Alan Christopher
Erin and Angela
Vital Statistics
04.29.2357; stardate 34329
New Caberlan City, Ka'Tula IV
Riana Christopher (mother)
Ti'Yenn Christopher (father)
Drayan Christopher (sister)
Erin Keller (spouse)
Angela Christopher (daughter)
Commanding Officer, USS
AC 318-779
6'3"  •  1.90m
189 lbs  •  86kg
Left Handed
Chicken Fajitas, cereal,
poranza, Ka'Tulan sunsets
Holodeck Adventures, metrix,
video games, stupid jokes,
Born on Ka'Tula Prime
Entered Starfleet Academy
Field training on USS Victory
Graduated From Academy
Assigned to USS Titan
Battle of Naxos Minor
Promoted to Lieutenant
Serves aboard USS Charleston
Promoted to Lt. Commander
Promoted to Commander
Serves aboard
USS Johannesburg
Promoted to Captain
Commands USS Discovery
Mutiny aboard Discovery
Dark Star encounters Borg
Returns to Starfleet
Faces military tribunal
Commands USS Starlight
Meets Erin Keller
Erin becomes pregnant
Alan diagnosed with illness
Unborn child lost; illness cured
Captured by Elorg
Adopts Angela Parker
Weds Erin Keller
Elorg War concludes
Starlight destroyed
Sets out into the unknown
Starfleet Ratings
Often considered a “pretty boy” at Starfleet Academy, Alan Christopher nonetheless had few meaningful relationships with women
(“Gaiden”).   It was not until he met Erin Keller in 2395 that he seriously considered settling down and pursuing a romantic relationship—
but even that association had a tumultuous beginning.  When Christopher first arrived on the Starlight, Keller held him in low regard;
indeed, she was the one who turned him and Rachael Meyer over to Starfleet following the first Elorg attack (“In Pursuit of Justice”).  
However, their relationship was forced to mature a few weeks later, when their shuttlecraft became disabled and ultimately destroyed in
orbit of a remote alien world.  In order to survive, both Alan and Erin had to get past their preconceptions and work together.  The
situation placed the foundations for the strong relationship the pair would enjoy in the years to come (“Strange Counterpoints”).

On stardate 73688.2, Doctor Sarah Hartman diagnosed Christopher with a rare degenerative virus (“The Long Road”).  At the time, it was
believe he contracted the virus after being shot by a polaron-based-weapon in the caves near Antha’nuel on Ka'Tula Prime (“Moral
Compass”), but Overseer Xi'Yor later revealed that he was responsible for the disease (“Checkmate”).  Christopher was subsequently given
only a few months to live.  On that same day, Erin Keller revealed to Christopher that she was pregnant with his child.  Christopher’s
condition rapidly deteriorated towards the end of 2396, and his death appeared certain until Doctor Hartman devised a plan to use his
unborn daughter’s DNA to stabilize his genetic matrix.  Though Hartman’s plan had the potential for success, it was later discovered that
in order to completely heal Christopher, his daughter would have to be sacrificed.  He and Erin agreed such a sacrifice could not be
made—but Erin ultimately changed her mind, knowing that Christopher was key to ending the conflict with the Elorg.  Alan Christopher
survived; their daughter died several days later.  In the aftermath of their unborn daughter’s death, Christopher and Keller separated,
and Keller transferred to the USS Majestic as first officer (“A Moment of Truth”).

The Elorg War, however, changed things.  Upon his return to the Starlight after many months of incarceration, Christopher promptly
realized the only thing that kept him alive during his ordeal were his memories of Erin Keller.  Not wanting to lose her again, Christopher
suggested the two of them get married.  Keller agreed (“Confessions and Confrontations”), and they were wed in late 2397 (“Once Upon a

Knowing their chances of conceiving another child were nominal, Christopher and Keller soon reached the conclusion that any
extensions to their family would have to be adopted—and after rescuing a small girl named Angela from the Velora on stardate 74417, they
realized it was their golden opportunity to become parents (“Decision Bells”).  They immediately filed for adoption (“Ring of Fire, part I”),
but subsequently found the journey to parenthood to be long and difficult.  Nevertheless, their petition to adopt Angela succeeded, and
the girl became a part of their family shortly thereafter (“Paradigms”).

