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Alrakis Sector.
The Alrakis Sector is a region of non-aligned space near the Federation border with Elorg space.  It contains the J’larre System
and the Tethe-Alla System.  (“Renegade” [TFF]).

Archanis Sector.
The Archanis Sector is a region of space on the border of Federation and Klingon territories, named for the Archanis System.  It
was held by the Klingons until 2293, when it was ceded to the Federation at the Khitomer Conference.  The Federation
established numerous outposts in the Archanis Sector during the 24th Century.  (“Day of the Dove” [TOS], “Broken Link” [DS9]).  
In 2373, the Klingons annexed the Archanis Sector at the urging of General Martok.  Unbeknownst to the Klingons, Martok had
been replaced by a Changeling, and was using the situation in Archanis to incite war with the Federation.  (“Apocalypse Rising”
[DS9]).  The Klingons occupied much of the Archanis Sector until Chancellor Gowron reinstituted the Khitomer Accords in July
2373.  (“By Inferno’s Light” [DS9]).  In the Paris-universe, Archanis was used as a staging area for the alliance fleet before
engaging the Borg at Denatos VII. (“Nocturne in the Moonlight” [TFF]).  In another parallel universe, the Klingons were an
agrarian species that used Archanis IV as a farming colony.  (“Ghosts” [TFF]).  

Aurillac Sector.
A heavily trafficked region of space in the Beta Quadrant located between Deep Space Seven and the Kilka Sector.  Located in
non-aligned space, the Aurillac Sector was home to several planetary systems, its largest being its namesake, the Aurillac
System. (“Strike Zone” [TFF]).  In 2395, the Romulans created a quantum inversion field in the Aurillac Sector to cover their
tracks while they annexed the Aurillac System. (“Ground Zero” [TFF]).

Bajoran Sector.
A region in the Alpha Quadrant on the border of Cardassian and Federation space.   It contains the Bajoran System and station
Deep Space Nine.  The region was considered highly strategic during the Dominion War because the terminus of the Bajoran
Wormhole fell within the confines of the Bajoran Sector.  (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).  The Starlight was assigned to the
Bajoran Sector on stardate 73171.3 to transport some industrial replicators to Cardassian space (“Brothers and Sisters” [TFF]).

Bon Turani Sector.
A heavily trafficked sector in the Beta Quadrant, where Federation, Klingon, and Romulan territories converge.  The Federation
Starbase 116 is located in the Bon Turani Sector, and serves as the political and economic hub for the region.  (“Black Fire”
[TFF]).  In 2397, there was concern the Garidians might invade the Bon Turani Sector.  (“A Perchance to Dream” [TFF]).

Calandra Sector.
The Calandra Sector is a region of space near Deep Space Nine.  The Dominion used it as a staging ground for an assault on
Betazed in 2374. (“In the Pale Moonlight” [DS9]).  Brian Keller’s ship was heavily damaged by an ion storm in the Calandra Sector
in early 2396. (“Cell Divisions” [TFF], “Brothers and Sisters” [TFF]).

Caleb Sector.
A heavily trafficked region of space along the Romulan Neutral Zone.  (“Face of the Enemy” [TNG]).  Starfleet's Third Fleet was
assigned to patrol the Caleb Sector in August 2398.  (“Cat and Mouse” [TFF]).  The fleet intercepted and engaged an armada of
Tholian ships attempting to reach Romulan territory on stardate 75645.  (“The Culling” [TFF]).

Chi’dan Sector.
A region of space within the Klingon Empire.  In 2397, the Klingons detected a Species 8472 bioship in the Chi’dan Sector. (“Ring
of Fire, part I” [TFF]).

Glintara Sector.
Region of space within the Romulan Star Empire.  In August 2398, a Tholian fleet crossed into the Glintara Sector to deliver
supplies to the Romulans. (“The Culling” [TFF]).  In 2374, a forged holorecording created by Grathon Tolar depicted the
Dominion plotting an invasion of Glintara Sector.  (“In the Pale Moonlight” [DS9]).

Hyralan Sector.
Region of space on the border of Federation and Romulan territories.  (“Gambit, part I” [TNG]).  The Vana’diel Nebula is in the
Hyralan Sector.  (“Cat and Mouse” [TFF]).

