Q: Is this map canon?
A: The basis for this map is the 2002 edition of the Star Trek Star Charts book. That’s about as close to canon as
you’re going to get. There is absolutely NO official map in existence. You can look and keep on looking until you
can't look anymore... and you still won't find one. This map is quite literally as good as you’re going to get.

Q: Can I use your map on my site? Please please please pretty please with high fructose corn syrup on top?!
A: Generally, yes. But contact me via email (check the main page) to discuss such things prior to your theft.

Q: What are the colored dots next to the names?
A: Each colored dot corresponds with the type of star in that system. For example, a yellow dot is a G-type star.

Q: What the fuck is the Elorg Bloc? Garidian Republic? lol ur wack man lol get rekt noob
A: This map is meant to compliment the Star Trek: The Final Frontier fan fiction series. The Elorg, the Garidians,
and most of the other unfamiliar names on the map are all featured within the series. It’s a mostly good read
(the first season is a little shaky and the writing’s not so hot, but it gets better and better as you go on). Do
yourself a favor and read it. A map that falls more into line with the “official” Star Trek canon would simply
remove the Garidian Republic (and perhaps flesh in a little extra territory for the Romulans), replace the Elorg
Bloc with the Breen Confederacy, and flat-out remove any of the other unfamiliar alien empires (save the Fen
Domar, who are actually canon, but only mentioned in passing during “Endgame” [VGR] as a powerful empire
near the Beta Quadrant/Delta Quadrant border).

Q: Why is that chunk of Federation space on the right-side of the map separate from the rest of the Federation?
How the heck can the Enterprise even get there?
A: How does a US citizen in Montana get to Alaska? You go through Canada. How does a Federation citizen on
Betazed get to Arkaria? You go through the Klingon Empire. The Federation has long had an alliance with the
Klingons; it’s not unreasonable to think passage through Klingon space is a reality. Additionally, this is a 2D map
trying its best to represent a 3D space. In theory, the Enterprise could just go above Klingon/Romulan territory to
achieve the same effect.

Q: Why don’t you make a 3D map to properly represent this?
A: Because I enjoy my sanity. Besides, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Q: Where is the _________ System?
A: If you visit
www.AST_MAP.html, instead of just linking directly to the map image, you shall duly note
that there is a complete directory for all of the planets featured on the map.

Q: What are these Barrens by the Tholians and Cardassians?
A: They were actually featured in the ENT episode “Daedalus,” and are not a figment of my imagination.
Apparently it’s some sort of giant dead zone?

Q: How recent is this map?
A: The map is completely up to date, including everything right up to Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Q: Wait? You’re including Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness in the canon?
A: No! I thought both were decent movies, but absolutely awful Star Trek movies. They went out of their way to
establish a new timeline, and that is where those stories will stay. That being said, one can assume that the
planets mentioned in those two movies still exist even in the proper Star Trek universe.

Q: Lol… Phendrana Drifts… Brinstar? Hehe.
A: I like Nintendo. …long sigh… (You know those feels.)