Alan Christopher’s initial involvement in the Elorg War was limited to strategic operations.  After the war’s initial battles in early 2395,
Christopher did see combat with the Elorg until the attack on Earth in December 2398.  In the interim, the vast majority of his attention
was focused on the capture of Overseer Xi'Yor, one of the most powerful leaders of the Elorg Bloc.  The manhunt was initially little more
than a vague edict from Starfleet, but Xi'Yor’s continued atrocities in 2396 slowly made the hunt a personal one.  In late 2396, Xi'Yor
attacked and destroyed New Caberlan City on Ka’Tula Prime; barbaric as the assault might have been, Xi'Yor added insult to injury by
brutally murdering Rachael Meyer while Christopher watched—and at that moment, the hunt for Xi'Yor became very personal (“Meridian

Christopher summarily abandoned his post on the Starlight and allowed himself to be taken prisoner by the Elorg, hoping that he might
ultimately be delivered into Xi'Yor’s waiting hands (“Angelus Erarre”).  The plan worked, but Christopher was not granted the vengeance
he had hoped for—instead he was tortured by the Overseer—who revealed that he was the one responsible for infecting Christopher with
the degenerative disease in 2396 (“Behind Enemy Lines”).  After months of interrogation, Xi'Yor found Christopher’s usefulness dwindling,
and ultimately chose to use him as a tool to assassinate the Elorg Cerebrate Z’danorax.  The plan failed, and Christopher was able to
escape Xi'Yor’s interrogation chamber and confront the Overseer in battle.  Xi'Yor still managed to escape, leaving Christopher’s vendetta
unfinished (“Checkmate”).

After the Federation Alliance forced the Elorg to surrender on stardate 74209, Christopher had little involvement in the Elorg’s
subsequent relocation to the former Breen territories.  Instead, he worked closely with Talyere Rosat to ensure some form of stability
within the new Elorg government.  These efforts, unfortunately, suffered a major setback on stardate 74542, when Christopher helped
Talyere uncover a Federation/Klingon conspiracy to hide the massacre of an Elorg fleet in the Beremar System (“Affirmation”).  Enraged,
Talyere left the Starlight, an action that allowed the Elorg to more openly resist subjugation (“Sodom and Gomorrah”).

That open resistance coalesced into an all-out assault on Earth in December 2398; Captain Christopher led the Federation task force into
battle, but the Elorg nonetheless provided a devastating blow, killing nearly two million people on the surface (“Screams of
Armageddon”).  In the battle’s aftermath, Christopher again worked closely with Talyere to quell the Elorg threat.  Unfortunately, by the
year 2399, Xi'Yor had grown immensely powerful and removing him from the Elorg Bloc proved a daunting task (“Toccata and Fugue”).  
Talyere and Christopher summarily devised a plan to find the ancient world of Rebena Te Ra, hoping its astral observatory might point
them in the direction of Eredas, the ancient Elorg Homeworld.  It was generally believed that he who controlled Eredas controlled the
Elorg Bloc (“Lost Worlds”).

While Talyere continued to search for Rebena Te Ra, Christopher continually found himself at odds with Xi'Yor.  At one junction in late
2399, Xi'Yor apparently defected to the Federation.  Christopher was immediately suspicious of the action, but nonetheless proceeded to
interrogate the man with a vengeance.  Xi'Yor did not break, and ultimately used his incarceration as a means to capture the Starlight
and bring it to Eredas-Il—an ancient Elorg moon appropriated by Xi'Yor’s new allies, the Phobians (“The Treachery of a Queen”).  With
Talyere’s assistance, Christopher was able to free the Starlight crew and lead an attack on Eredas-Il that severely crippled the Elorg fleet
(“Horn and Ivory”).

In the closing days of the Elorg War in early 2400, Christopher would lead the Starlight in several key battles, including the decisive Battle
of Adin Kel, where the Elorg were ultimately forced to surrender.  Shortly after the battle, the Starlight was attacked and destroyed by a
fleet of Elorg warships commanded by Xi'Yor.  Eager to exact revenge upon Christopher for the defeat at Adin Kel, Xi'Yor abducted young
Angela and held her captive on the distant world of Tal Qirat.  Unwilling to see Xi'Yor take another life so very dear to him, Christopher
traveled to Tal Qirat and ultimately killed Xi'Yor to free his daughter. (“Where Angels Fear to Tread” [TFF]).

With the Elorg War concluded and the Starlight destroyed, Christopher was left at a crossroads.  Erin Keller had recently accepted a
promotion to Captain, and would soon be in command of the USS Majestic, taking much of the Starlight crew with her.  Having emerged
from the war a bona fide hero, he likely had his choice of any command in the fleet.  But having seen so much death in destruction in
recent years, Christopher was not so certain Starfleet would be a part of his future.  He thusly set out into the unknown to find himself
anew… (“Where Angels Fear to Tread” [TFF]).
The Elorg War