Zukara Segment
In 2398, the Starlight was pulled from the Alpha Quadrant into the Zukara Segment, a globular cluster orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy
at a distance of some 80,000 light years.  Heavily damaged amidst the fiasco, the Starlight was forced to forge new alliances with an
armada of alien starships led by one General Kron.  Though initially successful, the Starlight's voyage took a turn for the worse
with after making contact with the Drusari.  Allies of the enigmatic Ghaib, the Drusari were using the Zukara Segment as a staging
ground for an experiment that would open a gateway to the edge of the universe.  To complete their work, the Drusari intended
to channel energy from the black hole at the Milky Way's core through a series of gateways, and into their Outpost in Ghaib space.
With help from its allies--and the Yelss--the Starlight crew was able to stop the Drusari and use their gateway technology to return
to the Alpha Quadrant.
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