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ďPrecious MomentsĒ


ďHeart and SoulĒ



Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), most of the 30+ episodes I had written in script format vanished, including ďThe Emergence,Ēthe very firstóand very badóepisode of The Final Frontier.Only the first six episodes of Season Two managed to survive from 1997.I donít recommend reading them, because they are all terrible beyond your ability to comprehend.But scanning through them, I suppose, would not be overly detrimental to your health.


You may notice some familiar episodes in that listing, and indeed, ďReconciliation,Ē ďVelora,Ē and ďShadows of an EmpireĒ all made the transition to the REAL Final Frontier.ďReconciliation,Ē however, was basically the same episode in both cases (which explains why the TFF version is so wretched), while ďVeloraĒ was completely rewrittenóand became one of TFFís greatest episodes.Aside from the inclusion of the Elorg, ďShadows of an EmpireĒ has no relation to the Season Five episode of TFF.I just thought Iíd resurrect the title.ďRavageĒ also made the transition to TFF, in the form of the Season One episode ďPrime Directive,Ē however it changed quite a bitóand did not become and ongoing storyline as it was to be in proto-TFF.


Some of the characters are a bit different from what I presented earlier in this guide.Mainly, Alan and Matthewóboth of them use their TFF names here, as I thought these episodes might be salvageable at some point (ďReconcilationĒ was one of the unfortunate victims I tried to save).I was wrong, of course.This stuff is from the dregs of the universe, and is being considered as a possible means of torture in several third-world countries.


PRISONER: Iíll never speak!

INTERROGATOR:If you donít speak, Iíll be forced to take extreme measures.I will read aloud all six episodes of Proto-TFF until you break.

PRISONER:No!Anything but that!Force me to watch First Season TNG!†† Or Barney! Anything but Proto-TFF!!!



If you donít want to read ahead, I donít blame you.

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ďShadow of an EmpireĒ

Written by Chris Adamek


Episode #27

Additional Cast

Gorvak ToíChall Elorg Commander

KorvaElorg officer

GevanElorg Commander

Alien Commander





CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73006.2:We are en route to the Alteran Expanse in response to what appears to be a renewed Elorg expansion.They have been extremely quiet since their revival nearly one year ago, however I have a distinct feeling that is about to change.



ALAN:Status report, Ensign?

ERIN:We are nearing the former location of Starbase 77.Several Elorg scout vessels are present.

BATOR:Shields are down, weapons are off line.

ALAN:We donít want to provoke them.Weíre not here to pick a fight . . . weíre . . . just visiting.

MATTHEW:How close are we to the Expanse?

HAWKE:Not close enough for a detailed sensor sweep.

ALAN:How long?

HAWKE:Just under a minute.

MATTHEW:...We are crusiní for a bruisiní

ALAN:Címon Matthew, think good thoughts.

MATTHEW:Sorry.I tend to see only the dark side of the situation when weíre flying directly through the heart of enemy territory.I donít know...maybe itís just me.

ALAN: It is.


HAWKE:Weíre entering sensor range.


HAWKE:Seven more warships have emerged from the rift within the past two weeks.

BATOR:That is a decrease in the amount of ships they have been sending.

MATTHEW:I donít like this.

ALAN:Neither do I.Theyíre hiding something.

MATTHEW:Like the rest of their fleet?

ALAN:Something like that...Technically, itís not our concern at the moment.We have what we came for, do we not?

HAWKE:Weíve got as much data as we can from the rift.If we pry any more, we might risk setting off their sensor grid.

ALAN:Thatís the last thing I want.Ensign, get us out of here, warp eight.

ERIN:Course set.



[ToíChallís Vessel]

TOíCHALL:Status of the enemy vessel?

ELORG1:Moving off at high warp.

TOíCHALL:They still donít suspect that we can penetrate their cloak?

ELORG1:No sir.They think theyíre safe.Shall we teach them otherwise?

TOíCHALL:No.We will let them thinkthey have an edge on us until it no longer serves our purposes.

ELORG1:And when will that be, your excellency?

TOíCHALL:††††† ††††††††††† ...Soon...

ELORG2:The others report they are in position.

TOíCHALL:†† When the Starlight is out of sensor range, have the others join the fleet.



Several dozen Elorg warships uncloak, and several more emerge from the rift.The new ships from the rift join the formation.The fleet cloaks and sets a new course for the Federation.






Act I





[Christopherís Quarters]

{Door chimes}

ALAN:Come in.

AMY:Hello.[Hands him a package]

ALAN:What is this?

AMY:Happy Birthday... just had to remind me.

AMY:So, how old are you?

ALAN:Amy, you know how old I am.

AMY:Well, Iíd rather you tell me.

ALAN:We go though this every year...

AMY:Well, the least you could do is open the gift.

ALAN:If you insist.

AMY:I do.

ALAN:All right then. [Opens gift, pulls out piece of black metallic substance].What is it?

AMY:The vendor said it was part of an ancient ship.A people that roamed the stars thousands of years ago;before the Vulcans, before the Elorg, before anyone.Their ships were great spectacles, sparking fear, and awe into the eyes and hearts of anyone who saw them.

ALAN:Where did you get it?

AMY: Does it really matter?

ALAN:I suppose not... [He starts heading for the door]

AMY:Where are you going?

ALAN:My duty shift starts two minutes ago.

AMY:You didnít take today off?

ALAN:...No... Why did you have something planned?

AMY:No, but, itís your birthday.

ALAN:Like I said, I need not be reminded. [Exit]

AMY:Why do I even bother? [Exit]



Starlight flies by at high warp.


[Conference Lounge]



ALAN:As you may or may not know, today is my birthday.Now, before you get all upset because you didnít get me a gift, or throw me a party, or whatever, you should know that I hate birthdays and birthday parties in general.So, donít bother.

MATTHEW:Of course.

ALAN:Well, now that thatís over with, I just received our new orders. [Brief pause]

MATTHEW:Which are?

ALAN:Weíre going to patrol the Federation border near Elorg space.Starfleet has decided that we need to have a greater presence in this region of space.

AMY:This is a science vessel!

HAWKE:Officially, yes, it is a science vessel, Doctor, but, we are armed to the teeth.We could probably take out a Romulan Warbird before they knew what hit them.

ALAN:Exactly, and the Elorg know this.With any luck, it will make them think twice before attacking.

[Brief Pause]

If thereís nothing else, then, weíre dis--

LOGAN:There is.


LOGAN:I wasnít going to bring it up...itís nothing, really.But, because of what happened last year, itís probably worth mentioning.

ALAN:Let me guess... the anadyne relays.

LOGAN:Good guess.Three went down earlier today.

ALAN:I thought we fixed that little problem?

LOGAN:We did.

ALAN:They why are these silly little relays acting up?

LOGAN:Like I said, it could be nothing.

ALAN:Keep me posted.†† Now, unless there is something else?. . .††††† . . .††† Dismissed.


[ToíChallís Vessel]

ELORG1:Sir, the Starlight has begun a patrol of our border.

TOíCHALL:Are they scanning our space?

ELORG2:No.They are simply patrolling.

KORVA:Preparing to attack...undoubtedly.

TOíCHALL:That is where youíre wrong.The enemy wonít attack us.It is against their Prime Directive to initiate hostilities with an alien race, enemy or not.They are undoubtedly trying to show us that theyíre not afraid of us or our cause.

TOíCHALL:What is their position?

ELORG1:Grid 002, coordinates 415x18x7.

KORVA:We should attack now.Show them we arenít afraid either.

TOíCHALL:Poor young fool, Korva.We may strike, and soon, but, not if the enemy is in grid 002.That is an area of little strategic value.When we strike, we strike hard, but, not without reason.

KORVA:I do not see why we do not simply erradicate them all.An all out invasion.

TOíCHALL:Our territory here is small.Nothing more than a few annexed systems.If those systems fall, and our vortex is collapsed, we may never be able to reach this universe again.Small steps, Korva, small steps.

KORVA: Still, sitting here doing nothing accomplishes just that:nothing.Should we not respond by dispatching warships to their border?

TOíCHALL:Ahh,there!Now you are thinking Korva!†† There is still hope for you yet.†† Helmsmen, set a course for the border, warp nine.Have the Zraal and the Vaklirimeet us there.

ELORG1:Course set.

TOíCHALL:...Let the games begin.




Act II




CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73009.1: In response to our patrol of the Elorg border, the Elorg have posted three warships on patrol of their side of the border.We are currently en route to intercept the nearest one.



BATOR:Starfleet has dispatched the Nova and the Quasar to the border.

ALAN: Good.How long until they get there?

BATOR:Twelve hours.

MATTHEW:A lot can happen in twelve hours.

ALAN:Think good thoughts, Commander. The Elorg have a lot of ships and very little territory.They are hungry for territory, so, weíll need all the good thoughts we can get.

BATOR:Elorg vessel entering visual range.

ALAN:On screen.

[Vessel appears on screen]

MATTHEW:What is its status?

BATOR:Shields are up, however, its weapon systems are not even on line.

HAWKE:Weíre being hailed.

ALAN:On screen.

GEVAN: I am Gevan of the EWS Zraal.Your presence here is strictly prohibited under Elorg mandate 4-7-0-9-2-9-3-6.Under this mandate, you are required to relinquish command of your vessel to the Elorg Bloc.

ALAN:I am Captain Alan Christopher of the USS Starlight.Unfortunately for you, we donít recognize the Elorg Bloc as a legitimate government in this part of space, and therefore, all Elorg mandates are nullified.

GEVAN:Unacceptable.We have a birthright to this region of space!

ALAN:A birthright centuries old?I think thatís obsolete.All of your ancient enemies have been vanquished.All thatís left is a shadow of the great empire you once had.You have no quarrel with us.

GEVAN:You simply take our territory and expect us not to retaliate?

ALAN:You didnít object at the time.

GEVAN:We were imprisoned like animals in a zoo by the TíKon!†† Have you no sympathy for us?We are simply trying to retake that which is ours, and belive me Captain, we will get it.Either you will give it to us willingly, and we can coexist peacefully, or you can continue to hoarde it.In that case, you will undoubtedly perish.The choice is yours, Captain.Which do you choose?Life or death?

ALAN:We will never surrender Federation territory because of a centuries old birthright.

[GEVAN terminates communication]

BATOR:They are powering weapons.

ALAN:That didnít go so well.

MATTHEW:Indeed.Whatís our move?

ALAN:Thereís only one choice:shields up; red alert.

LOGAN:Logan to Christopher.

ALAN:Go ahead.

LOGAN:Weíve got a problem.

ALAN:The anadyne relays?

LOGAN:No.The warp core just shut down.



HAWKE:There is an abnormal amount of verteron particles in engineering.

MATTHEW:†† Verteron particles?What do they do?

HAWKE:Inhibit the usage of the warp core, but, they are not associated with any naturally occuring phenomenon in this sector.

ALAN:Theyíre usually associated with wormholes, are they not?


MATTHEW:If I recall astrometric charts correctly, there arenít any wormholes around here.

ERIN:You recall correctly.

ALAN:Then where the hell are these things coming from?

LOGAN: Good question.

MATTHEW:What about the Elorg?Are they hindered?

HAWKE:Itís hard to say.Theyíve been masking their warp signature.

ALAN:Weíd best go with the assumption that this is a highly localized phenomenon.That way weíre not caught off guard.


ALAN:Ensign, put us under cloak and use the maneuvering thrusters to move us to their dorsal side.

ERIN:Aye sir.

ALAN:Iíll be in my ready room.The bridge is yours, Commander.

MATTHEW:Aye, sir.



Starlight cloaks


[Gevanís ship]

GEVAN:What are they doing?


GEVAN:Thatís right, they donít know our sensors can penetrate the cloak.

ELORG:Shall we attack them?

GEVAN:No.We shall let them live for now.Signal the others to move in on our position and pretend to look for the Starlight.Once theyíve arrived, weíll simply move out of the way and let ToíChall take care of them.

ELORG:And then what?

GEVAN:And then, if I know ToíChall, heíll order that which we have been waiting for since our emergence one year ago...

ELORG:The reconquest.

GEVAN:Yes.That which was wrongfully taken from us will be ours once again.







[Ready Room]

[Bell Chimes]

ALAN:Come in.


ALAN:Have a seat.What can I do for you, Commander?

LOGAN:Itís about the verterons.

ALAN [Gets up, goes to the replicator]:Tarkalean tea.[Replicator creates tea].Can I get you anything?

LOGAN:No thanks.

ALAN:So, what about these damn verterons?

LOGAN:I assume Kristin told you about wormholes the nanosecond she mentioned verterons, correct?

ALAN:More or less.

LOGAN:That could be it.We could have somehow snagged a developing wormhole somewhere along the lines.Iíve checked astrometric sensors...


LOGAN:We did pass through a class-9 nebula.

ALAN:Known for their temporal distortions and strange phenomenons, yes, it is possible.But, are they really wormhole breeding grounds?

LOGAN:Itís never been proven, but, it would explain the verterons, and maybe even the anodyne relay failures.

ALAN: If this is true, then how do we un-attach ourselves?

LOGAN:Iím working on it, but, Iím not a wormhole theorist.

ALAN: What about Kristin?

LOGAN:Theorist?No.Self-proclaimed expert?Yes.

ALAN:It will have to do.Iím assigning to two of you to work on a solution to this wormhole situation, ifthat is indeed what we are dealing with.

LOGAN:Aye, sir.



[Science lab]

HAWKE:Okay, where do you want to get started?

LOGAN:The very beginning.

HAWKE:A very good place to start.Computer:access all astrometric logs since, say, stardate 72925.Look for anything unusual, such as wormhole eruptions, verteron fields, etc.Begin.

COMPUTER:Stand by.Search in progress.

LOGAN:Do you realize weíve been serving on this ship since it was comissioned, and this is the first time weíve been assigned to work with each other.

HAWKE:I hadnít realized that, no.

LOGAN:Itís true.

HAWKE:Does this bother you?

LOGAN:Not really.Itís just strange.I hardly know you.

COMPUTER:Search complete.Zero matches found on the requested topics.

HAWKE:Thank you computer, you were no help whatsoever you piece of you want to know me better?Read my personnell file.

LOGAN:Thatís hardly sufficient.

HAWKE:Are you impling something?

LOGAN:Not that I know of.

HAWKE:Good.Computer, same search perameters, but, search from stardate 72000.

COMPUTER:Stand by.Search in progress.

LOGAN:Forget I said anything.


[Long silence]

HAWKE:Okay, fine.Letís talk.

COMPUTER:Search complete.Zero matches found on the requested topics.

LOGAN:Wonderful. Then where did the verterons in engineering come from?


LOGAN:When did they first appear?

COMPUTER:Stardate 73009.2.

LOGAN:How did they get there?


HAWKE:You keep asking it the same thing.

LOGAN: And I get the same answer.

HAWKE:What a revolution.Whoíd a thought?


[ToíChallís Vessel]

TOíCHALL: What is the status of the Starlight?

ELORG2:Itís taken a position under the Zraal.

TOíCHALL:A wise maneuver.Have the Vakliri come up from their starbord-ventral flank.†† Weíll take the port-dorsal.When we arrive, have the Zraalfall back to optimal firing range.

KORVA:And then?

TOíCHALL:And then the fighting begins.

KORVA:What of the rest of the Federation fleet?

ELORG1:They wonít arrive for another six hours.

TOíCHALL:Plenty of time.Worry not, Korva, everything will work out fine.




[AMY is with a patient briefly before turning to the opening doors.Enter TERON]


AMY:Good afternoon, Teron.How can I help you?

TERON:Itís about that offer you made last month.


TERON:The office.

AMY:Oh, yes!Have you decided set one up?

TERON:Yes.And I would like your assistance in doing so.

AMY:Teron, this is wonderful.Iíll talk to Alan about it tonght.

TERON:Youíre close to him, arenít you?

AMY:You could say that.But weíre just friends.




AMY:Amy.My name is Amy.

TERON:Iím sorry.Iím a bit uncomfortable calling you that.


TERON:I hardly know you.

AMY:Thatís no excuse.Weíre friends, arenít we?

[Long pause]

TERON:Just help me set up the office.



[Science lab]

HAWKE:Weíre quite satisfied that this is not a wormhole, are we not?


HAWKE:Then what the hell is it?Nothing except wormholes emit these damn verteron particles.

LOGAN:I know.

HAWKE:Well, weíd better get thinking, or else something could go terribly wrong.

LOGAN:Bad things are bound to happen when youíre parked beneath a warship.

HAWKE:Isnít there some sort of rule against double-parking?

LOGAN:Dictators can do it at their leisure.

HAWKE:Of course.

LOGAN:Wait a minute, Kristin, what if this is a quantum singularity.

HAWKE:Wait a minute!Iíve never seen a singularity that produces verterons.Nor have I seen one inside a starship.

[Ship shakes]

MATTHEW [over comm]:Red alert!



