Extreme Makeover

Unfortunately, after three months of intense research, this
smoldering pile of dung was the best site design I could come
up with.  Quite frankly, it is probably worse than the original

And it's reddish-pink.

Still, TFF was reasonably unpopular at the time, so few people
actually saw this.  Thankfully.

And yes, that is a SUBMIT button you see on that ugly menu.  
Once upon a time, I welcomed readers to submit stories to
TFF.  That policy never changed, but since nobody ever
bothered to submit anything, the submit button was

As was this web site.

This one might look familiar.  After two incredibly crappy site
designs, I finally came to my senses and created a website that
was actually presentable.  Version 3.0 set the standard for just
about every incarnation of TFF that followed.

Admittedly, the design wasn't perfect.  It was tweaked
numerous times over the course of Season One... but this was
generally the website that brought TFF into the good graces of
readers across the Internet.

Unfortunately, several versions of the website did not survive
to this day.  I wish that they had, but alas, they are forever
lost.  Thus, we must jump forward to version 6.  This thing
came along during Season 3.  Again, it was an evolution of the
Version 3 website--only now it actually had a presentable
logo... one of my favorites, I might add.

Herb the Magical Tree Sloth also appeared in these days.  Some
of you remember Herb.  Others do not.  But he was a fixture
on the bottom of the page for many years.

When TFF hit the big EPISODE 80, I wanted to do something
special.  That included a new site design, and for a while, I
thought this was going to be it.

I was going for a radical departure from the norm.  And that it
was.  As you can see, I also tried to put together a message
board/forum/whatever you want to call it.  Unfortunately, I am
illiterate in the ways of HTML and PHP and all that STUFF (this
fine document was crafted with Yahoo! Page Builder!  Pointing
and clicking is fun!)  Thus, the forum never came to life.  I'm
still open to the possibility if someone volunteers to do it for

Still, this site got canned... mainly because I didn't like it.  
There wasn't enough room for the "Extras" and "Links" buttons,
the logo was ugly...  Version 7 just didn't do anything for me.
VERSION 8:  MAY 2003 - JANUARY 2004

What new and wondrous site did we get instead of the
radically different Version 7?  Well... it was a dumbed down
clone of Version 6!  Personally, even with half of its buttons
missing, I think Version 6 was better.

This design featured the advent of the current TFF Logo.  And
that's about it.  (Though I was still going through that whole
forum phase).
VERSION 9:  JANUARY 2004 - JULY 2004

Not surprisingly, Version 8 got canned after only a few short
months in existence.  And along came Version 9 of the
website.  I actually liked this design quite a lot.  It was a
departure from what we were used to seeing... but at the
same time, the design was reasonably familiar.  It had The
Final Frontier feel to it.  This was also the first version
specifically designed for a screen resolution of 1024x768.

Unfortunately, it was cumbersome.  It was hard for me to
update.  And though the design was different... I think the top
portion of the screen had too much going on, while the bottom
half was relatively bare.  

So after a few short months, Version 9 departed.
VERSION 10:  JULY 2004 - JULY 2007

For Version 10, I decided to go out on a limb.  I decided to do
something radical.  And I wasn't going to wimp out when it
came time to reveal this bad boy to the world.  

At this juncture, I decided that TFF needed to really stand out.
I wanted a website totally unlike other fan fiction.  TFF has
always had a unique presentation, but I wanted to go even
further.  By far, the biggest change is the white background.  
It's incredibly minor, but I think it gives TFF a stylish look that
is unique in the realm of fan fiction.  Sure, there are lots of
other great looking sites out there, but none of them look like


TFF made its Internet debut on July 3, 1999.  Regretfully, it
looked like this.  Except I wasn't using Windows XP in 1999, so
it probably looked even crappier.  Thankfully, not a single
person visited the site during its first three months in
existence, so nobody actually saw this abomination.

As was standard back then, episodes could only be
downloaded.  The archives indicated there would be SEVEN
seasons of TFF (boy was I crazy).  And... the database was
nothing more than that button.  That's right.  It didn't go

As much as I liked Version 10, the arrival of my widescreen
monitor rendered it obsolete in a heartbeat.  Specifically
designed to look good at 1024x768, Version 10 looked
absolutely terrible at 1440x900.  

Alas, Version 11 was designed with higher screen resolutions
in mind, while still looking presentable to those with lesser
resolutions.  Aside from that, Version 11 doesn't really
introduce anything new to the design.  It just takes from
everything that came before and refines it to... well, not
perfection, because there's ALWAYS room for improvement.  
But it's pretty close.  

Personally, this is my favorite design... at least until Version
12 comes along...
If you're one of the seven fans of that TV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," then you're not in for a treat!  We don't have any touching, heart-warming
stories here.  But if you're still looking for EXTREME RENOVATIONS, then you're STILL probably in the wrong spot.  I'm not going to teach you how to turn your
basement into the bridge of the Enterprise.  I am, however, going to use the magic of this here Information Super Highway to take you back in time... to a
place where Star Trek: The Final Frontier was a grotesquely hideous abomination.  And no, it's not last week's episode.  It's... 1999...