“Where Angels Fear to Tread”

Stardate 77054.2; January 23, 2400



T H E   F I N A L   E P I S O D E S
119 • 120




Edited by Peter Bossley
Edited by Shaun Hayes
Edited by Chris Adamek



Written by Chris Adamek


Overseer Artanis

Angela Christopher

Overseer Dra’venn

Captain Allison Duford

Doctor Dana Horner

Admiral Kathryn Janeway

Commander Jerras

Lt. Commander Turathan Karalis

Medic Kharzon

Captain Ryan Landsberg

Lieutenant Steven Marizex

Lt. Commander Ian Meade

Overseer Nahain

General Ordikan

Justin Reinbold

Commander Amy Robinson

Creya Rosat

Lieutenant Courtney Rose

Lieutenant Flora Sanders

Commander Taurik

Praetor Tomalak

Cerebrate Xi'Yor

Overseer Zeratul
















Wow.  This is it.  The last episode of Star Trek: The Final Frontier.


I’m writing this little foreword with decidedly mixed emotions.  On one hand, I am absolutely thrilled to see TFF end.  After six years, my creative energies are drained, and I’m really ready to move on and try my hand at writing something different and new.  I also want to be able to stay up late and do something fun without feeling guilty about falling behind in my writing.  Let me tell you, I played some terrible rounds of Super Smash Brothers Melee because of that guilty conscience (but I shall have my revenge, Mr. Valentine).


Of course, on the other hand, I don’t want TFF to end at all.  Each and every character is near and dear to my heart, and as I wrote this episode, I often found it difficult to part ways with them.  Very difficult.  That is one of the reasons this episode took so utterly long to write.  The opening chapters are filled with wonderful character moments—and though I made a valiant effort to streamline the plot, I simply could not bring myself to cut a single scene.  In fact, I ultimately wound up adding even more!  As such, the “brief opening” spans some 90+ pages and 22,000 words—MUCH longer than your average episode—but for those of you who have invested as much time and energy in these characters as I have, not even 22,000 words seems like enough.  And, thankfully, there are tens of thousands of words that follow the opening chapters, and some of them coalesce into the biggest battle in the history of Star Trek: The Final Frontier.   So, I’m truly hopeful that everyone is satisfied with this episode.  I have tried so very hard to create something special.  I promised that I wouldn’t let you guys down.  And I don’t think I did.  So… let us journey forth into the Final Frontier one last time.


But, before we take that journey, I have to (not surprisingly) ramble on for a little while longer.  Come on!  Humor me!!  This is the last time you’re going to hear my ramblings!


I know that I’ve done it before.  Hell, I’ll probably do it again.  But I would really like to thank everyone for reading and supporting TFF over the years.  I absolutely could not have come this far without you guys.  As of this writing, TFF is the only good fan fiction out there to have crossed the 100 episode mark and make it all the way to episode 120.  Many of you have asserted that TFF is the absolute best fan fiction on the Internet—but the only reason it reached that lofty status is because TFF has the absolute best fans.  I have made a lot of good friends over the years, and your input (both good and bad) has been priceless.  Well, except for the person that votes every episode Pure Crap on the episode poll.  If you’re going to vote an episode PURE CRAP, at least justify your position!  (Then again, that won’t be a problem for this episode… Hehehehe!)


And finally, I’d like to acknowledge a few of the people who made TFF possible.


Gene Roddenberry

The Great Bird of the Galaxy.  We owe him our eternal gratitude for bringing to life his vision of the future.

Without him, TFF probably would have been a “Full House” fan fiction. 


Chris Adamek

Yes, because I have an ego the size of North Dakota, I am thanking myself.  But I’ll spare you the self-congratulatory speech that I prepared.  For some reason, “Ode to Chris” is never popular.



My cat.  Technically, she didn’t really do much of anything.  She just sat there.  But she dutifully sat there—occasionally in front of the computer screen—as I typed each and every episode.  But she is such a cute little kitty that I just had to mention her!  Awww!!!


Matthew Badaczewski

Not quite as cute as Babacaddon, but quintessential in TFF’s development nonetheless.  Indeed, he is the very person who introduced me to Star Trek.  He also was the initial inspiration for Matthew Harrison, but admittedly, they are nothing alike now.  Though to Matthew’s credit, he did try to get his fictional counterpart some bedroom action, but… unfortunately for Matthew, he made that suggestion while I was at work, and my response was little more than confusion as silently wondered “Who the hell is Harrison?”  It wasn’t until I was on break an hour later that I realized he spoke of Matthew Harrison!  Ahh, I am DENSE sometimes.


Justin Schalk

Five years ago, this man single-handedly saved TFF from obscurity.  Hell, he probably saved it from oblivion.  Early in the first season, Justin “discovered” The Final Frontier… and as luck would have it, he just happened to be an administrator at Millennium Pictures, the place for Fan Fiction back in the day.  Justin was the champion of TFF; he swiftly brought it into the fold, and provided some much needed advertisement for the then fledgling series.  Without Justin, it is certain TFF would have long ago passed into shadow.


S.C. Mollmann

Readers rejoiced when S.C. Mollmann introduced me to the fine art of proofreading.  After an unfortunate typo resulted in one of TFF’s most unintentionally comical moments (“Talyere went farter in the cave”), S.C. Mollmann decided that he was not going to put up with the Overseer’s flatulence.  He wuz gonna make sure everything wuz spelt corectklie.  He thusly served as TFF’s editor for the entirety of Season Two… and while he has since fallen off the face of the Earth, his impact on TFF is unmistakable.