MATTHEW:Our friend Gevan just pulled back a few thousand kilometers, and just as he did that, two more warships appeared at our remaining flanks.

BATOR:They proceeded to fire several warning shots in our general direction.

ALAN:Theyíve found us.

MATTHEW: What aboutcloak!?!?!

ALAN:They must have found a way to penetrate it.Mr. Bator, drop the cloak, raise the shields, and goto red alert.




Act IV





BATOR:The enemy has opened fire!

KENDALL:Theyíre using high energy plasma weapons.





Elorg vessels strike at the Starlight hard.



ALAN:Target their weapon systems.

BATOR:Aye sir.Loading torpedoes.




Quantum torpedoes lash out and impact upon the hull of Gevanís ship.A huge exposion disables its weapon array, but, the ship is not destroyed.


[Sick bay]

AMY:Itís only a minor laceration.The dermal regenerator should...

A large hazy object appears briefly in the wall before disappearing.

AMY:Wrighton to Hawke or Logan.


[Science Lab]

LOGAN:Logan here, what is it Doctor?

AMY:I think you guys should get down

HAWKE:What is it?

AMY:I donít know, but, it might have something to do with the verterons...

LOGAN:On our way.



BATOR:Restricting our fire to their weapon systems has not proven effective.

ALAN:Fire at will.

BATOR:Aye sir.



Starlight quickly maneuvers around a beam before swerving under Gevanís warship and firing all weapons.The ship blows up, but is still not destroyed.


[Gevanís ship]

ELORG:We are heavily damaged.

GEVAN:Can we still fire weapons?


GEVAN:Retreat?Have the others cover for us!



KENDALL:The Zraal is retreating.

ALAN:Let them go.

KENDALL:†† The remaining two ships are closing in on us.

MATTHEW:Evasive maneuvers.



The Starlight swerves and quickly turns around to fire at the Elorg.

The Elorg return fire and impact the front of the ship.



MATTHEW:Foreward shields have failed.

BATOR:We have over two hundred microfractures in the hull.

ALAN:Are any of them about to breech?


ALAN:Divert power to--

[Ship shakes violently.Explosions everywhere]

ERIN:Helm control is gone!

KENDALL:Weíre losing attitude control.

BATOR: Targeting scanners are off line.

ALAN:Make due with what youíve got.



Starlight shoots wildly in any and all directions, impacting the nearest Elorg ship.Its sheilds absorb most of the blast, however.


[Sick Bay]

AMY:There.What is it?

LOGAN [Scans]:It looks like part of a ship.

HAWKE:What does the tricorder say?

LOGAN:Not much.

HAWKE:Is this the source of the verterons?

LOGAN:They are coming from here, yes.

HAWKE:Compensate for the verteron interference and then scan it again.



LOGAN:Itís a...ship.

HAWKE:What?Are you reading that thing right?

AMY:Of course he is.

HAWKE:Hawke to Christopher.

ALAN:Have you got something?

HAWKE:Yes.There is a ship emerging into our ship.


HAWKE:There is a quantum singularity opening in sickbay.†† A ship is coming through.



ALAN:This is not good?Can we somehow free it?

HAWKE:I donít know.We havenít had long enough to study it.

ALAN:Well, weíre about to be destroyed, so, Iíd make any investigation youíre planning with haste.

HAWKE:Aye, sir.



[ToíChallís ship]

KORVA:Weíve got a lock on their warp core.

TOíCHALL:Then by all means. . . fire.




Act V




Elorg fire at Starlight.It absorbs most of the fire, but begins to explode.

The next volley blows off the port warp nacelle.


[ToíChallís ship]

KORVA:Their warp core is not critical, but, they arenít going anywhere.

TOíCHALL:Excellent.Continue fire.

ELORG2:Wait, sir, their ship is in a state of flux.


ELORG2:I canít.A massive amount of verterons has prompted their ship to begin phasing out of the space-time continuum.

KORVA:We can still destroy them.

TOíCHALL:Not when their ship is in flux.We will wait.




ERIN:The hull is starting to buckle around the vortex.

MATTHEW:Increase structural integrity fields.

BATOR:Aye sir.

MATTHEW:What are the Elorg doing?

KENDALL:Because we are in a state of flux, their weapons are useless.They are waiting for us.



[Sick Bay]

[Enter ALAN]

LOGAN:Captain, we think we can unattach ourselves from the singularity.


HAWKE:We can use the deflector dish to open another singularity just above us.

LOGAN:With any luck, the second singularity will be more stable than the first, and the ship will ďbackwashĒ out into normal space.

ALAN:Is this theory or fact?

HAWKE:Iíd have to say neither one.

LOGAN:This is pure hypothesis.

HAWKE:If we donít act, this ship will emerge and will tear us apart.

ALAN:Okay, do it.


[ToíChallís ship]

KORVA:What are they doing?

ELORG2: Unknown.

TOíCHALL:Fire at them.One burst.

KORVA:Why not an all out assault?

TOíCHALL:We need to know what will happen first.

KORVA:A wise maneuver.



ToíChallís ship fires at the Starlight.The pulse simply dispurses when it hits the ship.


[ToíChallís ship]

ELORG2:No damage.

KORVA:I see, master.

ELORG1:The Federation starships are drawing nearer.

TOíCHALL:Call for reinforcements.We almost have them.

ELORG1:Aye, sir.



KENDALL:They are calling for reinforcements.


[Enter Alan]

ALAN:Status report?

MATTHEW:The Elorg are calling for reinforcements.Our own reinforcements are almost here.

KENDALL:Our own reinforcements will not arrive in time, however.

MATTHEW:How long?

KENDALL:Less than five minutes.

[Enter Hawke]

HAWKE:Weíre almost ready, sir.

ALAN:Tell me when youíre ready to proceed.

MATTHEW [aside]:Whatís going on?

ALAN:Weíre going to attempt to open a quantum singularity behind us, so we can pull the alien ship into normal space.

MATTHEW:Itís risky.

ALAN:So is sitting here being surrounding by Warships [End aside]

HAWKE:Weíre ready.


[Enter Logan]

HAWKE:Activating deflector dish.

LOGAN:Deflector at fifteen percent.

††††††††††† Thirty-eight percent.

††††††††††† Forty-seven percent.

††††††††††† Eighty-one percent.

††††††††††† Deflector dish charged.



[ToíChallís ship]

ELORG2:They are opening a quantum singularity.

KORVA:Theyíre trying to escape!Destroy them.


ELORG1:Our reinforcments are dropping out of transwarp.

ELORG3:The Federation starships have arrived.They are opening fire.



Starships attack ToíChallís ship.Itís shields absorb the first volley, but let in a few shots with the second.

ToíChall returns fire and collapses the shields of one of the Federation starships.



LOGAN:Singularity is opening.

HAWKE:The alien ship is not moving.

MATTHEW:How much longer until the singularity is at its full size?

LOGAN:Two or three minutes.

ALAN:Weíll give it until then.

BATOR:The ship is starting to move, however, it is unphasing.


They are hailing us.

ALAN:On screen.

ALIEN:Help us...we are caught in an unstable quantum singularity...we need help...

ALAN:This is Captain Alan Christopher of the Federation Starship Starlight.Weíre trying to help you.If you can put your engines in full reverse it will help you out.

ALIEN:Stand by.

BATOR:Sir, the Elorg have disabled both starships, and we are becoming vulnerable once again.

ALAN:Hail the Starfleet Captains.Tell them to cover for us until weíve freed the alien vessel.Otherwise weíll all be destroyed.

BATOR:Aye, sir.

ALIEN:We have complied.

HAWKE:They are nearly freed.

ALIEN:Weíve done it.Your rift is unstable, however.We are returning to normal space.



The alien vessel emerges from the quantum singularity above the Starlight.A huge vessel, even larger than the Elorg, it dwarfs the Starlight.


[ToíChallís ship]

KORVA:A large alien vessel has emerged from the singularity.The Starlight is no longer it its state of flux.

TOíCHALL:Open fire.




ALAN:Mr. Bator have we any weapons?



BATOR:The aliens are hailing us again.

ALAN:On screen.

ALIEN:Have we caused you trouble?

ALAN:No, this trouble was started long before you arrived.

ERIN:The Elorg are out-flanking us.


ALAN:Yes, an ancient race of--

ALIEN:We know them well.

[Channel closes]

[Explosions.All lights turn off.]

HAWKE:Weíve lost primary power on all decks.The Quasar has been crippled.The Nova is under heavy fire.

ERIN:Wait, the aliens are on an approach vector.Weapons armed.

ALAN:Ah, hell!



It appears that the aliens are firing at the Starlight, however, their blue phaser fire misses, and destroys the distant Elorg vessel.

The aliens continue fire until all of the Elorg ships are destroyed.



HAWKE:The aliens are opening a singularity.

ALAN:Follow them.

HAWKE:Itís too late.Theyíre gone.


BATOR:There are several Elorg escape pods adrift.

ALAN:Leave them.Weíre in no condition to take prisoners.Stand down red alert...and...begin repairs.


CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73014.2:We have managed to escape with minimal losses from the Elorg border.Although the damage to the Starlight is extreme, we should be up and running in a few weeks.

As for the alien vessel which turned the tides of battle, it remains a mystery as to who and what they were.Commander Harrison believes it was the TíKon, however, since no one has ever seen a TíKon vessel, it remains to be seen.



[Holodeck:Forest Simulation]

[Enter Matthew, Erin, and Amy]


[Enter Alan]

ALAN:Aahhh... I see weíve got the holodeck running.

MATTHEW:It was a top priority.

ALAN:Tell that to everyone on deck four.Artificial gravity is still off line.

AMY:So what brings you here?

ALAN:I thougt I would enjoy myself a little before the day ended.

AMY:Itís about time.

ALAN:You know, Iíve never really been in here with you guys.

ERIN:Youíre always welcome.

MATTHEW:You always have been.


[Enter Logan and Hawke]

They quietly walk away from the others toward the shore, engaged in conversation.


AMY:Erick and Kristin?

ALAN:I guess we have to accept one simple fact:strange things happen every day.

Executive Producer Chris Adamek


Written by Chris Adamek


Episode #28

Additional Cast

Admiral Steven Marcette

Lieutenant Brooks

Captain Michael Redding

Sub-commander Selatt

Commander Lorak











MARCETTE:Lieutenant Brooks, what is our position?

BROOKS:Weíre just outside the Hedron System.

MARCETTE:Excellent.Our little package should be bearing 097 mark 4.

BROOKS:Nothing on sensors.

MARCETTE:Good.Send a message on wide-band sub-space.

BROOKS:What do you want it to say?




Behind the Windcress forms a huge distortion.A massive Federation starships uncloaks, nearly four times the size of the Windcress.




Act I




[Teronís Office]

[Enter Teron, Amy]


AMY:So, this is it?


AMY:Is it to your liking?

TERON:Itís sufficicent.

AMY:But do you like it?

TERON: Itís better than nothing, Doctor.Thank you for speaking to Captain Christopher on my behalf.And could you thank him for his haste in meeting my request?

AMY:Of course.But why donít you do it?

TERON:Iím rather busy down here.

AMY:I see.Well, getting you this space was easy, since the Elorg were thorough in trashing us.All I had to do was find an empty room.

TERON:What was the function of this room before the attack?

AMY:†† Iím not sure.I think it was some sort of lab.But, since it was so close to the residential area, it seemed out of place.The Captain was glad to give it to you.

TERON:I am in his debt.

Amy picks up a chain from one of Teronís boxes.

††††††††††† Donít touch that!

AMY:Sorry [Hands it to her].

TERON:It was my motherís.Iím sorry.Itís all I have left of her.

AMY:Iím sorry.What happened to her?

TERON:She was a marine biologist aboard the Lexicon sixteen years ago when the Borg invaded the Typhon Sector.They boarded the ship.†† She was assimilated.


TERON:Itís okay.Whatís past is past.That was sixteen years ago.Iím fine now.

ALAN [comm]:Christopher to Wrighton.

AMY:Wrighton here.

ALAN:Amy, I need you to report to to observation lounge at once.

AMY:On my way.Duty calls. you could stop by later?

AMY:Iíd love to.


CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73034.8:With our heavily damaged escorts, the Starlight has managed to reach Starbase 104 to replace our lost warp nacelles.†† Since repairs are nearing completion, Starfleet has sent us our latest orders, along with some very disturbing news.


[Observation lounge]

[Enter Senior Staff]

ALAN:Iíve just received our latest orders.

MATTHEW:Iím doubting thatís why youíve called this meeting.

ALAN:Right you are, Mr. Harrison.What you are about to hear is extremely confidential...for the moment.It is not to leave this room.Is that understood?If anyone has a severe case of jibber-jaws, I suggest they leave now.

††††††††††† [Nobody leaves]

Good.Along with Starfleetís communiquť, they sent a little treatise reguarding a revolutionary new warship, the Ravage.†† This Federation warship is state-of-the-art design.It bears no markings, and looks nothing like a Federation starship.It has more weapons than most of our fleet combined, a cloaking device, and transwarp capabilities.It is truly a warship.

AMY:My God.

BATOR:A Federation warship...if the Romulans or the Cardassians found out about this...

MATTHEW:All hell would break loose.Itís bad enough that we have this warship, but, itís not marked?Thatís what worries me.What was Starfleet thinking?

ALAN:I donít know.Unless they plan on moving against our neighbors...

MATTHEW:What are we going to do?

ALAN:Follow our orders.We wonít talk about this, not even amongst ourselves.Weíll simply carry out our mission.

MATTHEW:Which is?

ALAN:Fuel for the fire...Our orders are to intercept the Romulan Warbird patroling the Neutral Zone near Outpost 23.†† During the rendezvous, we are to clandestinely download the entire Romulan database for use at Starfleet Research and Development.

LOGAN:With that sort of information, the Ravage could be equipped with hull armor that can repel Romulan weaponry, or cut through Romulan shields like a piece of cake.

HAWKE:Or worse.They couldresearch biological weapons.

ERIN:Guys, this is Starfleet weíre talking about.

HAWKE:Sheís right.Thereís no need to jump to conclusions.We donít know what theyíre going to do with the database.

ALAN:I couldnít agree more. Dismissed. Ensign, take us to Outpost 23, warp six.

ERIN:Yes sir.








Act II




ALAN:Status report?

HAWKE:Weíre nearly to Outpost 23.The warbird is holding its position near the Hizar System.

ALAN:Activate the cloak, and set an intercept course.

ERIN:Aye, sir.



Ravage drifts by.



MARCETTE:Is the Ravage ready for its shakedown run?


MARCETTE:Captain Redding, would you like to take your ship for a little spin?

REDDING:Yes, sir!

MARCETTE:Excellent.Then you are herby requested and required to take command.Do you accept?

REDDING:Yes sir.

MARCETTE:Then as of January the twelfth, 2388, Captain Michael Redding is the official commander of the USS Ravage.Congratulations, Captain.

REDDING:Thank you, sir.Iím honored.

MARCETTE:You should be.Bring her on-line, Lieutenant.

BROOKS:Aye, sir.



The Ravage comes to life.Lights flicker on, the deflector dish activates.The warp nacelles are aglow.



BROOKS:The ship is fully operational.

MARCETTE:Your bridge awaits, Captain.

[Exit Redding]

BROOKS:Sir, Iím detecting a tetrion surge directly ahead.

MARCETTE:What is it?

BROOKS:Two Romulan Warbirds.

MARCETTE:Red alert.Arm all weapons.





Windcress fires at Warbirds.Shots are absorbed by sheilds.

The Romulans return fire, and damage the Windcress.



BROOKS: Heavy damage to decks four through ten!

MARCETTE [Presses Comm Key]:Captain Redding, is the Ravage ready for combat?



REDDING:I think so.

MARCETTE [Comm]:Destroy them.

REDDING:Aye, sir.Lieutenant Bailey, lock on to their warp core and fire.



The Ravage destroys both Warbirds.



[Transporter beams fill the bridge.Romulans armed with disruptors appear.]



Amy is walking down, and reaches Teronís office.She rings the bell.The doors open a few seconds later.

TERON:Amy...thanks for stopping by.

AMY:Itís no problem.

TERON:Look, Iím no good at small talk, so, Iíll just get to the point.Iíve been poking around recently, and Iíve discovered that the Romulans are more of a threat than anyone seems to know.

AMY:How did you find this out?

TERON:Thatís the thing.I didnít know either.I just knew.But then, during the crisis two weeks ago, I felt something strange.Real strange. At first I couldnít figure out what it was.It was so garbled, I couldnít make heads or tails of it.But then, I was able to start focusing on the message.I was picking up the thoughts of people light years away;the Romulans.

AMY:How is this possible?

TERON:I donít know.All I know is that we are in grave danger.

AMY:How grave?

TERON:I donít know.

AMY:Iíd like to get you down to sick bay.

TERON nods affirmatively.



Starlight uncloaks and flies by.



