the Alteran Expanse, the Cerebrate Z’danorax arrives to personally oversee the invasion.  Displeased by the intrusion, Xi’Yor plots to assassinate the Cerebrate (“Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec”).


• Still incarcerated aboard Xi’Yor’s flagship, Talyere forms a pact with several Underlings sympathetic to his cause.  With their help, Talyere is able to get a transmission to the Starlight, and is thusly rescued (“Between Dark Places”).


• After conquering Gildebron III, the Elorg attack Ka’Tula Prime.  Rachael Meyer is killed by Xi’Yor during the bombardment (“Meridian Dance”).






• A Federation/Romulan task force penetrates the Alteran Expanse and collapses the Elorg Rift (“Behind Enemy Lines”).


• The Breen reveal themselves as brethren of the Elorg (“Desperate Measures”).


• Led by Overseer Cree’dan, Elorg forces and destroy Romulus, killing billions (“Checkmate”).


• The Battle of Ciden.  Federation and Elorg forces wage a considerable battle in orbit of Ciden II.  Both sides suffer heavy losses, but the Elorg front crumbles when Cerebrate Z’danorax is mortally wounded (“Checkmate”).


  Z’danorax dies aboard the Starlight; before her death, she appoints Talyere the next Cerebrate; he declines the offer, but remains the Chosen One of Z’danorax (“Confessions and Confrontations”).


• Talyere forces the Elorg to surrender.  The Elorg are subsequently relocated into Breen space, where the Breen Confederacy is absorbed into the Elorg Bloc (“Confessions and Confrontations”).


• Federation and Cardassian forces attempt to maintain order within the new Elorg territories, but Xi’Yor is not content with this new arrangement, and conspires to clandestinely gain control of the government (“Sodom and Gomorrah”).


• Xi’Yor contracts Aevedar Syndrome, a potentially lethal illness (“A Touch of Darkness”).


• Alan Christopher and Erin Keller are married (“Once Upon a Wedding…”).






• In an effort to secure dilithium for the Federation, President Ghodan Makar accuses the Romulans of developing weapons of mass destruction—summarily giving the Federation a reason to occupy several dilithium-rich Romulan colonies (Various Episodes).


• The Starlight encounters the last known remnants of the Phobian Republic, an ancient outpost on the fringe of explored space.  Unfortunately, the station is captured by Species 8472 shortly thereafter (“A Link to the Past”).


• Xi’Yor allies himself with Overseer Ra’thenn, and together they assassinate the newly installed Cerebrate Zalsar.  Ra’thenn is elevated to the position of Cerebrate (“Aria of Sorrows”).


• Tensions between the Breen and Elorg grow, as the vast majority of the Breen still recognize the chi-goehs—and not the Cerebrate Ra’thenn—as divinity.  As a result, Ra’thenn and Xi’Yor begin to suppress the Breen (“Kalidar Rising”).


• The Breen contact Talyere, and beg him to assume his rightful position as Cerebrate (“Destinies of Flame and Sorrow”).


• Battle of Talon IV.  The conflict between the Federation and Romulan empires ends with the dissolution of the Romulan Senate.  Despite the hostilities, Praetor Tomalak still seeks to forge a lasting peace with the Federation, mainly due to his amicable relationship with Alan Christopher (“Destinies of Flame and Sorrow”).


• The Elorg, lead by Xi’Yor, launch a devastating attack on Earth.  It is the beginning of a new Elorg campaign to eliminate the Federation and restore the former Elorg Bloc forged by Na’zar 200,000 years ago (“Screams of Armageddon”).






• Unwilling to allow Xi’Yor’s rampage to continue, Talyere joins the Breen Resistance, intent on restoring Eredas to power before Xi’Yor.  It is widely believed that he who controls Eredas will control the Elorg Bloc—unfortunately, the location of the Elorg homeworld was long ago lost.  Thus, both Talyere and Xi’Yor embark upon a journey to Rebena Te Ra, an ancient observatory known to have tracked Eredas across the cosmos (“Toccata and Fugue”).


  Xi’Yor’s medical condition worsens, and he fakes his death to test Ra’thenn’s loyalty.  Believing Xi’Yor dead, Ra’thenn disobeys orders, and focuses on his own agenda.  After “recovering,” Xi’Yor makes it clear to Ra’thenn that his days as Cerebrate are numbered (“Toccata and Fugue”).


• Ghodan Makar is revealed to be a changeling, and while it was obvious he purposely engineered the war between the Federation and Romulans, the extent of his treachery remains unknown (“Moments of Transition”).


• Administrator Va’kyr becomes pregnant with Ra’thenn’s child, providing Ra’thenn with an heir to the throne (“Adversaries”).


• The Dominion arrives in the Alpha Quadrant to investigate Ghodan Makar.  Answers are few and far between, but it is discovered that Makar’s allies are both lethal and of unknown origin (“Dominion”).




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