As a Class E: Geomorteus planet cools, the crust and mantle slowly
begin to solidify and the planet is reborn as a Class F: Geometallic
world. These barren worlds are witness to much geologic activity.
Steam expelled from volcanic eruptions condenses in the
atmosphere and falls to the earth as rain. Over the eons, this
precipitation will form the planet's first shallow seas, in which
primitive bacteria may develop and ultimately thrive.

While geometallic worlds are extremely rich in natural resources,  
mining these treasures is generally frowned upon, as the bacteria
that inhabit the shallow seas might one day evolve into plants,
animals, or even fully sentient life forms. For a young geometallic
world, such grandiose developments are still millions, if not
billions of years away. In the interim, the planet's crust will
continue to solidify, and the barren surface will eventually cool to
the point where the Class F: Geometallic world transitions into the
cradle of life, a Class G: Geocrystalline world.
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