ERIN:Sir, weíre within range of the Romulan Warbird.

ALAN:Hail them.

HAWKE:Aye, response.

ALAN:Keep trying.

HAWKE:Still nothing.

MATTHEW:What is their status?

BATOR:Fully functional.Their shields are down, and their weapons are inactive.

ALAN:Life signs?

HAWKE:Nine-hundred forty-six Romulans, Two-hundred eight Taakrinians, forty-seven Garidians...and twelve humans.


BATOR:It is true, my sensors have confirmed her readings.There are twelve humans aboard that ship.


HAWKE:Six more humans just beamed aboard...

BATOR:And six Romulans left.

MATTHEW:Something fishy is going on here...

ALAN:Indeed...Hail them again, Lieutenant.

HAWKE:Still no response.

ALAN:Can you get the bio-readings of those humans?

HAWKE:No.Weíre too far away.

ALAN:Ensign, move us in closer.

ERIN:Aye, sir.

BATOR:They have raised their shields.

MATTHEW:...So they know weíre here.

ALAN:But why wonít they talk to us?

HAWKE:I donít know, but, six more humans just arrived, and six more Romulans just left.

ALAN:Well, if they wonít listen to diplomacy, maybe theyíll listen to phasers.Mr. Bator, lock onto their shield generator and fire.

BATOR:Aye, sir.



Starlight fires on Warbirdís shields.


BATOR:No damage.



ALAN:Are they doing anything yet?


ALAN:Move us to twenty-thousand kilometers.

ERIN:Aye sir, 20,000 kilometers.

BATOR:They are coming about...foreward disruptors are locked on our weaponís array.

ALAN:Now weíve got their attention.Hail them again.

HAWKE:They are responding.

ALAN:Itís about time.On screen.

SELATT:I am Sub-Commande Selatt.Why do you approach us?

ALAN:We detect humans on your vessel.

SELATT:You do.

ALAN:What are you doing with them?

SELATT:That is none of your concern?

ALAN:It is my concern.They are my brothers.

SELATT:If I were to compare your genetic makeup, it would probably reveal that you are not related at all.

ALAN:And you are probably correct.But still...why do you have them?

SELATT:I donít know.Why do you have thirty Romulans aboard your ship?


[Romulans beam in, armed.]

SELATT:Reval, you are in command of the Starlight.Once the crew has been incarcerated, set a course for the Ravage.

REVAL:Aye, sir.

[Channel closes]

REVAL:Come on!Move!

[No one moves.Reval shoots HAWKE in the chest.She falls.As she does so, MATTHEW tackles REVAL.The Romulan guards break up the fight and escort the crew to the cargo bay.]


[Cargo Bay]

AMY:The wound appears to have severely damaged her upper thoracic region.A couple of milimeters lower and she would have been killed instantly.

LOGAN:Will she live?

AMY:If I could get her to sick bay, yes, but, our ďguestsĒ probably wonít allow me to do that.

ALAN:I would think not.But, there are only thirty of them.We outnumber them terribly.

MATTHEW:All we have to do is organize a small resistance.

BATOR:We will need weapons.

LOGAN:Thereís a weaponís locker by the cargo bay exit, but, itís heavily guarded.Weíll need a diversion.

ALAN:Weíre not ready to move against them yet.Their ship is still within transporter range.The Romulans could have reinforcements within seconds.Weíll wait about an hour, and then, forego the plan.

[Nods as guards pass by]

ALAN:Letís do it...







ADMIRALíS LOG; STARDATE 73039.2:The Romulans have successfully captured the Ravage moments after its comission.The Windcress is adrift after engaging the Romulans while trying to protect the warship.Weíve been tracking the Starlight on long range sensors for the past forty-five minutes.They appear to be on an approach vector, however, they are not answering our hails.


[Windcress Bridge]

MARCETTE:What is our status?

BROOKS: Still adrift.It doesnít look like thatís going to change any time soon.

MARCETTE:Damn.Weíre sitting ducks.Itís only a matter of time before the Romulans finish us off.

BROOKS:The Starlight can save us.

MARCETTE:We can only hope...


[Ravage Bridge]

ROMULAN:Sir, weíve secured all Starfleet personell.They are either locked down in quarters or are being held in the cargo bay.


ROMULAN:And, we have learned this vesselís primary functions.We should be operational within fifteen minutes.

LORAK:Very good.As a saftey precaution, we should begin downloading their entire database, in case we loose control of the ship.

ROMULAN:Yes, sir.


[Starlight:Cargo Bay]

MATTHEW:Hereís the plan:Hathaway and I will approach the guards and begin surveying the control panel mounted on the wall near the door.

ERIN:With any luck, the Romulans will think weíre up to something, and theyíll leave their posts.

MATTHEW:Now because the cargo containers will be blocking their comradís view, we can easily take out our unsuspecting Romulan buddies.

ERIN:Thatís when we make a run for it.

BATOR:The weaponís locker i--

REVAL:Which one of you is the Captain?

ALAN:I am.

REVAL:Come with me.

[ALAN looks at the others briefly before REVAL grabs him and drags him away]

AMY:Now what?

MATTHEW:We continue without him.

NURSE:Dr. Wrighton!


NURSE:Itís Lieutenant Hawke.

AMY:What is it?

NURSE:Her blood pressure just dropped by fifteen percent, and her heart rate is slowing down markedly.

AMY:Damn.Thereís nothing I can do for her from here.

ERIN:What about the medkits stored in the cargo bay?

BATOR:The Romulans have placed forcefields around them.

MATTHEW:Heartless bastards.How long does she have, Doctor?

AMY:Iíd say less than an hour.†† Probably less than half-an-hour.

MATTHEW:Then if weíre going to do anything, weíd best do it soon.

AMY:The sooner the better.

MATTHEW:Weíll wait until the guards clear over there, and then weíll move.




ALAN:What do you want?

SELATT:Isnít it obvious.I want to speak with you.

ALAN:Then letís get it over with.

SELATT:Patience, dear human.Patience.†† Letís start off with an easy question.Why was your vessel approaching our position?

ALAN:We were ordered to by Starfleet.

SELATT: Go on.

ALAN:They wanted us to download your database.


ALAN:I donít know.

SELATT:Unacceptable, but, predictable....Hereís another question:Why does Starfleet have a warship located in the Hedron System?

ALAN:I donít know.

SELATT:You are quite the uninformed, Captain.I just happen to know that that warship, is now a Romulan vessel.We plan on finding out why that warship is there.And as a gesture of good will, I will tell you why as well.

ALAN:How thoughtful of you.

SELATT:I am a thoughtful person.†† Now, what is this I hear about a possible rebellion?

ALAN:You heard nothing.

SELATT:Thatís what I thought...


[Cargo Bay]

[MATTHEW and ERIN are examining a panel near the door.]

ROMULAN1:What are you doing?

ROMULAN2:Get away from that panel.

ROMULAN1:Stop them!

[Romulans pull their disruptors, but, MATTHEW and ERIN attack them and knock them to the floor.BATOR rushes for the door and opens it.BATOR, AMY, LOGAN, and KENDALL run out.MATTHEW and ERIN take the Romulan disruptors and start shooting the guards going after BATOR.The Romulans return fire.ERIN is hit in the shoulder.]

ERIN:†† Iím okay.




BATOR:The weaponís locker is this way!

[They reach a door down the next cooridor.Bator struggles to punch in the password as the Romulans close in on them.The doors open, and they go in.]


[He throws AMY a phaser-rifle.LOGAN and KENDALL grab their own weapons, while BATOR takes a phaser rifle.The Romulans enter the doorway.KENDALL shoots all three of them.]

LOGAN:Nice shooting.

KENDALL:Thank you.



REVAL [comm]:Reval to Selatt!


REVAL:†† The Starfleet officers have overthrown most of our forces in the cargo bay.A small group of them have escaped to the weaponís locker.


REVAL:Itís true.

SELATT:This is Selatt to all renegade Starfleet officers.I have your captain, under heavy guard.If you do not retreat to the cargo bay at once, I will order his execution.You have one minute.

ALAN:Computer, deactivate forcefield.



SELATT [comm]:What are you doing?

COMPUTER [comm]:You do not have authorization to enable that command.

KENDALL:He is in the brig.

LOGAN:Letís go.

AMY:Iím going to sick bay.

[Enter MATTHEW and ERIN]

BATOR:Commander, Ensign, acomapny Kendall and Logan to the brig.I will escort Dr. Wrighton to Sick Bay.

MATTHEW:Wait a minute?Whoís the senior officer?

BATOR:You are.

MATTHEW:Then why am I taking order from you?

BATOR:Sorry, sir.

MATTHEW:Itís okay.Letís do it.

[Follow the two groups through the halls until BATOR and AMY reach Sick Bay.]


[Sick Bay]

AMY:We can use the transporters to beam Kristin here.


AMY:Got it.Energizing.

[HAWKE beams into the bio chamber.AMY rushes over to her and scans]

AMY: Get me 50ccís tricordrazine.


[AMY injects the tricordrazine]

AMY:Sheís stabilizing.


[Cooridor outside Brig]

MATTHEW:Are you sure this is it?


MATTHEW:Of course you are.

[MATTHEW goes for doors but they donít open]

ERIN:Computer, open doors.

[No response.LOGAN doodles with his phaser.]



[Door is vaporized.Team comes in and vaporizes most of the guards, and SELATT.MATTHEW shoots the control panel and releases the forcefield.]

ALAN:Your timing is impeccable.

MATTHEW:I always say I like grand enterances.

ALAN:Letís get to the bridge.


[Ravage bridge]

ROMULAN:Sir, we are ready.

LORAK:Bring the phasers on line.Target the Windcress.

ROMULAN:Aye, sir.




Ravage fires massive amounts of phasers at Windcress.Shields collapse.




Act IV




[Enter Erin, Matthew, Kendall, Alan, Logan]

ALAN:Whatís our status?

ERIN:Weíre on a direct course for the Ravage.

ALAN:Maintain course.

[Enter Bator]

BATOR:Most of the Romulans have been contained.


BATOR:There are still a few on the run.I have security hunting them down.

ALAN:Catch them.

BATOR:They will.

ALAN:Mr. Johnson, what is the status of the Ravage?

KENDALL:They have opened fire on the Windcress.

MATTHEW:That ship doesnít stand a chance.

ALAN:Neither do we.Unless we can get the prefix codes to shut down the Ravage....Mr. Bator, open a channel to the Windcress.

BATOR:They are responding.

ALAN:On screen.

MARCETTE:Captain!What is it?Weíre nearly destroyed.

ALAN:Can you use the prefix codes to disable the Ravage?

MARCETTE:It is possible, but, most of our systems are shot to hell.

ALAN:Can you transmitt them to us?

MARCETTE:I believe so, however, there were several Romulan Warbirds in the ware, Captain.

KENDALL:We have received the codes.

ALAN:Thank you, Admiral.Weíll be there in less than an hour.

MARCETTE:If we are lucky, weíll be there to greet you.

ALAN:You will be.Starlight out.



LORAK: What is the status of the Windcress?

ROMULAN:They are heavily damaged.

LORAK:Excellent.They have suffered long enough.Let us put them out of their misery.Lock on quantum torpedoes.

ROMULAN:Aye, sir.



BROOKS:Sir, they have locked on torpedoes.

MARCETTE:Do we have any shields?



BROOKS:Our aft torpedo launchers are still in tact.

MARCETTE:Arm all torpedoes and fire at their weapons array.

BROOKS:Aye sir.Target locked.




Windcress comes about, launching dozens of torpedoes.They all impact the shields of the Ravage.



ROMULAN:Shields are down to 74%




Ravage fires at Windcress, however, the Windcressí torpedoes intercepts a few of the Ravageís torpedoes.One still impacts the Windcress, blowing up its foreward section.



[Sick Bay]

TERON:How is she?

AMY:Not well.Iíve barely managed to stablize her.Sheíll be fine for now.But, do you feel?

TERON:The vision was three weeks ago.I feel fine.

AMY:Why didnít you say anything earlier?

TERON:I donít know.I was new here.I still am.Iím a bit uncomfortable with the others.

AMY:I see.Well, Iíd like to run a complete analysis on you to see what could be causing your increased abilities.

TERON:Go ahead.

AMY:I havenít told the Captain about this yet.The last couple of hours have been the most hectic hours Iíve ever been through.†† But, if these tests shed any light on our mystery...

TERON:You will tell him immediately.

AMY: Yes.Okay, Iím starting now.

[Teron nods.After a few moments, she cringes]

AMY:What is it?

TERON:I donít know!Somethingís happening!

[Amy cringes]

[Jumble of voices.Some begin to clear up:

VOICE1:Red alert!


VOICE2:Shields have failed.


VOICE3:Destroy them.


VOICE4:You will find no clarity there...


VOICE5:...was killed today when an unidentified ship attacked the....]


[AMY Grabs head].

TERON:Did you see that?

AMY:I donít know how, but yes... Wrighton to Christopher.

ALAN:Yes, doctor.

AMY:Alan, we may have a big problem on our hands.

ALAN:Whatís new.Is it about Kristin?

AMY:No.Itís about Teron.

ALAN:Teron? Is she okay.

AMY:Iím not sure. Perhaps you should get down here.

ALAN:On my way.

AMY:Have you any idea how I saw this?

TERON:The vision must have been so strong that I projected it into your mind, as well as my own.

AMY:If this vision is right, we have more than trouble on our hands.Was this like the last vision you had?


AMY:I donít remember any of those events ever happening.This may be a sign of things to come.

TERON:So many little time to interpret them.

ALAN:I came as fast as I could.What is it?

TERON:The doctor and I just shared a disturbing telepathic vision from what we believe to be the future.

ALAN: And?

AMY:Someone is about to die...




Act V




[Sick Bay]

ALAN:Die?Is this some kind of joke?

TERON:No.Iíve been getting strange ďvisionsĒ from the future recently.None of them have come true, but, all of them are disturbing.

ALAN:And Amy, how are you involved in this?

AMY:These visions are so strong, that Teron can projec them to others...well, thatís what we think...

ALAN:Okay.Assuming this is true...who is going to die?

TERON:The vision was too foggy.But, I do know that we must prepare for extreme violence.

AMY:It seemed unavoidable.And it was very real.

ALAN:I will only believe you two because one, Teron, your powers have been a marvel to everyone.Seeing the future is the only logical step.Second, Amy, Iíve known you longer than anyone.Youíre not the type to pull off a stunt like this unless you knew what you were getting into.Weíll stay on alert....but, people die all the time.

TERON:I understand that, but, this person seemed important...

AMY:Very important.

ALAN:Like the president?


ALAN:...Iíll be on the bridge if you need me.



ALAN:How much longer, Ensign?

ERIN:Twenty minutes.

MATTHEW:Are there any other ships in range?

KENDALL:No.Starfleet diverted most of the fleet elsewhere so this project would remain clandestine.

ALAN:Drop the cloak and punch us up to maximum warp.

MATTHEW:What about the Romulans?

ALAN:KENDALL, are you detecting any tetrion distortions?


ALAN:So if the Romulans are there, they have very few vessels.Engage, Ensign.

ERIN:Aye, sir.



Starlight uncloaks and increases its speed.



ALAN:How much longer now?

ERIN:About a minute.

ALAN:Good.Shields up, red alert.Arm all weapons.Mr. Johnson, prepare to send the package to the Ravage.

KENDALL:Aye, sir.



BROOKS:Sir, the Starlight is on sensors.




Starlight zooms past the damaged Windcress and fires at the small hole in the Ravageís shields.The shields collapse in that spot, allowing torpedoes through.The primary weapons array is destroyed.



ROMULAN:Sir, our primary weapons array has been destroyed.

LORAK:Engage secondary systems.

ROMULAN:Aye, sir.

LORAK:Fire at will.



KENDALL:The ďpackageĒ is ready to be sent.

ALAN:Send it.



Ravage is firing at Starlight when all firing stops.



ROMULAN:Sir, Iíve lost weaponís control.All systems are shutting down!


ROMULAN:Our shields are lowered.The forcefields holding the prisoners have been lowered as well.

LORAK:Arm youselves.

REDDING:Itís too late, Lorak.This ship is ours, once and for all.

LORAK:So be it.

[Lorak, and all his men beam away]

REDDING:Where did they go?

MAN:Unknown.There arenít any ships nearby. Cloaked or otherwise.

REDDING:They couldnít have transported to a site out of sensor range, could they?

MAN:I suppose itís possble, but, extremely unlikely.

REDDING:Are they on the ship somewhere?


REDDING:Then where did they go?


REDDING:Theyíll be back.

MAN2:I suppose this is also unlikely, but, the Romulans donít have the technology to beam someone that far.

REDDING:What are you getting at?

MAN2:This Ďdisappearing actí has been seen before.

REDDING:Oh really?

MAN2:Ninteen years ago, in 2370, when we had first contact with the Dominion...Our Vorta prisoner mysteriously beamed out of ops on station Deep Space Nine.Nobody knew where she went, but, it was clear she had gone somehwere.