Pete Bossley

After S.C. Mollmann vanished into the unknown, Pete Bossley stepped up to the plate.  He has dutifully sorted through mounds of grammatical errors since the end of Season Three, and continues to do so to this very day (assuming I don’t save the episode as “READ ONLY”).  Thanks for all of your hard work, man!  …And just because this is the last episode, don’t go thinking you’re out of the woods just yet…



TFF has a lot of fans from all over the world.  England.  Canada.  United States (especially Ohio).  South Africa.  India.  Germany.  The Netherlands.  New Zealand.  I have had the pleasure of talking to the fine denizens of each of these countries (and many more), but I really do have to single out the Australians for a special commendation.  Though they rank 7th in number of visitors… ever since Sydney had that unfortunate mishap with the Elorg in “Screams of Armageddon,” the Aussies have very easily been TFF’s most vocal group of fans.  I can’t even go to the bathroom without somebody in Australia commenting on it!  Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but my friends Down Under have gone above and beyond the call of duty to voice their opinions, and for that I am eternally grateful!




Thanks for reading! And because you’re sick of hearing me give thanks, and just want to get on with the episode, I guess I’ll just leave it at that.












What was the start of all this?

When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?

Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,

From deep within the flow of time.


But for a certainty, back then,

We loved so many, yet hated so much,

We hurt others and were hurt ourselves.


Yet even then, we ran like the wind

Whilst our laughter echoed

Amidst the glittering stars of the final frontier.























Stardate 74811.9


• Xi’Yor contracts Aevedar Syndrome, a potentially lethal illness (“A Touch of Darkness”).




Stardate 75978.2


• Talyere has a vision of the future in which he sees himself kill Megan Reinbold (“Screams of Armageddon”).




Stardate 76543.2


• Growing frustrated with Cerebrate Ra’thenn, Xi’Yor forges an alliance with the mysterious General Ordikan (“Shadows of an Empire”).




Stardate 76570.7


• With General Ordikan’s help, the Cardassian fleet is obliterated by the giant lunar base called Eredas-Il.  The moon was an Elorg base that once orbited the Elorg Homeworld.


• Overseer Xelos defects to the Federation, and provides Starfleet with one of the Elorg’s new Andrinel-class warships  (“The Fall of Cardassia Prime”).




Stardate 76643.9


• A mysterious distress signal leads Talyere to Rebena Te Ra.  Unfortunately, the planet is out of temporal sync with the rest of the universe, and the data he collected on the Elorg Homeworld is several thousand years out of date.


• The Garidians attack both the Romulans and the Federation, prompting Praetor Tomalak to pledge the entire Romulan fleet to the Federation’s defense.


• Xi’Yor defects to the Federation, claiming Ra’thenn’s stupidity has grown intolerable (“Rebena Te Ra”).




Stardate 76670.4


• With assistance from Eredas-Il, the Elorg fleet manages to destroy Deep Space Nine.


• Overseer Va’kyr kills Cerebrate Ra’thenn.  She later reveals to Talyere that she is actually his daughter, Creya.


• Xi’Yor’s defection is a ruse to capture the Starlight in an effort to obtain the data gathered on Rebena Te Ra.


• General Ordikan reveals that the Phobians control Eredas-Il—but the General himself is not Phobian (“The Treachery of a Queen”).




Stardate 76717.6


• The Starlight crew is held captive aboard Eredas-Il while Xi’Yor scours the computer database for any and all information pertaining to Rebena Te Ra.


• General Ordikan takes Bator under his wing, and slowly reintroduces him to Phobian culture.


  With data from the Starlight, Xi’Yor plots to attack Rebena Te Ra and use its astral observatory to locate the Elorg Homeworld (“Eclipse”).




Stardate 76728.6


• With Ordikan’s blessing, Bator continues to integrate into Phobian culture.


• Talyere learns of Xi’Yor’s plan to use the astral observatory on Rebena Te Ra—but when he sets out to stop his old nemesis, Talyere realizes the situation is unfolding just as he envisioned it nearly a year prior… And Megan Reinbold is killed.


• Federation and Elorg forces clash in the Rebena System.  Eredas-Il is destroyed during the confrontation, and the Starlight crew is freed.


• Prior to its destruction, Creya Rosat escapes from Eredas-Il with Bator, and turns him over to Federation forces  (“Horn and Ivory”).




Stardate 76899.1


• Upon the destruction of Eredas-Il, Ordikan is summoned to the Otherworldly Gate to face his superiors within the Hegemony.  They insist his mission to restore the Phobians to power has ended in failure, and demand he return to their twilight realm—but Ordikan refuses.


• Bator is incarcerated on charges of treason.  Lieutenant Courtney Rose is thusly promoted to the Starlight’s chief of security.


• Lucas Tompkins and Jayla Trinn discuss the possibility of getting married.


• Attempting to return to Kalidar, Xi’Yor flees the Rebena System aboard the Jevian.  The Starlight and an armada of the few remaining Cardassian ships corner him in the Paulson Nebula, but are unable to stop the Jevian.  Xi’Yor thusly reaches Kalidar unopposed, and at long last attains the title of Cerebrate (“Words Better Left Unspoken”).





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