“The Treachery of a Queen”

Stardate 76670.4; August 30, 2399







Edited by Peter Bossley

Written by Chris Adamek


Lieutenant Ashton

Angela Christopher

General Ordikan

Justin Reinbold

Lt. Commander Jayla Trinn

Lieutenant Flora Sanders

Overseer Va’kyr

High Overseer Xi’Yor










Chapter 23








Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.


Deep Space Nine was under siege.  As a dozen Elorg warships laid waste to the station’s shield grid, colossal explosions of red and orange swept through the outer docking ring.  Time was running out…


Weapons ablaze, a squadron of ten Federation starships hastily charged through the giant explosions.  Transphasic torpedoes surged across the raging battlefield, phaser beams lashed into the heavens—and one of the mighty Andrinel-class warships burst into flame.  The ten starships darted around the smoldering ruins—where a squadron of Romulan warbirds was lying in wait.  Together, the task force came about to engage the remaining Elorg warships—when the space around the station began to ripple…


A flash of light suddenly blazed across the raging heavens, and a giant maelstrom bloomed in its verdant wake.  From the distortion’s swirling maw came forth the spherical colossus known as Eredas-Il—and just moments later, the Federation task force was no more. 


With Deep Space Nine suddenly defenseless, the giant weapon’s true reign of terror began.  A giant section of the weapon’s hull slowly irised away, revealing an emitter that would spell the station’s doom—already, wisps of azure light danced around the weapon’s tip… and as the emitter was thrust from the giant sphere, a beam of blazing light started to slice through the cosmos.  When it finally stopped, Deep Space Nine was gone—in its place, a meager cloud of smoldering dust…


The battle was over and, along with the rest of the Elorg fleet, Eredas-Il streaked into warp.  Kalidar awaited…




Clip.  Clop.  Clip.  Clop.


Echoes of Va’kyr’s hurried footfalls seemed to shatter the eerie silence that tried to surround her.  She strode, hastily, through the myriad corridors of the Dryad Citadel on Kalidar, her package clutched tightly in her hand.  It was an important package—or so she was told—personally, she didn’t see much intrinsic value…  But then again, it wasn’t her package.  Her opinion didn’t quite matter.


The package was weighty—it was certainly heavier than Va’kyr would have expected, given its contents (or lack thereof)—but Va’kyr nevertheless strode through the corridors as if her delivery was little more than a data pad…


Of course, it was plainly obvious that her package was more than a simple data pad.  As she maneuvered closer to her destination, Va’kyr received more than a few curious glances; Overseer Lyor went so far as to approach Va’kyr, but so astonished was he by the package, his incoherent words barely registered.  A few of the protectors even raised their weapons and gradually angled them at Va’kyr, but they, too, were rendered useless as the curious package.  Thus, there was that foreboding silence…


And the footsteps.


About halfway to her destination, Va’kyr came upon a junction in the corridor.  Armed protectors stood in her path, and while they certainly found the package curious, they didn’t seem as bewildered as the others.  One of them raised his weapon.




Va’kyr slowed her pace, but she could not afford to be bothered by these meager fools.  Her delivery was far more important than anything they had to worry about.    “Step aside,” she coldly stated as she drew nearer.


One of the protectors complied.  He slowly lowered his weapon and allowed for Va’kyr’s passage… staring at the ominous package the entire time.  The other, more boisterous protector, was not nearly as wise—and with her free hand, Va’kyr withdrew her weapon and vaporized him.  The remaining protector then made absolutely certain he was out of harm’s way…


And Va’kyr’s quest continued deeper into the Citadel.  As she walked, she suddenly found herself wondering about the package.  Flamboyant as it might have been, the package itself was relatively useless; it served no purpose as far as Va’kyr could tell.  She could only assume that Xi’Yor intended to keep it as a trophy…


If he returned.


His mission was a foolish one.  Why she agreed to partake in it, Va’kyr might never know, but in the rare event that Xi’Yor actually succeeded, she knew that she would be in a much better position to execute her own plans when the time was right.  And if Xi’Yor failed… so much the better.  It made no difference either way.


Still, Xi’Yor had insisted that this package be delivered to his chambers, regardless of his situation.  At the time, Va’kyr had not been inclined to argue, and so she suddenly found herself approaching his private lair… the inner sanctum where Xi’Yor hatched his most devious plans.


The door must have been reprogrammed to recognize her DNA, because Va’kyr was able to enter the sanctum unchallenged.  Either that, or Xi’Yor was foolish enough to leave his door unlocked.  Va’kyr suspected the former over the latter; vile as he might have been, Xi’Yor was no fool.


She stepped inside, and immediately took notice of the shadowy figure standing in the far corner of the room.  “Do you have it?” The voice was deep and raspy, and possessed an ethereal quality that sent chills down Va’kyr’s spine.


“Who are you?” she demanded, still clutching the package.


Through the darkness, Va’kyr could see the wraith shaking his head.  “I am called Ordikan,” he said, but made no effort to justify the claim.  His attention was elsewhere.  “Do you have it?”


Va’kyr assumed the wraith spoke of her little package.  It was certain she wouldn’t have delivered anything else to Xi’Yor’s chamber.  “I have it,” she finally replied, making a valiant effort to maintain her cool.


“Good,” said the voice between eerie breaths.  “Place it on the table.”


For a fleeting moment, Va’kyr was tempted to back out into the corridor and forget this encounter ever transpired—but somehow, she suspected Ordikan’s memory would not be so faulty…  Thus, she approached the round table in the middle of the room, and carefully placed Ra’thenn’s severed head on its surface.


“Impressive,” Ordikan replied, obviously pleased with the results. “How were you able to accomplish this feat?  Xi’Yor has been unsuccessful in his numerous attempts…”


Va’kyr’s only response was a cryptic smile.


It was enough for Ordikan.  “Fair enough,” he said… and moments later, the both of them beamed away.


When the blue-tinged transporter beam released her a few moments later, Va’kyr found herself standing amidst an impressive control center.  It was circular in its design; stark, metallic workstations were wrapped around the perimeter; a large, panoramic viewscreen filled out the front of the room; a command pit dominated the center. 


The architecture was rather Gothic, clearly Elorg in origin.  In fact, most of the workstations were manned with Elorg officers, but Va’kyr recognized none of them.  In fact, the entire facility was alien to her.  “What is this place?” she wondered aloud.


No response.


No sign of Ordikan, either…


She stepped closer to the unmanned workstation nearest her position, hoping to glean some answers from the wealth of data flitting across the screen.  It didn’t take long for Va’kyr to realize she was aboard Eredas-Il…




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