REDDING:Are you suggesting the Romulans are involved with the Dominion?

MAN2:No, sir.Simply noting a peculiar similarity.

REDDING:Duly noted.Notify the others of this similarity.Let them analyze it.Weíll see what comes out of it.

MAN:Aye, sir.


CAPTAINíS LOG, STARDATE 73042.8:Although the Romulans have fled from the Hedron System, they have left us with more questions than answers.†† This whole situation has left more questions than answers.Are the Romulans involved with the Dominion?Am I about to be killed?Is death and destruction on the horizon?†† Only time will tell.


[Conference Lounge]

ALAN:We have a lot to go over this morning...first an most important, the Ravage.I have asked Admiral Marcette to join us to discuss what to do about our warship.

MARCETTE:We believe the Romulans have downloaded our database.They know everything there is to know about the Ravage.But, we can still use it as a tool fo--

ALAN:No.The Ravage project must stop.The Federation is an organization of peace, not war.We donít go around building warships, escpecially warships like that.I am kindly suggesting that you decomission the ship before it causes any more trouble.

MARCETTE:Others might not agree with you, Captain.

ALAN:Iím not others, am I?But I speak for my crew, and they agree with me.Decomission the Ravage.

MARCETTE:All in good time, Captain.All in good time.It will take time to cover this ---

ALAN:No.We wonít cover this up.As a matter of fact, you canít.I just had Commander Harrison trasmit our report on the Ravage to every major and minor government in the quadrant.They all know.

MARCETTE:What?This is...insubordination!

ALAN:You didnít give any orders to stop me!


ALAN:Next, the Romulans.Captain Redding, formerly CO of the Ravage, has revealed the Romulans may have a connection with the Dominion.


MATTHEW:Itís true.I checked station logs around stardate 47990.They showed a Vorta named Eris beaming aboard Deep Space Nine, and leaving a few hours later, to an undetermined destination.

BATOR:Unfortunately, this was the only time the Dominion has demonstrated this tactic.Therefore, it is a weak link, if any.

ALAN:But we canít rule it out.So far, we have no evidence which suggests the Romulans are allied with the Dominion. Weíll keep with that assumption until itís proven otherwise.Doctor?

AMY:As you all know, the Romulans shot Lieutenant Hawke.†† Her wounds are extreme, and the dermal regenerator is hardly healing the wounds.As of right now, sheís in a coma.Most of her neural network has gone into shock.Itís beyond my capabilities, so, Iíve sent a signal to Starbase 84ís trauma facilities.They believe they may be able to help her.

ALAN:That brings us to another point:Lieutenant Hawke may not be joining us for some time.Sheíll need a replacement.Therefore, effective immediately, Lieutenant Commander Kendall Johnson is herby promoted to Commander Johnsonl, and our senior operations officer.Congratulations, ďCommanderĒ.

KENDALL:Thank you.I am honored.

MATTHEW:Upon her return, Lieutenant Hawke will also be promoted, to Lieutenant Commander, and will take over for our Chief Science Officer, Commander Garrison, who, I regret, was killed during the attack.Services for the Commander will be held today and tomarrow in the mess hall.

ALAN:...and one more thing.While all this was going on, Miss Faladan reports that she has had a powerful vision about death and destruction, including the death of someone important.


AMY:She doesnít know.

ALAN:But, it may be me.Now, donít get your hopes up, youíll all be promoted eventually.Hopefully, not anytime soon.Keep in mind, it could be any one of you.At least we have a fighting chance against anything... Dismissed.



MATTHEW:This is going to be one crazy year.Itís only been two weeks, and already this much has happened?

ALAN:Ensign Hathaway, set a course for Starbase 84, warp 5.

ERIN:Course set.

ALAN:Indeed.And I have a strange feeling that today was just the beginning of a long, rocky road...


ďOnce Upon a Time...Ē

Written by Chris Adamek


Episode #29

Additional Cast









Precious MomentsĒ

Written by Chris Adamek


Episode #32

Additional Cast






CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73200.9:The Starlight is in the Azira Sector studying tachyon emissions emanating from a strange singularity that has recently formed in this sector.What caused the singularity is as of yet unknown, however, we donít suspect it to be anything serious.




KENDALL:I have completed recalibrating sensors to penetrate the rift.

MATTHEW:Good.Proceed with the scans.

KENDALL:Aye, sir.


[Amyís quarters]

[ I injected him with tricrodrazine and told him to get on his way.Suffice it to say, he wasnít happy, but, I told him to get over it.

ALAN:Busy day I take it?

AMY:To say the least.But this [view out the window] more than makes up for it.

ALAN:It is impressive.Iíve never seen anything more beautiful than this.Imagine, this singularity could lead to anytime, anywhere.Itís sheer beauty beckons us... I only wish we could go in.

AMY:One day...

ALAN:Iím sure we will.Look--

[The singularity flares]

AMY:Wow.It looks like its growing.

ALAN:Itís probably a subspace singularity undergoing an inversion of some sort.

[The singularity continues to flare]

AMY:Should it be getting this close?

ALAN:Weíre still safe.

AMY:If you say so.

[The singularity suddenly expands.The plasma pervades the windows and strikes Alan]




Act I



[Tachyon field is gone]

AMY:Are you okay?

ALAN:Didnít you see that?

AMY:See what?

ALAN:I must be off in la-la-land.Iíd better get to bed.

AMY:Itís still early.

ALAN:Well, Iím not feeling well.

AMY:Then Iíll take you to sick bay.

ALAN:Iím not that sick.I just need to rest.

AMY:Fine.Iíll see you tomorrow.


[He leaves, walks down the cooridor, nods at a few fellow officers, and enters his quarters.Once there, he quickly changes into his night clothes and goes to bed]



Starllight flies by.


[Conference lounge]

[Enter Alan, Logan]

ALAN:Good morning, Erick.


ALAN:Youíre awfully early.

LOGAN:I couldnít get to sleep last night.I was up five hours early.Belive me, I had nothing better to do.

ALAN:I see.Iím sure Kristin will be back soon.Starfleet medical says sheís making a fine recovery.

LOGAN:Iím glad to hear that.

ALAN:So am I.

[Enter Matthew]

MATTHEW:Good morning!

ALAN:Commander!Did you see Dr. Benton Haeringís latest report on his dig on Praelor V?

MATTHEW: It was the first thing I did this morning.Iíve been waiting for this since last week.

ALAN:Incredible, wasnít it?

MATTHEW:This new creature heís unearthed will certainly be one for this history books.Did you catch what he named it?

ALAN:I believe heís calling it Aries gigantus maximus.

MATTHEW:The king of combat and war.

ALAN:Exactly.This thing was obviously designed to fight.And it was huge.

[Enter Erin and Kendall]

ERIN:Dr. Benton Haeringís report I take it?

ALAN:Howíd you guess?

KENDALL:Over the past several weekís Iíve noted that without fail, every other Tuesday when we arrive for the daily breifing, both you and the Commander are enagaged in conversation in regaurds to paleontological studies.

ERIN:Using our highly advanced methods, we were finally able to determing what the hell you two were talking about.

KENDALL:And another point of interest I might also bring up, every other Tuesday, without fail, Dr. Wrighton is last to arrive.

[Enter Bator]

ALAN:You two need to get a hobby.

ERIN:Yes, sir.

[Enter Amy]

ALAN:Well, now that weíre all finally here, I suggest we get started.First on the agenda today, itís our favorite time of year, crew evaluation.Each of you are to evaluate each and every member of your staff, and send in the results to me.Now, because we donít have a chief science officer at the moment, Commander Harrison will evaluate the science department.

MATTHEW:Iím not a science officer.

ALAN:Youíre good enough, and Doctor, this year, I would appreciate it if you would actually evaluate your staff.Moving right along, our new orders have arrived.†† The Elorg attacked a small transport ship near the Boralis Sector.Since that time, theyíve pulled out of that sector, so itís safe to go pick up the survivors.After that, weíll proceed to Starbase 84 to drop them off, and retreive Lieutenant Hawke.In other news [reads from PADD], the Federation is pleased to announce that the Arunís request to join the Federation has been granted.Membership is expected to occur within the next five years. Letís, the Klingon Ambassador JíGroth was assassinated by his political rival Seítlak last night.....and the USS Contenental was destroyed in the Zhargosia Sector last night by what is believed to have been a malfunction in the shipís power grid.Unfortunately, no one survived.If there is anything else?




CAPTAINíS LOG: STARDATE 73204.1:We are heading for the Boralis Sector on a fairly simply rescue mission, before heading out to Starbase 84 to pick up Lieutenant Hawke.



KENDALL:Weíve got the ship on sensors.Itís heavily damaged.Life support is minimal, at best.

MATTHEW:Life signs?

KENDALL:Nine humans, three Bajorans, two Vulcans, and one Betazoid.All of them are unstable.

ALAN:Take us to within transporter range, Ensign.

ERIN:Aye, sir.


BATOR:We are within transporter range.

ALAN:Beam them directly to sick bay.

KENDALL:Aye, sir.

ALAN:Christopher to Sick bay.

AMY [comm]:Wrighton here.

ALAN:Doctor, we have about fifteen patients coming from the transport ship.Most of them are hurt.

AMY:Thanks, Iíll get prepared.Wrighton out.

BATOR:Sir, I am picking up a disturbance on sensors.

MATTHEW:What is it?

BATOR:One small Elorg scout ship.Minimal weapons.It does not pose a threat, however, they have opened ire.

ALAN:Return fire.



Starlight fires at Elorg ship.It blows up.



KENDALL:Transport complete.

BATOR:The Elorg vessel has been destroyed.

ALAN:Good.Set a course for Stabase 84, warp six.Engage.



Starlight jumps into warp.


[Amyís Quarters]

AMY:So, what do you feel like having tonight?

ALAN:I was thinking Bajoran.

AMY:Hasperat Soufflť?

ALAN:Soundís good.Could you have some kava juice on the side?

AMY:Fresh squeezed or concentrate?

ALAN:Itís all tasteís the same.

AMY:Okay, fine...concentrate.†† Rough day?

ALAN: Not really, why?

AMY:You seem grouchy...oh?! Whatís new?

ALAN:Ha ha.

AMY:It was actually a fairly quiet day in Sick Bay.None of those patients we received from the transport were that badly hurt.Most of them were a little oxygen deprived, but other than that, they were okay.

ALAN:Good.Well, we arrive at Starbase 84 tomarrow.Itíll be good to see Kristin again.

AMY:Weíve all missed her.Sheís missed so much.

ALAN:Iím sure youíll fill her in.Whether itís accurate or not.

AMY: Watch it...

[Dissolve to Alan all snug in his bed]



Starllight flies by.


[Conference lounge]

[Enter Alan, Logan]

ALAN:Early again, Erick?

LOGAN:Again, sir?

ALAN:Well, Iím sure youíll sleep better once Kristin gets back.

LOGAN:So am I.

[Enter Matthew]

MATTHEW:Good morning!

ALAN:Commander Harrison.

MATTHEW: Did you read Dr. Benton Haeringís latest report this morning?

ALAN:Another one?

MATTHEW:Yeah.†† Iíve been talking about it for weeks.Certainly you didnít forget.

ALAN:I know I wouldnít forget something like this.Another one?So soon?Iíll have to keep a closer eye on the new channels.

MATTHEW:I still have it saved.Iíll show it to you later.

ALAN:Please do.

[Enter Erin and Kendall]

ERIN:What?No Dr. Haering?

MATTHEW:He forgot to read it.

KENDALL:This is highly unusual.Over the past several weekís Iíve noted that without fail, every other Tuesday when we arri--

ALAN:Tuesday?I thought today was Wednesday?

ERIN:Not as far as I know.

[Enter Bator]

ALAN:Something isnít right.

[Enter Amy]

ALAN:Well, I suggest we get started.First on the agenda today [glances at PADD], itís...sorry, I have yesterdayís agenda.Just a second............................. I seem to have lost todayís agenda.


ALAN:No.Just continue with crew evaluations, and keep our course for Starbasea 84.

MATTHEW:What?Sir, weíre not heading for Starbase 84.

AMY:Crew evaluations?Alan, Iím sorry, but we havenít started those, either.

ALAN:What day of the week is this?

MATTHEW:Today isTuesday!

[Alan glances over todayís news.]

ALAN [mumbles aside]:Arunís join the Federation...Contenental destroyed....




Act II



[Conference Lounge]

MATTHEW:Sir?Are you okay?

ALAN:I must be having a severe case of deja vu.No, it canít be.


ALAN:Is this some kind of joke?

BATOR:No, sir.

AMY:Maybe you should go to sick bay?

ALAN:No... Iím fine.Set a course for the Boralis Sector, warp eight.

ERIN:Aye, sir.


CAPTAINíS LOG: STARDATE 73204.1:We are heading for the Boralis Sector on a fairly simply rescue mission, before heading out to Starbase 84 to pick up Lieutenant Hawke.



KENDALL:Weíve got the ship on sensors.Itís heavily damaged.Life support is minimal, at best.

MATTHEW:Life signs?

KENDALL:Eight humans, three Bajorans, two Vulcans, and one Betazoid.All of them are unstable.

ALAN:Take us to within transporter range, Ensign.

ERIN:Aye, sir.


BATOR:We are within transporter range.

ALAN:Beam them directly to sick bay.

KENDALL:Aye, sir.

ALAN:Christopher to Sick bay.

AMY [comm]:Wrighton here.

ALAN:Doctor, we have about fifteen patients coming from the transport ship.Most of them are hurt.

AMY:Thanks, Iíll get prepared.Wrighton out.

BATOR:Sir, I am picking up a disturbance on sensors.

MATTHEW:What is it?

BATOR:Two small Elorg scout ships.Minimal weapons.They do not pose a threat, however, they have opened ire.

ALAN:Return fire.



Starlight fires at Elorg ships.They blow up.



KENDALL:Transport complete.

BATOR:The Elorg vessels have been destroyed.

ALAN:Good.Set a course for Stabase 84, warp six.Engage.



Starlight jumps into warp.


[Amyís Quarters]

AMY:So, what do you feel like having tonight?

ALAN:I was thinking Bajoran.

AMY:Hasperat Soufflť?

ALAN:Soundís good.Could you have some kava juice on the side?

AMY:Fresh squeezed or concentrate?

ALAN:Itís all tasteís the same.

AMY:Okay, fine...concentrate.†† Rough day?

ALAN: Actually, yes.

AMY:I know.What happened this morning?

ALAN: I donít know.It was just...wierd.It was like Iíd already lived today once already.

AMY:It was actually a fairly quiet day in Sick Bay.None of those patients we received from the transport were that badly hurt.Most of them were a little oxygen deprived, but other than that, they were okay.

ALAN:Good.Well, we arrive at Starbase 84 tomarrow.Itíll be good to see Kristin again.

AMY:Weíve all missed her.Sheís missed so much.

ALAN:Iím sure youíll fill her in.Whether itís accurate or not.

AMY: Watch it...

[Dissolve to Alan all snug in his bed]



Starllight flies by.


[Conference lounge]

[Enter Alan]

ALAN:Letís see here...

[Enter Logan]

LOGAN:Good morning, Captian.

ALAN:Erick.Good to see you.

[Enter Matthew]

MATTHEW:Good morning!

ALAN:Commander Harrison.

MATTHEW: Did you read Dr. Benton Haeringís latest report this morning?

ALAN:Something is terribly wrong here...


ALAN:We need to start running sensor sweeps of this region of space.


ALAN:For the past few days, every morning has been this morning, but, apparently, Iím the only one who seems to notice.Yesterday, you all thought I was a fool.

MATTHEW: Did you say something yesterday?

ALAN:I just brushed it off as some sort of deja vu.

[Enter Erin and Kendall]

ERIN:What?No Dr. Haering?

KENDALL:This is highly unusual.Over the past several weekís Iíve noted that without fail, every other Tuesday when we arri--

MATTHEW:The Captain thinks we may be have some sort of temporal crisis on our hands.

KENDALL:Of what nature?


ALAN:No... For the past few ďmorningsĒ Iíve woke up, itís been Tuesday.We should start scanning for tachyon emissions.We were studying that tachyon field... ďyesterdayĒ.

KENDALL:Not that I know of.

[Enter Bator]

ALAN:What?I know for certain that we studied a tachyon field on Monday.I was struck by a plasma strand.Dr. Wrighton was there.

[Enter Amy]

AMY:I was where?

ALAN:With me in your quarters yesterday.

AMY:I was.

ALAN:And I was struck by a plasma strand, was I not?

AMY:You blanked out for a moment, and then left for your quarters feeling ill.

ALAN:No plasma strand?

AMY:I donít know what youíre talking about....







CAPTAINíS LOG: STARDATE 73204.1:We are heading for the Boralis Sector on a fairly simply rescue mission, before heading out to Starbase 84 to pick up Lieutenant Hawke.



