The planetary classification information is based upon the 2002 edition of the Star
Trek: Star Charts. I've heavily modified it and added a few new classes, but that is
the basis. You are free to use that information in any way, shape, or form, until
your heart is perfectly content.

The planet images themselves are also free to use on your personal website, wiki,
whatever. I'd hate for you to have access to all that great information, but not have
any planet images to go with it. And let's face it, if you tried making planet images
of your own, they wouldn't be nearly as nice as mine! :P That being said, a LOT of
work goes into making these strange new worlds, and should you choose to use
( That's the bare minimum. If you want to devote a shrine to my greatness,
or something, please do. It also wouldn't hurt to drop me an email to let me know
about your usage. Mostly because I like to see what you've done!

If you want to use my planets for commercial purposes (such as in the STAR TREK:
ADVENTURES board game, be on the lookout!), please get in touch with me via email
(charming as it might be, contacting me via smoke signal is really ineffective).

If you want a custom planet made (for personal or commercial reasons), again, feel
free to contact me. I'm sure I can accommodate you.

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