Jan’tral Sector.
A region of space along the Romulan Neutral Zone that includes the Jolan’isar Cluster.  The Jan’tral Sector is heavily trafficked
by mercenary vessels, many of which perform extralegal smuggling activities.  After the Elorg War reached its first climax in 2397,
the Federation established several checkpoints in the vicinity to curb smuggling.  In March 2398, a Yridian garbage scow
attempted to bypass the checkpoints in order to deliver illicit medical supplies to the Jolan’isar Cluster.  (“Monarch on the
Shore” [TFF]).  While the checkpoints proved an effective measure in stopping contraband, it also discouraged legitimate
traders from approaching the region, consequently disrupting Romulan supply lines.  In August 2398, the Romulans convinced
the Tholians to bypass the Federation checkpoints and deliver goods to the Jolan’isar Cluster.  The USS Starlight detected the
Tholians on stardate 75609, but was unable to catch their vessel.  In response, the Starlight collapsed much of the transwarp
network in the Jan’tral Sector to prevent further use of the Tholian’s transwarp drive.  (“Cat and Mouse” [TFF], “The Culling”

Jerimus Sector.
A remote region of space charted by the Starlight in May 2397.  It had been previously inaccessible because of a loose Romulan
claim to the region.  (“Eleventh Hour” [TFF]).

Kerelos Sector.
A region of space on the edge of Tholian territory.  In August 2398, the Tholians intercepted a Romulan scout ship in the
Kerelos Sector. (“The Culling” [TFF]).

Kilka Sector.
Region of space located in the Beta Quadrant, near the Romulan Neutral Zone.  The Kilka Sector is home to several star
systems, including Ka'Tula, Gildebron, and Breat, as well as the massive Alteran Expanse.  Prior to 2395, the Kilka Sector was of
minimal strategic value to the Federation, however, the formation of the Elorg Rift in the Alteran Expanse and the subsequent
invasion quickly made it one of the most volatile regions within the Federation.  (“Beginnings” [TFF]).  In the years the followed,
the Kilka Sector was witness to several major attacks, including the Elorg offensive to take the Gildebron System in August
2396.  (“Between Dark Places” [TFF]).  The Elorg completely annexed the Kilka Sector several months later, in December 2396.  
(“Meridian Dance” [TFF]).  It remained under Elorg control until March 2397, when the Elorg were forced to surrender the
region to Federation forces after the Battle of Ciden.  (“Confessions and Confrontations” [TFF]).

Luzaera Sector.
A region of space in the Beta Quadrant.  It includes several star systems, including Welgaia, Darsaea, 92-Eridani, and Veridian, as
well as a pulsar designated NGC 59428.  The sector is inhabited by a space-dwelling species known as the Qinxaea; the Darsaean
Alliance and the Klingon Empire also claim parts of the sector.  (“Nature of the Beast” [TFF]).

M’Kieru Sector.
Region of space that borders both Klingon and Romulan territory.  On stardate 47111 (February 2370), the USS Enterprise-D
made first contact with the Garidians in the M’Kieru Sector.  (“A Final Unity” [TNG).  A derelict Species 8472 bioship was
spotted in the vicinity of the M’Kieru Sector in June 2397.  (“Ring of Fire, part I” [TFF]).

Mempa Sector.
Region of space in the Klingon Empire that was site to several key battles during the Klingon civil war in 2367-2368 (“Redemption,
parts I and II” [TNG]).  The Mempa Sector was also witness to a brief Borg incursion in 2395 (“Nocturne in the Moonlight”
[TFF]).  The Elorg made several incursions into the Mempa Sector in early 2397.  (“Desperate Measures” [TFF]).

Molgeras Sector.
The Molgeras Sector is a remote region of Elorg space.  Al’Kural is located within its boundaries.  One thousand years ago, the
Breen conflict with the Hebitians came to a head in the Molgeras Sector.  (“Toccata and Fugue” [TFF]).

Nuq’tal Sector.
A region of Klingon space near Gren-ga ‘tharg.  In June 2399, an ion storm developed in the Nuq’tal Sector. (“Dominion” [TFF]).

Onias Sector.
A region of space along the Romulan Neutral Zone, on the fringe of Federation space.  In the 2360s, it was rumored the
Romulans had established a base in the Onias Sector.  (“Future Imperfect” [TNG]).  In August 2398, a fleet of fifty Tholian vessels
passed through the Onias Sector en route to Romulan space.  (“The Culling” [TFF]).

Rusarkis Sector.
A region of space near Caltaar Prime, several light years from Federation territory.  The Prexnak passed through the Rusarkis
Sector in September 2397.  (“Witch Hunt” [TFF]).

Sector 003.
Sector 003 is a core sector of Federation space, and includes the Terra Nova System.  In May 2399, the USS Starlight and the
USS Columbia conducted a series of tactical simulations in Sector 003.  (“Light and Shadow” [TFF]).

Sector 006.
A heavily trafficked sector in the heart of Federation territory.  Andoria and Vulcan are both located within Sector 006.  (“The
Culling” [TFF]).

Sector 953.
Region of space where an interstellar dust cloud was undergoing a particle inversion on stardate 72117.6. (“Affairs of the State”

Sector 957.
A region of space that was charted by the USS Constitution on stardate 3204.1, when it received a distress call from Toraz III.
(“In the Line of Fire, part II” [TFF]).

Sector 4258.
A remote region of Federation space where several starships reported seeing a gravimetric distortion in early 2395.  The reports
were true, and the rift was sealed by a team from the USS Starlight in April 2395. (“Strange Counterpoints” [TFF]).