KENDALL:Weíve got the ship on sensors.Itís heavily damaged.Life support is minimal, at best.

MATTHEW:Life signs?

KENDALL:Seven humans, three Bajorans, two Vulcans, and one Betazoid.All of them are unstable.

ALAN:Take us to within transporter range, Ensign.

ERIN:Aye, sir.


BATOR:We are within transporter range.

ALAN:Beam them directly to sick bay.

KENDALL:Aye, sir.

ALAN:Christopher to Sick bay.

AMY [comm]:Wrighton here.

ALAN:Doctor, we have about fifteen patients coming from the transport ship.Most of them are hurt.

AMY:Thanks, Iíll get prepared.Wrighton out.

BATOR:Sir, I am picking up a disturbance on sensors.

MATTHEW:What is it?

BATOR:One light Elorg cruiser.Moderate weaponry;†† they do not pose a threat.†† Nevertheless, they have opened fire.

ALAN:Return fire.



Starlight fires at Elorg ship.It is crippled.Starlight fires again.It blows up.



KENDALL:Transport complete.

BATOR:The Elorg vessel has been destroyed.

ALAN:Good.Set a course for Stabase 84, warp six.Engage.



Starlight jumps into warp.




ALAN:This is different from my previous Tuesdays.


ALAN:Last time, there were two small vessels...and eight humans.

MATTHEW:Is that it?

ALAN:No, the time before that, there were nine humans, and only one small Elorg ship.

ERIN:It sounds like the Elorg are getting stronger, while the crew of the transport ship is getting smaller.

ALAN:An estute observation, Ensign.

ERIN:Thank you, sir.

[A strange alien walks across the bridge]

MATTHEW:What is it?

ALAN:Didnít you see him?An alien just walked across the bridge...

MATTHEW:I saw nothing.

ALAN:Mr. Bator, run a sensor sweep of the bridge.

BATOR:Aye, sir...[bleeps]Sensors indicate trace amounts of tachyon residue.


BATOR:In the area you suggested the alien walked.

ALAN:So somehting was there?


MATTHEW: Where did it go?


ALAN:Could this be causing my time infractions?

KENDALL:It is possible.Under normal circumstances, I would confer with our science officer, however, she appears to be absent.

ALAN:ďConferĒ with one of her staff.

KENDALL:That would be ideal, however, because none of them are as versed in temporal mechanics as myself, it would be erroneous, would it not?

ALAN:Indeed.†† In the mean time, I want to get us to Starbase 84 as quickly as possible.Ensign, set a course, maximum warp.

ERIN:Aye, sir.



Starlight jumps into warp.


Starlight passes by.


CAPTAINíS LOG; SUPPLEMENTAL:As the day draws to a close, I am left wondering wheter or not I will relive this day once again.Today was different.At least I can say that, but, I must admit, this routine is getting dry.


[Amyís Quarters]

AMY:So, what do you feel like having tonight?

ALAN:I have a strange feeling I went Bajoran the past few Tuesdays.Make whatever you feel like having.

AMY:If you say so.You might regret it in the morning.

ALAN:Make whatever youíd like.I probably wonít be here to regret it in the morning.

AMY:Thatís right...Iíd almostforgotten.

ALAN:You you hadnít.

AMY:Okay, maybe not, but

[Door chimes]

AMY:Come in.

TERON:Amy, I need to see you right away...[sees Alan]Sorry.

AMY:Itís all right.We werenít doing anything anyway.So, what can I do for you?

TERON:I just had another ďvisonĒ

AMY:Another one?What was it about?The same things?

TERON:No.It was totally different. As if it were projected into my mind to make me think it was a vision.


ALAN:Teron, what was it about?

TERON:It was just one word:Azira, followed images of you being shot by some sort of energy disruption.

ALAN:Azira.That was the sector we were studying before all this started.But nobody seems to remember it.

AMY:Anything else?

TERON:One more thing. I have been detecting some sort of presence on the ship.But it is erradic, and less than stable.

ALAN:Yes.We saw it on the bridge.A humanoid of some sort.

AMY:Like him?

[pointing to shadowy figure nearby]

ALAN:Exactly like him.





Act IV




[Shadowy figure moves towards Teron and inhabits her]

TERON:Remain calm.We mean you no harm.We may speak one-on-one without the necessity of body invasion if you shoot this body with a phaser set to the frequency 0.04 terahertz.


TERON:We are not of your dimension.We have trouble communicating otherwise.Shooting this body will temporarily phase us into your world.The body will be undamgaged.

ALAN:....Why should I trust you?

TERON:You shouldnít.

ALAN:Then why should I do it?

TERON:Because you wish to know.Shoot this body.

[Alan grabs a phaser and shoots Teron.She collapses, and an alien emerges].

ORDIKAN:Ah...well, this is much better.My name is Ordikan.

ALAN:Is she all right?

ORDIKAN:No, she is dead, but, you will live a few more Tuesdays before this is over.She will be alive in no time.

ALAN:Youíre controlling my time shifting?

ORDIKAN:Yes.Well...weíre working on making a chronosphere in subspace.Our original failed last week during its trial run.Unfortunately for you, your starship was in the way, and was, well.Caugt in the blast.

AMY:Which explains our little adventure with Lancelot.


ALAN:But, it doesnít explain this.

ORDIKAN:You see, your ship then moved to study tachyons formed by the rift our chronosphere blew into subspace. Your ship acted like a tachyon magnet and chronometric particles lashed out at your vessel, and just happened to strike you.

AMY:And why donít I remember this?

ORDIKAN:Because the Captain has also been thrown back in time a week.That tachyon burst hasnít happened yet.

ALAN:What about our orders?Theyíre the same!

ORDIKAN:Oh the messy web we weave.†† We accidentally vaporized one of your starships when the chronosphere exploded.The Sutherland I belive it was.This ship has been erased from time, so, you get its orders.Remember, Captain, last week at this time, the Sutherland existed, and had these orders.It was diverted to a major emergency on Taelos VII, and you got them.But, since we vaporized it, itís been erased from time, so, you get its orders early.

ALAN:That explains the differences in the attack.So, how can we stop this mess?

ORDIKAN:You must go to the Azira Sector and wait.Thatís all I can tell you.

ALAN:How am I supposed to get my crew to go along with this?They already think Iím nuts!

ORDIKAN:Here [Hands Amy a small device].This will cause your Doctor to stay behind as well.We will also give one of these to Teron.

AMY:Are you sure she will be all right?

ORDIKAN:Yes.But it is imperitive that you arrive in the Azira Sector, and soon.

ALAN:It would be helpful if I knew when the time change occurs, that way I can get to the bridge as soon as I can.Even at maximum warp, the Azira sector is nearly a day away.

ORDIKAN:The shift occurs at exactly midnight, by your clock.

ALAN:Noted.So, Iíll see you at the Azira Sector?

ORDIKAN:I do not know.But we shall know soon.Good luck.Youíll need it.

ALAN:Thank you.



Starlight passes by.


[Alanís quarters]

COMPUTER:The time is zero hours.

[Alan, still in his uniform, gets out of a chair nearby and presses his comm badge.]

ALAN:Christopher to Wrighton.


ALAN:Letís do it.Iíll see you on the bridge.Get Teron and meet me there.





ALAN:Good morning, Ensign.

OFFICER:You are off duty now, arenít you?

ALAN:No.As of this moment, I am releiving you all from duty.


ALAN:There is something extremely important I must do, and you people do not need to know about it.

[Enter Amy and Teron]

OFFICER2:Security to the b--

[Amy shoots OFFICER2]


ALAN:Beam the rest of them to the brig.Disable their comm badges.


[The rest of the bridge officers beam away]

ALAN:†† Miss Faladan, are you familuar with starship functions?

TERON:I know the basics.

ALAN:Good.Set a course for the Azira Sector, maximum warp.

TERON:Yes, sir.



Starlight jumps into warp.


[Batorís quarters]

[Computer screen is flashing:ďUNAUTHORIZED TRANSPORT COMPLETEĒ.]

BATOR: Bator to Harrison...we have a problem.



ALAN:Iím locking out all bridge functions that arenít sent from the bridge.That way they canít commandeer the ship from engineering.

TERON:Wise move.

AMY:You know, if this doesnít work, our careers are as good as over.

ALAN:You wonít have to worry about that.Weíll just relive this day over and over.



[Batorís Quarters]

[Enter Matthew, Erin, Logan, Kendall, Bator]

LOGAN:They comandeered the ship?

BATOR:Yes.I was reviewing the transporter logs when someone initiated an unauthorized transport.The entire bridge crew was transported to the brig.

MATTHEW:Why were you reviewing the transporter logs?


ERIN:There was nothing more exciting to read?

BATOR:Sorry.I already read Vulcan Love Slave.

MATTHEW:So, why did they do it?

BATOR:Unknown.But since then, our couse has changed, and weíve increased to a high warp.All bridge functions have been locked down, and forcefields have been erected around the bridge, armories, sick bay, the cargo bays, transporter rooms, and Jeffries tubes leading to the bridge.

LOGAN:Theyíve barricaded themselves in.


LOGAN:But there are no forcefields around engineering?

BATOR:Not that I can tell.

LOGAN:Then letís get to engineering.We can use the equimpment there to take down the forcefields.

MATTHEW:And then what?According to sensor logs, the Captain is armed to the teeth.

KENDALL:Then weíll have to disarm him.A photonic pulse could neutralize their charge.





Act V




KENDALL:Youíll need to reprogram the lights to emitt a photonic pulse.

MATTHEW:How long?

LOGAN:Five minutes.

MATTHEW:Get moving.

BATOR:Once their phasers are disabled, we could tell the computer a warp core overload is inprogress.It would divert all power to protecting the warp core, including that of forcefields in irrelevant places, such as in the Jeffries tubes and in the turbolift shafts.


ERIN:Then we make our move into the bridge.

MATTHEW:Itís only five on three.We can do this.



ALAN:How much longer?

TERON:Too long.

ALAN:We need to get to the Azira Sector today.What speed are we moving?

TERON:Warp 9.9.

ALAN:Take us to warp 9.980.

TERON:Sir, thatís beyond maximum warp for this ship.

ALAN:We need to get there.Every extra second counts.

AMY:This had better work...

[The lights flicker photonic pulses]

AMY:†† What the hell was that?

ALAN:I donít know.But, it whatever it was, it was probably Commander Harrison.I wish I could have brought him in on this.

AMY:There was no time.

ALAN:Youíre wrong.We have all the time in the world.



KENDALL:The pulse was successful...we think.Mr. Bator, you can get to work on dis-

BATOR:Done.Iíve also managed to disable the armoryís forcefield.We can have weapons now.

MATTHEW:Good.Letís move.



ALAN:The forcefields are down!Lock in our course with an encrypted password.

TERON:I donít know how to do that!


AMY:Iím on it.

ALAN:I suggest you make haste;sensors are show theyíre converging on our position.

TERON:How long?

ALAN:Theyíll be here in less than a minute.


ALAN:Arm yourselves.



[The group walk down the cooridor, armed with phaser rifles.They reach an intersection.]

MATTHEW:Logan:you, Erin, and Kendall go left.Bator and I will will head right.

LOGAN:Yes, sir.

[They split up, walk down the cooridors, and enter the turbolifts.]



AMY:Here they come...

[Alan picks up his phaser and points it at the turbolift doors.Teron and Amy do the same.The doors open, revealing the others, also armed.]

MATTHEW:What is going on here, Captain?

ALAN:Nothing.You wouldnít understand.

MATTHEW:Sure I wouldnít.Erin, take us out of warp, and resume our original course.

ERIN:Aye, sir.

[Erin walks to the helm.It gives the fuzzy bleep]

ERIN:Theyíve locked us out.Our course and speed have been encrypted with a password.Itíll take days to decipher it.

MATTHEW:We donít have days.Give me the password [He reaches for his trigger].


[He shoots Matthew, but, nothing happens. Both Amy and Teron fire, with the same results.]

MATTHEW:Take them out of here.Hold them in the brig.

BATOR:Sir, a chronoton rift is opening, directly ahead.

KENDALL:Weíre going in.



The Starlight enters the rift.

The Starlight emerges from the rift.


MATTHEW:What is our position?

ERIN:Weíre in the Azira Sector.About seventeen hours away from our previous position.

KENDALL:Weíre presumably seventeen hours into the future.

ALAN:What time is it?

COMPUTER:The time is 11:47 hours, 16 seconds.

ALAN:Amy, unlock the helm.

AMY:Yes, sir.

BATOR:A large vessel is on sensors.Similar to the one we encountered last week.

MATTHEW:Red alert.

BATOR:They are hailing us.

MATTHEW:On screen.

ORDIKAN:Captain Christopher, we were able to repair the chronosphere, so we brought you here.

ALAN:It couldnít have happened a moment too soon.

MATTHEW:Whatís going on?

ORDIKAN:Youíre captain has been in a temporal dilemma the past few days.He was shot by a tachyon emission from the hole the chronosphere blew into space.

MATTHEW:What about the Doctor and Teron?

ORDIKAN:They were there when we told him what was going on.I am truly sorry we coulnít have told all of you, but, there was no time.The hole is mending itself, as a matter of fact, it will be gone within the next few minutes.

ALAN:Can you get me back into normal time?


ALAN:What must I do?

ORDIKAN: When the rift closes, it will reclaim the tachyons it emitted when it initially exploded, and restore time. It is an extremely violent process. You, Dr. Wrighton and Teron must go into a shuttlecraft and wait.

ALAN:Why them?They werenít shot?

ORDIKAN:But, they have been collecting tachyons.Just to be safe.We donít quite understand the rift ourselves, so...

ALAN: I understand.

ORDIKAN:Iíll see time, Captain.

[Channel closes]

ALAN:Mr. Bator, prepare a shuttle.

[Bator looks at Matthew]




Shuttle leaves the Starlight.

Streaks of white light flow into the rift, followed by hues of blue and red.The shuttle begins to glow with color.



[Tachyons flow from the crew into the rift]



Tachyons flow faster and faster.The shuttle disappears.The tachyons move faster, faster.The rift closes, and space is restored.

Starlight flies by.


CAPTAINíS LOG: STARDATE 73204.1:We are heading for the Boralis Sector on a fairly simply rescue mission, before heading out to Starbase 84 to pick up Lieutenant Hawke.


[Holodeck:Forest Simulation]

[Enter Alan, Amy, Teron]

ALAN:Besides ourselves, nobody has retained any of the memories from yesteday.

[Enter Kendall, Erin]

AMY:So, the magnificent trio never took over the bridge?

ALAN:I suppose not.

KENDALL:Magnificnent trio taking over the bridge?

TERON:It is a very long story.

AMY:Sheís not kidding.

Executive Producer

Chris Adamek


Written by Chris Adamek


Episode #34

Additional Cast

Ulira†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Batorís Father

Aeria††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Batorís Mother

Young Bator†††††††††††††††††† --

Arden††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Nurse

Siren†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jester

Gestar††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Phobian Captain

Admiral Marcette†††††††††† Captain of Windcress

Edward Garrison††††††††††† Ghost

Lieutenant Brooks††††††††† Windcress Helmsman

Marian Garrison Edwardís Widow






[Alien vessel]

[Itís hazy and dark.Emergency lights are flashing.Two adult Phobians are attempting to put a baby into some sort of pod.]

AERIA:Stay where you are.Donít move.

ULIRA:Everything will be okay.

[Ship shakes lightly]

AERIA:No, sweeting, stay put.


[The adults close the hatch.From the inside, we see the adults holding each other as they initiate the launch cycle from outside.†† The pod beeps, and jerks suddenly as it is launched out into space.†† As it moves, the vessel it came from appears to be under heavy attack.Soon thereafter, it blows up.The pod goes to warp.]


[Batorís Quarters]

[Bator bolts upright in bed.]




Act I




Starlight pulls up to Starbase.


[Starbase Arrival Place]


ALAN:So this is Starbae 84.

MATTHEW:Impressive.Iím enjoying the modern Gothic design of the place.Rustic, yet futuristic.

ALAN:I agree totally, and note the--

AMY:Enough with the critique of the decor.I believe Mr. Logan here wants to see Kristin?

LOGAN:This is why I came.

[Enter HAWKE in background]

ALAN:Then letís move.

HAWKE:If you did that, youíd never find me, because Iíd still be here.

ALAN:Lieutenant Commander!Good to see you!

HAWKE:Lieutenant Commander?

MATTHEW:Youíve been promoted to Chief Science Officer.Commander Garrison was killed.

HAWKE:Thatís awful.


HAWKE:No, my promotion.


HAWKE:I enjoyed being at OPS.

MATTHEW:You can still serve there.

HAWKE:So Iím head of two departments?

ALAN:No, Commander Johnson will serve as our Cheif of Operations.†† He has for the past few weeks.

HAWKE:You leave for a few weeks and everything changes.†† Here, Doctor, my complete status report.


