Stardate 76717.6; September 20, 2399







Edited by Shaun Hayes

Written by Chris Adamek


Overseer Artanis

Lieutenant Bodie Ashton

First Administrator Ceniir

Administrator Dra’venn

Angela Christopher

Arch-Rashon Fornath


Admiral Kathryn Janeway

Commander Jerras

Commander Turathan Karalis

Captain Ryan Landsberg


Chancellor Martok

Lt. Commander Ian Meade

General Ordikan

Justin Reinbold

Commander Amy Robinson

Lieutenant Flora Sanders

Praetor Tomalak

Lt. Commander Jayla Trinn

Overseer Va’kyr/Creya Rosat

High Overseer Xi’Yor

Overseer Zeratul


















Stardate 74186.5

• Talyere’s daughter, Creya, is thought killed in the Battle of Ciden II (“Checkmate”).


Stardate 74667.8

• Federation and Cardassian forces attempt to maintain order within the new Elorg/Breen territories, but Xi’Yor is not content with this new arrangement, and conspires to clandestinely gain control of the government (“Sodom and Gomorrah”).


Stardate 74811.9

• Xi’Yor contracts Aevedar Syndrome, a potentially lethal illness (“A Touch of Darkness”).


Stardate 75457.8

• Xi’Yor allies himself with Overseer Ra’thenn, and together they assassinate the newly installed Cerebrate Zalsar.  Ra’thenn is elevated to the position of Cerebrate (“Aria of Sorrows”).


Stardate 75722.0

• Tensions between the Breen and Elorg grow, as the vast majority of the Breen still recognize the chi-goehs—and not the Cerebrate Ra’thenn—as divinity.  As a result, Ra’thenn and Xi’Yor begin to suppress the Breen (“Kalidar Rising”).


Stardate 75847.1

• The Breen contact Talyere, and beg him to assume his rightful position as Cerebrate (“Destinies of Flame and Sorrow”).


Stardate 75978.2

• Talyere begins receiving visions from the chi-goehs.  Therein, he witnesses the untimely demise of Megan Reinbold.

• The Elorg, lead by Xi’Yor, launch a devastating attack on Earth.  It is the beginning of a new Elorg campaign to eliminate the Federation and restore the former Elorg Bloc forged by Na’zar 200,000 years ago (“Screams of Armageddon”).


Stardate 76002.8

• Unwilling to allow Xi’Yor’s rampage to continue, Talyere joins the Breen Resistance, intent on restoring Eredas to power before Xi’Yor.  It is widely believed that he who controls Eredas will control the Elorg Bloc—unfortunately, the location of the Elorg homeworld was long ago lost.  Thus, both Talyere and Xi’Yor embark upon a journey to Rebena Te Ra, an ancient observatory known to have tracked Eredas across the cosmos (“In Memoriam,” “Toccata and Fugue”).


Stardate 76067.1

  Xi’Yor’s medical condition worsens, and he fakes his death to test Ra’thenn’s loyalty.  Believing Xi’Yor dead, Ra’thenn disobeys orders, and focuses on his own agenda.  After “recovering,” Xi’Yor makes it clear to Ra’thenn that his days as Cerebrate are numbered (“Toccata and Fugue”).


Stardate 76101.2

• Federation President Ghodan Makar is revealed to be a changeling, and while it was obvious he purposely engineered the recent war between the Federation and Romulans, the extent of his treachery remains unknown (“Moments of Transition”).


Stardate 76257.7

• The mysterious Administrator Va’kyr becomes pregnant with Ra’thenn’s child, providing Ra’thenn with an heir to the throne (“Adversaries”).


Stardate 76443.9

• The Dominion arrives in the Alpha Quadrant to investigate Ghodan Makar.  Answers are few and far between, but it is discovered that Makar’s allies are both lethal and of unknown origin (“Dominion”).


Stardate 76543.2

Growing frustrated with Ra’thenn, High Overseer Xi’Yor forges an alliance with the mysterious General Ordikan.