Sector 10026.
A region of space in the Beta Quadrant that contains the Z’Tarnis Nebula.  (“A Perchance to Dream” [TFF]).

Sector 15292.
A distant region of space charted by the USS Starlight in May 2398.  The Celendi Nebula is in Sector 15292. (“Twenty-Four
Hours” [TFF]).

Sector 15387.
Region of space adjacent to the Kilka Sector, where Admiral T'Lari massed a fleet of starships to combat the Elorg on stardate
72009.3. (“Beginnings” [TFF]).

Sector 15391.
Region of space near the Kilka Sector.  Following the Ividian invasion of 2395, parts of the sector were flooded with verteron
particles, hindering the flight of two Rutanian merchant ships. (“A Phantom and a Rose” [TFF]).

Sector 18326.
A region of space in the Beta Quadrant that is home to the Beta-Epsilon System, the Zephyrus System, the Taurus Nebula, the
Taurus Pulsar, GSC 308 and GSC 321. (“Brothers and Sisters” [TFF]).

Sector 19328.
A remote region of space where Alan Christopher and Erin Keller were studying a rogue comet when they were abducted by
the Velora on stardate 73201. (“Reconciliation” [TFF]).  The Starlight and several other starships ventured to Sector 19328 a few
weeks later to search for them, but with no luck. (“From Hell’s Heart” [TFF], “Velora, part I” [TFF]).

Sector 29227.
Location of a pulsar being analyzed by the Starlight on stardate 72443.  (“Prime Directive” [TFF]).

Sector 29547.
A region of space near the Forcena System.  The Starlight was in Sector 29547 on stardate 72443. (“Prime Directive” [TFF]).

Sector 50325.
A region of space the USS Explorer was traversing in 2396 when it detected an Omega molecule on the USS Starlight. (“Cell
Divisions” [TFF]).

Sector 54168.
Sector 51468 is a distant region of space.  In July 2447, a fleet of three thousand starships intercepted a Borg Tactical Cube in
Sector 54168.  (“Dimensional Analysis” [TFF]).

Sector 59481.
An unexplored sector on the outermost reaches of Federation space.  In August 2398, the USS Sydney and the USS Honshu
were both destroyed by a spatial anomaly in Sector 59481.  (“Cat and Mouse” [TFF]).

Sector 64498.
A region of space along the Elorg border with the Federation that includes the Theta Minsar System.  On stardate 76067, the
USS Endeavor was heavily damaged after a skirmish with the Elorg in Sector 64498. (“Toccata and Fugue” [TFF]).

Sector 83024.
Sector 83024 is an area of space near the Cardassian border.  It contains two trinary star systems and a small pulsar.  In June
2399, the USS Columbia was charting Sector 83204 when it made first contact with the Nu. (“Dominion” [TFF]).

Taugan Sector.
A region of space in the heart of Federation territory.  It has several star systems that are commonly raided by mercenaries.  
(“Gambit, part II” [TNG]).  In August 2398, a fleet of Tholian ships passed through the Taugan Sector en route to Romulan
space.  (“The Culling” [TFF]).

Yakra Sector.
A region of space on the border of Cardassian and Elorg territory.  In 2397, the Yakra Sector was site to several small skirmishes
between Cardassian forces and ‘rogue’ Elorg factions.  (“Sodom and Gomorrah” [TFF]).

Yaraka Sector.
An unremarkable sector within Federation space.  It has one B-type star system that is home to six Class J planets.  In June
2398, a series of massive tachyon surges in the Yaraka Sector preceded the brief appearance of Illidan’s starship in the region.  
With assistance from the future, the USS Starlight attempted—and failed—to stop Illidan’s ship in its journey through time.  
Once the vessel retreated, the Yaraka Sector returned to normal.  (“The Sands of Time” [TFF]).

Yedar Sector.
Region of space controlled by the Tholian Assembly.  In August 2398, the Romulans transmitted an encoded message to the
communication relay station in the Yedar Sector. (“The Culling” [TFF]).  In 2395, a Koth simulation depicted the USS Starlight as
being stranded in the Yedar Sector. (“The Art of Deception” [TFF]).

Zhargosia Sector.
A distant region of space where several starships were mysteriously lost in the 2390’s.  (“Silent Adversary” [TFF], “Confessions
and Confrontations” [TFF], “Ring of Fire, part I” [TFF], “Affirmation” [TFF]).  It was later discovered the Drusari had erected a
massive gateway in the vicinity, and had ordered to Ghaib to eliminate any vessel nearing the gate.  (“Infinity” [TFF]).  Several
star systems are in the Zhargosia Sector, including the Anar’qand System, the Crimson Nebula, GSC 88932, and the Zhargosia
A sector is a volume of space approximately 20 cubic light
years.  In Federation space, a typical sector contains
between six and ten star systems.