ALAN:I think weíll leave you two alone.

LOGAN:Thank you, sir.

[Exit AMY and ALAN]



LOGAN:So, do you want to go somehwere?


LOGAN:I meant here on the Starbase, but, I suppose we could go back to the Starlight.

HAWKE:Could we?




[No senior officers except KENDALL are present]

[Enter ERIN]


KENDALL:What is it, Ensign?

ERIN:Iím looking for Bator.

KENDALL:I thought he was in the security office.

ERIN:Nope.You mean he never showed up for his duty shift?


ERIN:That is extremely strange.

KENDALL:Computer, locate Lieutenant Bator.

COMPUTER:Lieutenant Bator is in his quarters.


KENDALL:Letís go.Cruz, the bridge is your.

CRUZ:Aye, sir.


[Cooridor:Outside Batorís Quarters]

[KENDALL rings the chime.No response.]

ERIN:Stranger yet...

KENDALL:Should I override the lock?

ERIN:Itís up to you.

KENDALL:Well, he is extremely tardy for his duty shift, and not responding to us otherwise.I donít see any other choice.Computer, open doors, authorization Johnson 2-2-3 Omega.

[Doors open.Batorís quarters are dark.]

ERIN:Computer, lights.

[Lights turn on. They move over to his bed.Heís not there.]

KENDALL:Where is he?

[They check the floor.]

ERIN:Computer, confirm Mr. Bator is in his quarters.

COMPUTER:Confirmed.Lieutenant Bator is in his quarters.

ERIN:Check the bathroom.


ERIN:Youíre the senior officer.

[KENDALL taps controls outside batroom doors.He peers in and sees nothing.]

KENDALL:Not in here.

ERIN:Wait a minute, look at this.


ERIN:The sheets on the bed look like thereís something in them, but, itís invisible.Maybe Bator is invisible when he sleeps.

KENDALL:Ensign, that is ridiculous-- [KENDALL pushes the covers.Bator uncloaks] --ly true!?!?!


KENDALL:Heís burning up!

ERIN:Hathaway to Sick Bay.

ARDEN:Arden here, go ahead.

ERIN:We need a med team to Batorís quarters at once!

ARDEN:On our way!

ERIN:Donít worry.Everything will be okay.

AERIA:Stay where you are.Donít move.

ULIRA:Everything will be okay.

[Ship shakes lightly]

KENDALL:Help is on the way.

AERIA:No, sweeting, stay put.


[The adults close the hatch.]

BATOR:Noooooooooo!Donít!Stop it!

KENDALL:Stay calm.

BATOR:Canít be here!Why are you here?

ERIN:Whatís wrong?

KENDALL:Iím no doctor!

[The pod ejects, and Batorís ship blows up.]

[The medics arrive in Batorís quarters.]

ARDEN:Whatís wrong?

KENDALL:Heís burning up.He seems dillusional.

ARDEN [to other nurses]:Get him on the stretcher!

[The pod jumps into warp.It goes.It goes.It goes]




Act II



YOUNG BATOR:Where are we going?

ULIRA:To the stars.


ULIRA:To wonder.To ponder.To find out why.

AERIA:Weíll travel in the city ship.

YOUNG BATOR:Whatís a city ship?

AERIA:A huge stargazer, where thousands of people live.They roam the stars, asking questions, trading, investigating mysteries.Weíre going with them.

ULIRA:Weíll see all sorts of things.Things beyond your imagination.

YOUNG BATOR:Will we see a wug?

AERIA:You never know...


[In a shuttle, ULIRA, AERIA, and YOUNG BATOR sit, the huge ship seen earlier looms in the horizon, growing larger by the moment]


[The shuttle is docking with the city ship]


[The three of them emerge into the central part of the city.Flowers dawn the crowded sidewalk.Phobians are everywhere.

SIREN:Red, yellow, orange and blue...none of which look like you!†† What are you called?

YOUNG BATOR:I am called Bator.

SIREN:Well met, Bator.I am called Siren.

YOUNG BATOR:Well met, Siren.What are you doing here?

SIREN:Living.Laughing.Making the day.Singing.Playing.What do you say?


ULIRA:Come, Bator.We must go.

SIREN:Good-bye!See you later!


[Exit Siren]

YOUNG BATOR:Where are we going?

AERIA:To our room.

YOUNG BATOR:What is our room like?

AERIA:We wonít know until we get there.

YOUNG BATOR:Then letís make haste.

[They playfully run through the cooridors]


[Sick Bay]


ARDEN:Heís running an incredibly high fever.†† His blood pressure has increased dramatically, but is stable, and is cerebral cortex is extremely active.

KENDALL:Whatís wrong with him?

ARDEN:I donít know.Since heís the only one of his kind, there are no experts on his race.For all I know, this is some sort of naturally occuring phenomenon.

KENDALL:I wouldnít doubt it.You might want to note this in the medical logs:heís invisible when he sleeps.

ARDEN:What?Youíre joking?

ERIN:Heís not.

ARDEN:This is indeed a strange people.


[Hawkeís Quarters]

HAWKE:Everything is as I left it.

LOGAN: It should be.Nobodyís been in here.

HAWKE:Not even you?

LOGAN:Not even me.So, how does it feel to be back?


LOGAN:Then why all the fuss about the promotion?

HAWKE:I donít know.I guess I just donít like the idea of being trapped in the science lab all day.

LOGAN:Did you ever see Garrison in the science lab?


LOGAN:My point exactly.

HAWKE:But my ops routine?†† No one delives mumbo jumbo like me!

LOGAN:Kendall is doing just fine.

HAWKE:Oh, youíre right.I suppose I could get used to it.Itís just, Iím not used to change.And Iím really not used to change when it happens right under my nose.

LOGAN:Look at the bright side, you get your own office.

HAWKE: Ooo.Letís go look.

[And they go..]


[Starbase cafť]

HARRISON : ...and the lighting is so perfect for this...

[AMY collapses with boredom]


[Sick Bay]

ARDEN:Iíve managed to stabilize him, however, his cerebral cortex activity is still nearly 300% above standard.

KENDALL:Good.Iíll be on the bridge.

[Exit ERIN and KENDALL.Enter TERON.]

TERON:Is Dr. Wrighton here?

ARDEN:No.Sheís spending the day on the Starbase.Can I help you?

TERON:No, thatís okay.Whatís wrong with him?

ARDEN:Iím not sure.

TERON:Iím sensing extreme stress levels.

ARDEN:His cerebral cortex is processing a ton of data.

TERON:I can tell.This illness he is suffering from may have released his memory block...heís being bombarded by so many new memories, and connot stay conscious long enough to process them.

ARDEN: So heís living them unconsciously.Why didnít I see this?

TERON:I am trained in these sort of things.You are not.What, youíre a ...

ARDEN:Cardiologist.Far from a brain surgeon.

TERON:Not really.

ARDEN:So, how long until he wakes up?

TERON:Until he relives the memories which are causing all his stress...



[YOUNG BATOR is hidden beneath a desk.His parents are talking seriously to another.]

GESTAR:The situation has grown worse.Our colonies near Barissa Prime have fallen.Our only hope is to take the weapon ship to their primary base on Tantari VII and launch an all out assault.

ULIRA:It would be devistating, possibly to both sides.

GESTAR:Itís our last hope.Either way, this war wonít be going on for much longer.

AERIA:Why not?

GESTAR:The attacks on Sirvos Minor left the seventh array in shambles.Weíve been forced to fall back to beyond Givaraon Prime.If they continue pushing their assaults from that direction, homeworld will be destroyed within days.

ULIRA:Where are our reinforcements?

GESTAR:The sixteenth fleet was obliterated two days ago.The seventeenth is falling even as we speak.

AERIA:Do we know where theyíre coming from yet?

GESTAR:Weíve been able to pinpoint their primary singularity to an area of space in the Beta Quadrant.A cluster of stars in a hexacubical pattern spread out over eight light years.None of them are inhabited at this time.

AERIA:Can we strike there?

GESTAR: Weíd like to, but, thereís no hope.With the destruction of the ninth through seventeenth fleet, we wonít have enough ships to get that far.

AERIA:What about the eighteenth through thirtieth fleet?Are they not destroyed?

ULIRA:They are protecting homeworld.If they fall, we fall.We cannot risk sending them elsewhere.

[The ship shakes]


AERIA:Where is Bator?

YOUNG BATOR:Here, mother!

GESTAR:Get him to a life pod.

ULIRA:Letís go.



[Itís hazy and dark.Emergency lights are flashing.Two adult Phobians are attempting to put a baby into some sort of pod.]

AERIA:Stay where you are.Donít move.

ULIRA:Everything will be okay.

[Ship shakes lightly]

AERIA:No, sweeting, stay put.


[The adults close the hatch.From the inside, we see the adults holding each other as they initiate the launch cycle from outside.†† The pod beeps, and jerks suddenly as it is launched out into space.†† As it moves, the vessel it came from appears to be under heavy attack.Soon thereafter, it blows up.The pod goes to warp.]








CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73298.4:The Starlight will remain at Starbase 84 for at least three more days, so, Iíve granted shore leave to all who are interested.


[Starbase Cafť]

[ALAN, HARRISON, and now AMY are engaged in a conversation, when MARCETTE enters.]

MARCETTE:Captain Christopher!

ALAN:Admiral!I didnít know you would be here.

MARCETTE:Neither did I, but, our primary sensor net just went down a couple of days ago.A trip to Careyos Prime would be pointless without sensors.

ALAN:Careyos Prime?Thatís beyond explored space.

MARCETTE:I know.Four weeks away a maximum warp.Weíre setting up a new deep space outpost on the surface.

ALAN:Good luck.

MARCETTE:Weíll need it.


[Science Lab]

HAWKE:Somehow it seems different now that its mine.

LOGAN:Of course it does.Youíre writing to book on the science lab now.

[Hawke begins scrolling through the computer.]

HAWKE:All of Garrisonís personal logs are still here:


SCIENCE LOG; STARDATE 68664.1:I donít know what to say.My first log as Chief Science officer.Iíve dreamed about this for years, and now that itís finally happening, I donít know what to say.Boy do I feel stupid.

Well, our first mission is to catalog the entire entomological database for the planet Deyos Prime.That should take two weeks at least.Iím looking foreward to the challenges ahead.


LOGAN:STARDATE 70771.4:I know this has nothing to do with science, but, Iím asking Marian to marry me.Iím just so excited I had to tell someone.Maybe I should tell her?


HAWKE:We should send these to his family.


HAWKE:STARDATE 71335.9:Weíve completed updating the sensor grid.It might sound silly, but Iím going to miss the old system...we had something... which is what I wish I had with Marian.

LOGAN:Humph.They seemed so happy together.

HAWKE:Look at this.!.!....!! STARDATE 72995.4:This is it.Iím ending it.Marian has crossed the line.Nevertheless, I still love her.I think writing this letter may explain things.I know sheíll never read it, but, it will put my heart at ease:

††††††††††† Dearest Marian,

††††††††††† When I[fading to Garrisonís voice] first met you, I knew you were the one.That pretty lady sitting in the corner of the replimat.We shared a Double Kiwi Hasperat mixed with Kava Root and Endaran Flame Spices on the peer later that day.It was then I knew for sure.The next day I asked you to marry me.

††††††††††† But, somewhere down the line, things got foggy.You werenít you anymore.It felt like I hardly knew you.Since then, youíve turned into a bitter old hag.Nonetheless, I still love you.The way your pure blue eyes penetrate mine in those rare tantrum-free moments, the way your heart beats with mine at night.

††††††††††† These are the things I think of when I think of you.They are what I will think of when I am gone, and what I would like you to think of in the days to come.

††††††††††† I leave you with this one, last though.May it be true:

††††††††††† ďDonít be a great man, just be a man, and let history make itís own judgementsĒ

††††††††††††††††††††††† --Zephram Cochrane

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 5, 2073.


††††††††††† Say good-bye to the others for me.†† I love you.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Edward.


[HAWKE and LOGAN stand in front of the panel, amazed.HAWKE sheds a brief tear before falling into LOGANís arms.They hug passionately.]

HAWKE:Tell me you love me.

LOGAN:I do.With all my heart.


[Sick Bay]

[Alarm blares.Panels above Batorís head go crazy.]

ARDEN:Whatís happening?

NURSE2:Heís going into shock!

ARDEN:Get Doctor Wrighton!

NURSE2:Yes, Doctor!


[The pod is in a tractor beam, shaking violently, it is pulled in toward an unidentifiable ship.Still from Batorís perspective, he is beamed out of the pod.


Now we see ceiling.It is dark.A bright light is shining over head.Footsteps are heard, but, no aliens are seen.We hear them starting up medical tools.They cut open a piece of his clothing and begin work.


Bator attempts to turn his head, but is briefly pulled back by the hand of one of the still unseen aliens.]


AMY:What is it?

ARDEN:Batorís condition has worsened!

AMY:I didnít know he had a condition to begin with!

ARDEN:We didnít think he had a condition to tell you about until now.

AMY:Well, you could have saved me from a lot of boredom.Whatís wrong?

ARDEN:His cerebral cortex is overloading, and his stress levels are off the scale.

AMY:Give him a sedative.

ARDEN:Heíll recover from it in minutes.

AMY:Thatís just enough time to brief me on the situation.Get to it.


[The pod closes and is ejected back into space.It re-enters warp.]


NURSE2:Doctor, heís regaining consciousness.

AMY:Bator!How are you feeling?

BATOR:Uhh....remove it....

AMY:Remove what?

BATOR:Remove it....

ARDEN:Weíre loosing him again.

AMY:Stop it.Fifty ccís anaprovaline.

ARDEN:Aye.[Injectís him]Itís no use.Heís gone....what was he talking about?

AMY:I donít know.He wanted us to remove something.But thereís nothing to remove.Wait half-an-hour and try to bring him out of it again.

ARDEN: Yes, Doctor.





Act IV




The Windcress pulls away from the Starbase.



MARCETTE:Set a course for Careyos Prime, warp nine.Engage.



Windcress goes to warp.


Starlight up close.


[Mess Hall]

LOGAN:There she is.Are you going to give it to her?

HAWKE:I donít know.Edwardís log said specifically that he did not want her to read it.

LOGAN:It didnít say that.

HAWKE:Well, thatís what I read.

LOGAN:You call that reading between the lines?

HAWKE:Erick, if you didnít realize this earlier, Commander Garrison didnít die on accident.He comitted suicide.

LOGAN:Yes, I realize that.But she doesnít.Not yet, anyway.You have to tell her.

HAWKE:†† Itís none of our business.Iím sure sheíll find out sooner or later.

LOGAN:Iíd choose sooner over later.Sheís transferring to Admiral Marcetteís outpost on Careyos Prime in four weeks.

HAWKE:Thatís plenty of time.

LOGAN:I know you.Youíll just stick the padd in her bags as she walks out the airlock.

[MARIAN gets up and starts walking their way.]

MARIAN:Oh, hi.How are you feeling, Kristin?Better?

HAWKE:Yes, much, thank you.

MARIAN:Glad to hear it.Congratulations on the promotion.Weíve finally got a real science officer on duty.

[Exit MARIAN].

HAWKE:You want me to give this to her?She had no feelings for her husband.

LOGAN:Maybe we could edit the message a little bit.Change the stardate, take out the suicidal parts.It might put her mind at ease.

HAWKE:She looked eased enough to me.

LOGAN:Look!She left her padd on the table.


LOGAN:Maybe she wants us to read it.

HAWKE:Iím sure sheís just forgotten it.Leave it alone.


[LOGAN goes and picks up the padd.]

LOGAN:Marian, I know we loved each other at one time, but, now, youíre a damn fool, a liar, and a mercurial, damned soul.How can I love you again?I want out.For good.The knowledge I posess cannot be spread any further.

HAWKE:My God...

LOGAN:It sounds like Marian Garrison is hiding something.

HAWKE:Sheís so sweet!What could she possibly be hiding that could cause her husband to comitt suicide?

LOGAN:I donít know.But believe me, Iím going to find out.I think itís time we brought the Captain in on this.



[Ready Room]

[ALAN is alone.The doorbell chimes.]

ALAN:Come in.


ALAN:Ah, Kristin, Erick.Enjoying your leave?

HAWKE:Not really.



[He plops the padd on Alanís desk.He quickly scans it and sighs.]

ALAN:That is strange.Do you know what else is strange?I donít recall seeing Marian at Edwardís funeral do you?


ALAN:Why would somebody not attend their own spouseís funeral.Even if they werenít on the best of terms.

LOGAN:This must be big.

ALAN: I want the two of you to poke around.Find out whatís going on.But most of all, keep this quiet.Donít bring anybody else in on this, not even Commander Harrison. The fewer people that know about this, the better...And whatever you do, do not show these to Marian.Report directly to me.

LOGAN, HAWKE:Yes, sir.