• Va’kyr is promoted to the rank of Overseer.

• Hoping to inspire a Breen uprising, Talyere and Captain Harrison head to Cardassia to meet with Aladar, an influential Breen leader (“Shadows of an Empire”).


Stardate 76570.7

• Aladar is killed prior to meeting with Talyere, and hopes for a Breen insurrection fade.

• With General Ordikan’s help, the Cardassian fleet is obliterated by the giant lunar base called Eredas-Il.  The moon was an Elorg base that once orbited the Elorg Homeworld (“The Fall of Cardassia Prime”).


Stardate 76643.9

• A mysterious distress signal leads Talyere to Rebena Te Ra.  Unfortunately, the planet is out of temporal sync with the rest of the universe, and the data he collected on the Elorg Homeworld is several thousand years out of date.

• Erin Keller is injured in a shuttle accident.

• The Garidians attack both the Romulans and the Federation, prompting Praetor Tomalak to pledge the entire Romulan fleet to the Federation’s defense.

• Va’kyr suddenly kills her unborn child.

• Xi’Yor defects to the Federation, claiming Ra’thenn’s stupidity has grown intolerable (“Rebena Te Ra”).


Stardate 76670.4

• With assistance from Eredas-Il, the Elorg fleet manages to destroy Deep Space Nine.

• Overseer Va’kyr kills Cerebrate Ra’thenn.  She later reveals to Talyere that she is actually his daughter, Creya.

• Xi’Yor’s defection is a ruse to capture the Starlight in an effort to obtain the data gathered on Rebena Te Ra.

• General Ordikan reveals that the Phobians control Eredas-Il—but the General himself is not Phobian (“The Treachery of a Queen”).









Chapter 29









The great crescent moon gracefully climbed through the icy haze and bitter winds to assume its rightful place in the receding blue sky.  Far below the gleaming moon loomed the glacial peaks of the Celbarai Mountains. In the daylight, the majestic peaks glimmered under the frozen sun, but with the fall of night came great shadows that claimed the snowbound land.  The transition was both serene and tranquil—and potentially something more…


Each night, before twilight came to pass, the convergence of light and shadow conspired to reveal the mountain’s greatest secret.  On the windswept summit atop the highest peak rose a great ivory citadel.  Gleaming in the golden sunlight, the massive structure surged into the clouds…


To some, it was known as the Dragon’s Roost.  Though weathered by the aeons, there still existed four giant gargoyles perched atop the smaller support structures.  A superstitious individual might have feared the sculptures represented the roost’s temperamental (and fire-breathing) denizens… but such stories had rarely been known to frighten children—for even they referred to the ancient citadel as Khyar-Adun.


Nobody knew who erected the giant observatory or why it was constructed in the remote Celbarai Mountains, but it had stood for centuries in silent observation of the great celestial firmament above…




Though he had long suspected Rebena Te Ra was a distinct and special place, never in his wildest imaginings did First Administrator Ceniir believe the entire star system was out of sync with the rest of the universe.  He first suspected something was amiss years ago, when the Romulans first attacked.


They came without warning, descending upon Rebena Te Ra with hundreds of ships and thousands of centurions.  The clash that followed was both brief and bloody; though their numbers were impressive, the Romulans were a technologically inferior civilization, and their limited starships and unfortunate technology could not compete with the might of Rebena Te Ra.  Every last invader was destroyed…


As he surveyed Khyar-Adun in the battle’s aftermath, Ceniir always knew that the Romulans might one day return—but he always suspected that his descendants would stand to face the darkness.  There was no way the Romulans could hope to challenge the mighty armies of Rebena Te Ra.


He was wrong.