ALAN:We have no reason to suspect her of anything yet, but, this is strange.Be careful.

LOGAN:Donít worry, sir.

HAWKE:But sir, what if someone finds out.

ALAN:When Mr. Bator recovers, Iíll fill him in.He can use his unique abilities to spy on her if necessary.

HAWKE:How is he?


LOGAN:Whatís new?


[Sick Bay]

ARDEN:I think weíre ready to try again.

AMY:Do it.

[ARDEN injects BATOR with a hypospray.He gasps, but slowly comes around.]

AMY:Stay calm.

[BATOR nods afirmatively.]

AMY:How do you feel?


AMY:Do you have any idea whatís going on?

BATOR:My memories are returning.†† I can remember almost everything which lead to my arrival to the Alpha Quadrant, but nothing more. Itís like Iím living out a story.

AMY:Where are you in this ďstoryĒ.

BATOR:I believe itís nearing the end.

AMY:Have you been intercepted by Starfleet?

BATOR: Not yet.

AMY [sighs]:You were yelling ďremove itĒ earlier.Why?

BATOR:Ahh, yes.In my ďstoryĒ, I was being probed by the aliens who destroyed my people.I believe they inserted some sort of device in my body.


BATOR:In my abdominal region.

ARDEN:Our scans have shown nothing.

BATOR:I would enjoy it greatly if you would check.

AMY:No problem.Youíre about to slip out of consciousness again.Did you know you turn invisible when you sleep?

BATOR:I did not.

AMY:Neither did I.

[BATOR slips off.]

AMY:Why is he visible now?

ARDEN:Iím guessing since this sleep is not voulentary, that particular mechanism hasenít activated.

AMY:Interesting.Begin probing his abdominal region for any anomolous readings.


[Beginís probing.]



[Continues probing.Bleeps.]

ARDEN:Wait...Iíve got something.

AMY:What is it?

ARDEN:Nothing new. This [puts it on a screen] growth behind his right kidney.Itís been there in all previous scans, its function was labeled as unknown.But now, itís begun to secrete a large number of unknown antibodies which normal scans wonít pick up.

AMY:Itís clear that this is an organic implant of some sort, perhaps implanted by the aliens.

ARDEN:But why there?

AMY:I donít know.I wasnít the one operating, was I?

ARDEN:I would suppose not.Should we remove it?

AMY:It doesnít appear to be vital to his system, and, the antibodies it secretes is apparently triggering the memories which have prompted Batorís unconscious state.I say we do.We already have his conscent.

ARDEN:Iíll go get ready.






Act V




BROOKS:Sir, we have a small, unidentified vessel on long sensors.Heading 1-0-8 mark 9.

MARCETTE:Does it see us?

BROOKS:Probably.They arenít changing course.

MARCETTE:Then neither are we.Hail them.

BROOKS:No response.Theyíre course has changed.Theyíre out of sensor range.

MARCETTE:Where were they going?

BROOKS:I couldnít tell.



[Sick Bay]

ARDEN:Tell me again why weíre not just beaming it out???

AMY:This is an extremely delicate procedure.The size of this implant is so small that the transporter would have a hell of a time trying to lock on to it.

ARDEN:Of course.

AMY:Besides, youíre getting a first hand lesson on Phobian physiology.Youíll be an expert.

ARDEN:Now I can go practice on all the other Phobians, right?



[The pod is at warp, when it is once again intercepted by a tractor beam, this time, the ship is a Federation Starship, Promethius Class.The pod is tractored in, and Bator finds himself among humans.]

MAN1:Welcome aboard the Federation Starship Alexandria.Donít worry, youíre among friends.

MAN2:Get him to Sick Bay.Iíve never seen such an alien.

MAN3:Neither have I.It looks like weíve got a first contact situation here.


DOCTOR:Who are you?

YOUNG BATOR:I am called Bator.

DOCTOR:I am Dr. Hendrickson.Good to meet you.

YOUNG BATOR:I have never seen your kind before. But you look like the Krenim.Is that what you are?

DOCTOR:Weíre called humans.What are your kind called?

YOUNG BATOR:We are called Phobians.We are from the Delta Quadrant.

DOCTOR:What else can you tell me?How did you get here?

YOUNG BATOR:I canít remember anything else.

DOCTOR: Iím sure it will come back to you in time.




DOCTOR:He says heís a ďPhobianĒ from the Delta Quadrant, and that his name is Bator.Thatís all he remembers.

MAN1:What do your scans show?

DOCTOR:Heís in relatively good health.His pod has kept him in stasis for over sixty years, so, heís held up well.His race is extremely different from that of anything weíve ever seen.

MAN1:How old is he?

DOCTOR:Chronologically, heís about seventy years old.Physically, heís probably only ten to twelve.

MAN1:And he says heís from the Delta Quadrant?


MAN1:We wonít doubt him.If necessary, weíll raise him ourselves.

DOCTOR:Yes, sir.


[Bator is walking in the gates of Starfleet Academy]


[Bator is in a shuttle heading for the Starlight]


[Bator is leaving the shuttle, meeting Captain Gray, Harrison, and several of the others]


[Bator is in sick bay, looking at the ceiling.]

AMY:Mr. Bator?How are you feeling?

BATOR:Better.But, a small amount annoyed.Every time I wake up, someone is either hovering over my face, or asking me how I feel....

AMY:Iíll do my best to stop.

BATOR:Good.Am I cured?

AMY:As far as I can tell.

BATOR:Good.Then I shall return to duty.

AMY: Woah-ho-ho...not so fast...youíll be spending a few days off duty to recover.

BATOR:All Iíve done is sleep.

AMY:But your memories, some of them, at least, have returned.†† Ponder them.

BATOR:Yes, sir.



BROOKS:Sir...itís back.

MARCETTE:What is their status?

BROOKS:They are on an intercept course.Moving at warp 9.95...9.97...warp 10.

MARCETTE:How long until they reach us?

BROOKS:Theyíre here.


BROOKS:They are transmitting a text-only message.

MARCETTE:Whatís it say?

BROOKS:I canít translate it.

MAN:Theyíve locked their weapons on us.

MARCETTE:Raise shields.

BROOKS:They are probing us with a polaron beam.

MARCETTE:Fire a warning shot.




The Windcress fires a shot near the alien ship.


MAN:Their power core is destabilizing.Probably results of their warp 10 flight.

MARCETTE:Back us off.



The alien ship explodes.


MARCETTE:Resume our course for Careyos Prime.†† Maximum warp.Notify Starfleet Command of our situation.

BROOKS:Aye, sir.

MARCETTE:And send them a copy of that file.

BROOKS:Sent, sir.

MARCETTE:Good.Engage course.



Windcress goes back to warp.


[Batorís Quarters]

[Bator is alone, standing at the window, when the door chimes.]


[Enter TERON]

TERON:Hi. I thought you might like to talk about whatís happened these past couple of days.

BATOR:I would not.

TERON:Good.Letís start at the beginning.What is your first new memory.

BATOR:I said ďnoĒ.

TERON:Well, I say ďyesĒ.†† Now talk.

BATOR:I lived on a planet.We moved to the city ship.It was destroyed.I lived in a pod.I was altered.I was intercepted by Starfleet.I joined the Academy.And now I am here.

TERON:Itís a start.Tell me again, but, be more descriptive.



FIRST OFFICERíS LOG; STARDATE 73301.4:With shore leave wrapping up, we are preparing to head out to the Naral Sector to observe the collapse of an inversion nebula.A simple task, but, interesting nonetheless.


From what I am told by Erin, a lot has happened over the past few days.Aparrently, I was the only one actually enjoying my entire shore leave. Iíll pay for it next time.But, I am left wondering about a lot of things that donít quite make sense.


The Starlight has turned into a virtual mystery magnet, and Iím not a part of any of it, at least not yet.The next few weeks are going to be very interesting to say the least.I donít know if I should be worried, or looking foreward to the outcome of our situations.Situations.There must be more to the puzzle than Iím seeing...Oh well.


First and foremost on the list of things that are just downright strange: the Captain seems to have formed a little posse with Kristin and Erick.



[ALAN meets up with HAWKE and LOGAN, and they walk.]


They are up to something, I know it.Theyíve been meeting clandestinely for days now, exchanging information, and other strange things along the same lines. It wonít be long before they tell someone they think they can trust, who will let me in on their little secret.Then Iíll know.Itís not like to Captain to keep me out of the loop.


[Door Chimes]

BATOR:Come in.

ALAN:Teron, could you excuse us for a moment?



Then thereís Mr. Bator, our resident alien.In a way, Iím glad to see him regain his memories, but, in that same way, he seems terribly troubled by them.Heís said very little about them, and that in itself worries me.Itís not like him to keep things like this bottled up.Aparrently, his youth wasnít as glorious or happy as he had expected.Weíll find out soon enough.



Windcress passes by at high warp.



Marcette is sitting in his chair quietly.


And then thereís the Admiral.For the first time in years, heís off on some sort of mission...beyond explored space.Whateverís drawn him there is beyond me.Iíve checked our starcharts, navigational computer, everything, and have found no strategic value in Careyos Prime.Neverhtheless, he insists on erecting a base there.Sometimes, I think heís more than heís letting on.


[Marian is seen walking down the cooridor and entering her quarters.The doors shut behind her.]


Mrs. Garrison has gone into seculsion.Nobodyís seen her since a couple of days ago in the mess hall.Sheís been in her quarters ever since.


Like somebody once said, ďSomething is rotten in Denmark.Ē



Chris Adamek



ďHeart and SoulĒ

Written by Chris Adamek


Episode #35

Additional Cast

Ryan ChambersFirst Love

Marian Garrison Edwardís Widow

Edward Garrison††††††††††† Log Narrorator








Starlight orbits Starbase 84 while:


CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73304.9:We have picked up some last minute passengers heading for the Careyos Sector to serve on Admiral Marcetteís new Deep Space Outpost, which we will be visiting soon enough.In the mean time, however, we have been assigned to take debris samples from an asteroid that has crashed near our colony on Dalakor VI.



ERIN:Weíve been cleared for departure.

MATTHEW:Take us out.



Starlight leaves Starbase 84.



[Enter ALAN, holding a PADD which he gives to Commander Harrison]

MATTHEW:New orders?

ALAN:Yes.Iíd like you to take charge of this one.Iíve got enough on my hands as it is.

MATTHEW:Such as?

ALAN:Matthew, I wish I could tell you about it.All in good time.Letís just say...we may have an ďinternal conflictĒ on our hands.

MATTHEW [slightly peeved]:Of course, ďsirĒ.


[Sick Bay]

[Enter AMY, CREWMAN, TERON [in background].

AMY:Now, it might ache for a few days, but, youíre okay.

CREWMAN:Yes, thank you, Doctor.

AMY:No problem.Next time, turn the safties on!


[Exit CREWMAN, Enter RYAN.AMY has her back turned to him.]

AMY:Can I help you?

RYAN:Yeah, my heartís aching.

[AMY turns around quickly]

AMY:Ryan!Itís been what...

RYAN:Sixteen years.

AMY:That long already?

RYAN:That long.Well, Iíve got a meeting to get to, I just thought Iíd stop in.Dinner tonight?

AMY:Iím sorry, Iíve already got plans.

RYAN:Then how about lunch?

AMY:Sure.Um...12:00 hours.The mess hall?

RYAN:Sure.See you at 12:00 hours.


TERON:Who was he?

AMY:Someone I never thought Iíd see again...




Act I





[Enter LOGAN, ENGINEER.ENGINEER is showing a padd to LOGAN]

LOGAN:This looks good.Get started on it right away.

ENGINEER:Yes, sir.


HAWKE: Erick!I just finished up reviewing the last of Garrisonís logs in the science lab.


HAWKE:Most of it is just reports and analysisí.

LOGAN:What about the rest?

HAWKE:Thatís the thing.Itís been encrypted, and deleted.I donít know if I can restore it.†† If I can, itíll take days.Which I donít have.Iím going to be leaving with Commander Harrisonís away team in a couple of hours.

LOGAN:Iím swamped down here.What about Bator?

HAWKE:Heíll be with me.

LOGAN:How about Kendall?

HAWKE:If I recall the Captainís orders, nobody else was supposed to be let in on this.

LOGAN:You donít have to tell him.

HAWKE:What?ďHere, Kendall, undelete and unencrypt this, but donít look at it.Ē


HAWKE: No.I think heís coming with us to the surface, anyway.Maybe the Captain will know how to do it.


MATTHEW [comm]:Harrison to Hawke.

HAWKE:Go ahead, Commander.

MATTHEW:The away team is assembling in transporter room three in five minutes.

HAWKE:On my way.



Starlight flies by in orbit of a planet.




[Itís sunny.Class-M.About twenty meters away from the away team is a huge area of scorched earth.]


KENDALL:The areaís been flooded with a strange radiation.My tricorder canít identify it.

MATTHEW:Are you sure an asteroid did this?

HAWKE:Thatís what the locals say.But the debris is to contained.Maybe it was a small satellite.Something about the size of a shuttlecraft.


HAWKE:Iíd like to take a few samples so we can study it further.

[MATTHEW turns to BATOR].

BATOR:The radiation does not seem to have any apparent effects.I donít see a problem.Besides, if there are adverse effects, weíve already been exposed to them.

MATTHEW:I see.Collect your samples, Commander.

[KENDALL, HAWKE, and EXPENDALBE CREWMEN move over toward the debris.BATOR and MATTHEW stand silent for a few moments.]



MATTHEW:Can I speak to you?

BATOR:About what?

MATTHEW:About...the Captain.

BATOR:What about the Captain?

MATTHEW:Iíve noticed that you, Commanders Hawke and Logan, and the Captain have been holding clandestine meetings, and have been accessing secured personell files.

BATOR:You are very observant.


BATOR:I am under orders not to talk about this.

MATTHEW:From who?

BATOR:The Captain.I am not at liberty to discuss the matter at hand.

MATTHEW:Why not?What is so important that you canít even tell me?And why to Hawke and Logan know?Theyíre below me on the chain of command!

BATOR:I cannot discuss it.

MATTHEW:Youíre investigating me, arenít you?

BATOR:No.You are jumping to conclusions.If we were investigating you, I would not even talk to you.

MATTHEW:Thatís nice to know.That leaves what?Seven hundred other people?

BATOR:Six hundred eighty-seven.

MATTHEW: Whatever.Listen, Bator, I wonít tell anyone.You donít have to tell anyone.

BATOR:Look, all I can tell you is that we are currently investigating a situation which could put the crew in danger if this got out.

MATTHEW:Is there an intruder aboard?

BATOR:Iím not sure.I donít think so.Look, Iíve already told you more than I should have.Just...look over the current events, and try to figure it out for youself.

MATTHEW:Thanks...Iíll try.But that doesnít mean Iíll figure it out.

BATOR:I know you will.

KENDALL [comm]:Johnson to Harrison.

MATTHEW:Go ahead.

KENDALL:Weíve got several samples, and are ready to beam aboard.

MATTHEW:Good. Letís go.Harrison to Starlight.

CHIEF:Go ahead, sir.

MATTHEW:Six people, and several debris samples to beam up.

CHIEF:Aye sir.

[They beam out.]


[Mess Hall]

[Enter AMY, RYAN.They are eating lunch, nearly done]

AMY:You never told my why you came here.It wasnít for me, was it?

RYAN:No, our meeting was a fortuitous one at best.The real reason Iím here is simply to wait.Iím going to be serving on the new Deep Space Outpost in the Careyos Sector.When itís completed, your ship will drop me, and several other scientists off there.

AMY:You could be here for weeks.

RYAN:Months.My group was hoping to get there to oversee the construction, but, the Windcress left early.

AMY:Thatís not all bad news.

RYAN:Iím starting to think that.So what have you been up to?

AMY:Oh, not much.Since we last saw each other, I served aboard the USS Lexington as a science officer for six years.Then I met Alan, and served with him aboard the Quasar for two years as a science officer.He was promoted to first officer of the Colombia, and went to the Delta Quadrant, so I transferred to Starbase 74 as a nurse.Then, a year later Starfleet offered me the position as chief medical officer aboard the Starlight.Iíve been here the past six years.

RYAN:Thatís not much?So, whoís this ďAlanĒ you mentioned?

AMY:...Iím not sure...Heís the captain of this ship, I do know that.

RYAN:What about the Delta Quadrant?

AMY:A race known as the Hirogen attacked them, and forced them to turn back.That was the last we saw of that race.

[They finish their lunches.]

RYAN:Come on, Iíll walk you to your quarters.

[Enter ALAN from afar]

AMY:Iíd like that.


[Cooridor: Amyís Door]

RYAN:We should do this again sometime.

AMY:Tomorrow, perhaps?

RYAN:Iím there.




Act II



[Alanís Quarters]

[Enter ALAN, alone at the dinner table, eating.After a long pause, AMY enters.]

ALAN:Youíre late.

AMY:I know.I know.Itís been a busy day.

ALAN:Well, at least you found time to have a healty and nutritious lunch.

AMY:That I did.Whatís for dinner?

ALAN:Tarkalean GíDanji Soufflť.Extra zesty.You should try it.

AMY:†† I will, donít worry. [She goes to the replicator]Altarian Water; 2.4 degrees.

ALAN:So, who were you eating lunch with today?

AMY:His name is Ryan Chambers.Heís a scientist heading for Careyos.

ALAN:I see.

AMY:I thought you were on duty during lunch today?

ALAN:Commander Harrisonís away mission took less time than expected.I wasnít needed on the bridge at lunch time.

AMY:Oh...ooh, this is very good.


[Door Chimes]

ALAN:Come in.

[Enter LOGAN]

LOGAN:Captain, Kristin and I need you to decode this encrypted message we found in--Hi, Doctor.


LOGAN:...We found in...that place.

ALAN:Ah, yes of course.Um...leave it on my desk.Iíll get to it later tonight.

LOGAN:Very good, sir.Sorry for the interruption.

ALAN:Itís okay.Dismissed.

[Exit LOGAN]

AMY:What was that all about?


AMY:Then why are you decoding an encrypted message from.. ďthat placeĒ.

ALAN: ...


[MATTHEWís quarters]

[Computer screen is displaying actions of the Captain, Logan, Hawke, and Bator.Another screen is displaying ďACCESS DENIEDĒ]

MATTHEW:Computer, when did this data became inaccessable?

COMPUTER:Stardate 73299.5.

MATTHEW:Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!

COMPUTER:Please rephrase the statement.


COMPUTER:Please rephrase the statement.

MATTHEW:Cancel.No,, show me which files are classified.

[He begins pounding the controls.Access denied block clears.]

MATTHEW: ...aha!Theyíve only classified... Commander Garrisonís log entries...Harrison to Johnson.

KENDALL [comm]:Johnson here.

MATTHEW:Kendall, report to my quarters at once.

KENDALL [comm]:Aye, sir.

[Door chimes]

MATTHEW:Come in.


KENDALL:What is it?

MATTHEW:I need you to use your...special talents...

KENDALL:Sir!I must protest.Iím not that type of--

MATTHEW:Not those special talents.Please...No, I need you to override the lockout on several classified files.

KENDALL:Iím afraid I canít do that, either.

MATTHEW:Why not?

KENDALL:These are classified files! We could be court-marshalled.

MATTHEW:I have reason to believe the Captain may be putting the ship in danger.These files will tell me what I need to know to find out.

KENDALL:I probably shouldnít...but...

[Door Chimes]

MATTHEW:Who is it?

AMY:Itís me.

MATTHEW:Come in.What can I do for you, doctor?

AMY:Remember how you said you thought the Captain was acting wierd?

MATTHEW:How could I forget?

AMY:I just left is quarters....severe wierdness.Logan wants him to decode an encrypted message they found in ďthe placeĒ.

MATTHEW:What place?

AMY:I donít know.But, the padd is still in his quarters.

KENDALL:If you get that padd, I could decode it.Since itís probably not classified, we can make a copy for ourselves, recode the files, and return it to the Captainís quarters wihtout him knowning.

MATTHEW:Do you think you can do it?

AMY:Itís worth a shot...



[AMY is sneaking down a dim cooridor.She reaches the Captainís door.She moves to the computer terminal on the wall a few meters away and scans his room.Heís in his bedroom.She goes to the end of the hall, and into the Jeffries tube.

She comes out in the Captainís quarters, very quietly.She sneaks across the floor, grabs the PADD, and leaves.]


[Harrisonís Quarters]

AMY:Mission accomplished.

KENDALL:It appears to be a small video log entry.Not much more than ten seconds in legnth.It probably has no audio.

MATTHEW:Can you decode it?

KENDALL:Sure.... [He tinkers for a few minutes]...done

MATTHEW:Letís see God....









[Mess Hall]

[Enter AMY and RYAN, eating lunch again.]

RYAN:You look like youíve had rough day.

AMY:You could say that.I diagnosed Commander Willingston with Irimodicís Syndrome.Both Cadet Blair Ensign Lupino are pregnant.Lieutenant Zalas fractured both legs. Commander Vic-

RYAN:Okay, Iím convinced.Youíve had a very rough day.
AMY:And itís only half way over.

RYAN:Well, if this will make things any better, I might be here longer than expected.

AMY:Thatís good news.How much longer?

RYAN:Possibly the rest of the year.I just got word from one of my friend aboard the Windcress, theyíre way behind schedule.They might not even arrive within four weeks, as expected.

AMY:So, youíll be here with me...not bad.

RYAN:Not bad at all.


[Cooridor:Amyís Door]

AMY:Here we are again.

RYAN:So it would seem...will I see you tomarrow?

AMY:For lunch?

RYAN:What else?



[They kiss]



Starlight passes by at warp.


[Alanís Quarters]

[ALAN is alone again.Dinner is gone.His plate is dirty.Amyís is untouched.Alan stands at the window watching the stars go by.]

HAWKE [comm]:Captain, report to the science lab at once!

ALAN:On my way.


[Science Lab]


ALAN:Your call sounded urgent. Have you been able to determine what it is yet?

HAWKE:Unfortunately, I have.


HAWKE:Like you said, it was no asteroid that crashed into that planet.

MATTHEW:Right, as usual.

ALAN:Then, what was it?

HAWKE:A ship.

ALAN:There wasnít sufficient debris for a--

HAWKE:A small, organic ship.Possibly a space dwelling life form.But, whatever it was, it was organic, and space fairing.

ALAN:Can you tell where it came from?

HAWKE:You want to guess?

ALAN:The Zhargosia Sector...

HAWKE:Right on...

MATTHEW:Isnít that where...??

ALAN:Yes, three starships have been destroyed within the past seven months in the Zhargosia Sector...all of them for unknown reasons.

MATTHEW:And now big was the ship?

HAWKE:Like I said, not very big.Iíd say just larger than a shuttlecraft.

ALAN:Can you determine its configuration?

HAWKE:No.The ship was obliterated upon impact.Weíd never be able to reconstruct it.

MATTHEW:I donít like it.

ALAN:Neither do I.

[Exit Hawke]

MATTHEW:One other thing, sir.

ALAN:What is that?


ALAN:Know what?

MATTHEW:Donít play stupid with me, Captain.For two weeks, youíve been acting quite strangely.Wierder than your status quoe.I wondered why.So I found out.

ALAN:What are you talking about?

MATTHEW:Does Commander Edward Garrison ring any bells?

ALAN:He might.How did you find out?Did someone tell you?

MATTHEW:I found out on my own.By the Doctor knows.So does Kendall.

ALAN:Thatís practically the entire senior staff.Weíd might as well bring Erin in on it at tomarrow morningís staff meeting....[long pause] I must say, Matthew, Iím more than a little disappointed that you couldnít trust me to handle this situation.

MATTHEW:I understand why you didnít want it to get out, but, the way in which you did it, well, I found them to be intolerable.

ALAN:Well, the next time you find my actions intolerable, donít go running around my back to find out what you want.Voice your concerns to me.



MATTHEW:Yesterday morning.You told me we have a matter of internal security at hand, or something like that.I didnít buy it, of course.

ALAN:Of course.


[Amyís Quarters]

[RYAN and AMY are in bed sleeping]


[Alanís Quarters]

[Alan resumes star gazing]



See Alan star gazing.




Act IV



[Conference Room]

[Enter Senior Staff]

ALAN:Good morning everyone!Letís get started...currently, we donít have any orders, so, weíre just going to stay in orbit for today.Weíll continue to beam down science teams to further investigate the alien vessel.Afterwords, weíll be heading out to observe the Eagle Nebula.

MATTHEW:Have you made any progress on the ship, Commander?

KRISTIN:Not really, but, we are beaming up as much of the debris as possible for further study.Weíre hoping to find a computer core, but, so far, we havenít found anything that resembles a computer.

KENDALL:Iím beginning to lean more towards the space-dwelling organism theory.


ALAN:Well, until youíre absolutely sure, donít rule out anything..........As most of us know, there is a little situation.I believe all of us here except for Ensign Hathaway are aware of it.


MATTHEW:A few days ago, Commanders Hawke and Logan discovered a lot of information regaurding the death of Commander Garrison.

ALAN:It was a suicide, possibly a result of his wife, Marian.

MATTHEW:We have uncovered an extremely disturbing recording, but, the Captain and I have agreed not to show it at this time.

ALAN:Kendall believes he can restore the audio portion.If he can, then welíll see it.....Now that the entire command staff is aware of this, we no longer have anything to hide from each other, however, none of this data youíve heard, or will hear in the future, is to be divulged to those under you.Understood?

[Affirmitave Nods]


[As they file out, Alan pulls AMYís arm]

ALAN:Where were you last night?

AMY:Iím sorry I didnít call.I was...extremely busy in sick bay.

ALAN:No, you werenít.I checked.You were with that Ryan person.Amy, I thought we had an understanding.Please, donít ruin it.

AMY:Iím not.



Starlight is in orbit of planet.


[Sick Bay]

[Sick Bay is fairly busy.Two nurses are handling the situation, however.AMY walks in.]

NURSE:Doctor, you have a message waiting.

AMY:Thank you.



AMY:Computer, display message.

[Moniter displays:Roses are red, Violets are blue, find the next clue in a pot on deck two.]

AMY:Humph... A pot on deck two...The mess hall!


[Mess Hall]

[She enters the empty mess hall and begins searching through the assortment of pots behind the counter.A note is in the bottom of one of them]

AMY:All around the mullberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel...find your next clue nearby an easel.


[The Art Room]

[Several easels are lined up along the wall, however, there are three in the middle.A note is sitting on the closest one.]

AMY:I first saw you in a great big youíll meet me in engineering.



LOGAN:Good morning, Doctor.

AMY:Good morning.

LOGAN:What brings you down here?

AMY:I love note.

LOGAN:I see.


[KENDALL and HAWKE are talking with the Captain nearthe warp core.As AMY approaches the Captain, a hand grabs her shoulder.]

AMY:It was you!

RYAN:Indeed it was.

AMY:Why engineering?

RYAN:Because thereís something I wanted to show you.Come here.

AMY:What is it?


[He points to the monitor.Itís the Eagle Nebula.]

RYAN:This is the Eagle Nebula.

AMY:Itís beautiful.

RYAN:Weíll be passing by it in a few days.

AMY:I canít wait.

RYAN:Shall we go to lunch?

AMY:Itís that time already?

RYAN:Itís 11:54 hours.

AMY:Lunch starts in six minutes.I hate late meetings.Go to Sick Bay.Leave Sick Bay.Go back to Sick Bay, leav--

RYAN:I get the picture.By the way...I know youíve been close to this ďAlanĒ, but, you canít keep going on like this.Youíre going to have to choose between us.Itís me or him.

AMY:How do you know this?

RYAN:I just do.Me or him?



[Back over by the Captain]

ALAN:And one more thing...Iím having technical difficulties with the audio.

KENDALL:Iíll have to take another look at it.

ALAN:Another look?

KENDALL:Oh...well...we borrowed it from your quarters.Thatís how we found out about this little situation.

ALAN:I see.How did you find out about it?

KENDALL:The Doctor saw it before she left your quarters.

ALAN:I see.And how did you get it?

KENDALL:After telling us, Commander Harrison had her break into your quarters, and steal it.I decoded it, saved it, recoded it, and the Doctor returned it to your quarters.Youíre quite a heavy sleeper, sir.

ALAN:It would seem so.


[Marianís Quarters]

[Itís extremely dark.The light on the comm panel begins bleeping.MARIAN goes to the panel.]

MARIAN:On screen.

[A text message appears in a totally alien text.She reads the entire thing in a matter of moments.She closes the channel when sheís done]

MARIAN:Computer, erase last transmission.

COMPUTER:Transmission deleted.

MARIAN:Now, wipe my entire communicationís log.


MARIAN: Authorization Christopher-3-2-5-5-Cucumber- Beta.

COMPUTER:Voice pattern is not a match.




BATOR:Commander, someone has just attempted to use the Captainís access codes to clear the communicationís log.


BATOR:You know who...

HARRISON:Harrison to Christopher.

ALAN [comm]:Go ahead, Commander.

HARRISON: Marianís making her move.

ALAN [comm]:Now?


ALAN [comm]:Red alert.

HARRISON:Lock her in her quarterís Lieutenant.

BATOR:Aye, sir.It is too late.She has used a phaser to vaporize the wall.

HARRISON:Damn.Get down there.

BATOR:Aye.[Touches Comm Badge] Security, meet me on deck four!

[Turbolift doors open.KENDALL and ALAN come out, BATOR goes in.]

ALAN:Status report?

HARRISON:We tried to lock her in, but, sheís vaporized the wall with a phaser.Security is on the way now.

ALAN: Good.Kendall and I have almost got audio on the recording.Itís extremely low quality, but, we should have it by tomorrowís staff meeting.

HARRISON:Oh, goodie.


[Deck 4]

BATOR:Alpha and Beta squadrons go left.The rest of you are with me.Set phasers on heavy stun.


[Phaser fire.Expandable crewman is vaporized.]

BATOR:Letís move!



KENDALL:Iíve got heavy phaser fire on deck 4.Crewman Fordís comm badge has been vaporized.Presumably, he went with it.


[Deck 4]

[Phaser fire continues.Alpha and Beta teams come about and fire.MARIAN is surprised, and Bator shoots her.]

BATOR:Bator to bridge.

ALAN:Go ahead.

BATOR:Got her.





Act V



CAPTAINíS LOG; STARDATE 73306.2: After all the excitement regaurding Marian Garrison today, what that audio message weíll have for tomarrow will more than likely be the ďicing on the cakeĒ.Suffice it to say, I am curious as to what has gotten into her. Until that time, we are holding her in the brig.


[Amyís Quarters]

ALAN:Oh, this is delicious.What is it called again?

AMY:Baklava.Iíd never heard of it before today either.

ALAN:It sounds Klingon.

AMY:Itís Greek.

ALAN:Iím surprised.I guess we miss out on all of the exciting Earth foods by not growing up on Earth.

AMY:It would seem so.

ALAN:Well, Iíll bet theyíve never heard of Koraíkan on Earth.Iím sure itís purely a Gorag VII dish.

AMY:It is, believe me.So, what is the situation with Marian Garrison?

ALAN:Under control...for now.Sheís in the brig.

AMY:What about that message?


AMY:Thatís too bad.

ALAN:It is.

[Door beeps]

AMY:Come in.

RYAN:Good evening.

AMY:Ryan...Iím a little busy at the moment.

RYAN:Too busy for...oh...I see...I see youíve chosen.Him.Amy, I thought we had something!?

AMY:We do.But...

RYAN:Well, we still do.[He begins touching her.]

AMY:Stop it.

ALAN:Whatís going on?

RYAN:None of your business.

ALAN:I think it is my business.She said she doesnít want you here, so leave.

[RYAN attempts to punch ALAN, but misses.ALAN comes back and knocks him to the floor.]


[Exit RYAN.Amy hugs Alan.]


[Conference Lounge]

[Enter Senior Staff]

ALAN:Sorry about calling the meeting early, but, Kendall tells me the audio has been restored.Since I doubt I am the only one suffering from insomnia last night...

HARRISON:Weíve all been wondering.

ALAN:Then letís get to it.Kendall?

KENDALL:Itís ready.

ALAN:Then letís see it.


[Video:Garrisonís Quarters]

GARRISON:Personal Log, stardate 72908.4:Weíve been monitoring the situ--

COMPUTER:Incoming message.

GARRISON:From whom?


GARRISON:Display message.

[Alien text is on monitor nearby.]

MARIAN:Who is it?

GARRISON:Itís just some garbage.

MARIAN: No, wait! [She hits GARRISON, he flies half way across the room.]Play audio message.

VOICE:Seíkant arlav kodjabi moralíaku seíbban gov tor cha malaka.

MARIAN:Eetísu.Malaka cha.

[Log recording begins bleeping.MARIAN sees it, goes over, her eyes bright red, and shuts it off.]


KENDALL:As far as I can tell, sheís an observer from an alien race.

ALAN:A hostile alien race.Keep her in the brig under maximum security at all times.Weíll drop her off at Starbase 84, along with Ryan Chambers in a few days.

ERIN:Look, the Eagle nebula!


ALAN:Dismissed.Go enjoy the view, or something.

[They file out, except AMY.]

AMY:I never did thank you for what you did last night.

ALAN:It was nothing.

AMY:I think it was.Alan, Ryan made me realize something I hadnít before...

ALAN:What is that?

AMY:I love you.I just couldnít say anything....



ALAN:Itís about time...

[Kiss.They come up upon the Eagle Nebula]


The Starlight passes by the nebula.


Written by Chris Adamek


Episode #36

Additional Cast

Chancellor Kaid††††††††††††† Velora Commander