Less than two years later, the Romulans returned in full force.  Gone were their paltry birds of prey; in the span of two short years, the Romulans not only augmented every last bit of their technology, they somehow managed to develop the incredibly powerful D’deridex-class warbird.  Though the second invasion was indeed repelled, it was hardly the decisive victory Ceniir had previously been witness to…


“At that point, I had my suspicions,” admitted the First Administrator.  He stood with Malganis and several other high-ranking officials in the astral observatory floating high above Khyar-Adun’s highest tower.  Following Talyere’s departure, most of the governing council agreed to meet and discuss the temporal situation.  Though Talyere himself had not broached the subject, the Overseer’s presence raised numerous questions.


“When did we fall out of alignment with the rest of the universe?” asked Malganis.  The Iconian stood near the elegant master control station in the center of the observatory.  “The archives indicate our ancestors were able to come and go as they pleased…  There is no indication of a temporal variance.”


Ceniir shook his head.  “There is no way to be certain when we diverged from the timeline,” he admitted.  “Our computer systems have not recorded any variance in the space-time continuum.  It is entirely possible the entire process was so gradual, the computer simply did not take notice.”


Malganis looked to his companions for suggestions, but they were all of them ill at ease with the very notion of temporal displacement.  Hence, Malganis continued to speak in their stead.  “I have consulted with the denizens of Al Atrun,” he said.  “They were reasonably unconcerned about this development.”


Unfortunately, the denizens of Al Atrun had every reason to be concerned.  Ceniir was First Administrator for a reason—he did not bring attention to this matter as a common courtesy… he did so because the fate of Rebena Te Ra was suddenly in question.  “If our temporal displacement was indeed a gradual process, then there is no evidence to suggest the displacement has ceased.”


Malganis raised a curious brow.  “Meaning?”


Though it was mere speculation at this point, Ceniir had in his possession sufficient knowledge to make such speculation practical.  “Meaning,” he sighed, “we might someday become so far removed from the timeline that our progression into the future slows to a halt…”


 “We’ll stop aging?” suggested Administrator Lyude.


Ceniir shook his head.  “No,” he said.  “We’ll stop living.  We might literally become frozen in time…”


Though not very difficult to understand, the concept was nevertheless hard to accept.  On the surface, it didn’t really mean anything, because it was unlikely anyone would notice the continued divergence from the timeline.  The denizens of Rebena Te Ra had been oblivious to the changes for centuries, a trend that was likely to continue well into the foreseeable future.  Unfortunately, they could no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the situation.


“We have been in this meeting for more than an hour,” Ceniir stated.  “As far as we are concerned, one hour has passed…  But nearly three days have elapsed in the rest of the universe.  If we continue to allow this temporal divergence, we might one day find ourselves so far removed from the timeline that eons will pass in the time it takes us to eat breakfast.”


There was a bit of a gasp before silence filtered into the astral observatory.  The governing council did not take well to such radical thoughts, and for a moment, Ceniir feared that he would be laughed out of the building.  Thankfully, Malganis considered everything that had been said, and his words kept the governing council in check.  “What do you propose we do?” asked the Iconian.


The proposal was not a simple one.  In fact, Ceniir suspected it might ultimately prove unpopular… but it mattered not to Ceniir.  His duty was not to appease the fickle wonts of the governing council, but to ensure the continued endurance of Rebena Te Ra.  “We must bring an end to our temporal displacement,” he calmly stated.  “We must merge Rebena Te Ra with its neighbors…”




The transmission’s quality was unfortunate, but Arch-Rashon Fornath was certain that he heard something about Rebena Te Ra and its neighbors.  Unfortunately, that enigmatic little something would not be enough to appease Fornath’s superiors.  They expected fantastical results from this mission—anything that might give the Garidians a tactical advantage in their invasion of the Federation—and vague twilight whispers certainly fell short of that desire…


Fornath would have to redouble his efforts—or get himself executed…  Whichever came first.  Evidently the timeline was not in his favor.  Thankfully, Fornath considered himself an opportunist.  Though his mission to Rebena Te Ra had seen some strife, the situation was nevertheless rich in opportunity.  One way or another, his superiors would get their tactical advantage…




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