Kendall Johnson
Vital Statistics
12.11.2367; stardate 44945.6
Harrisburg, PA, Earth
Renee Johnson (mother)
Erick Johnson (father)
Devon Johnson (brother)
Lieutenant Commander
Science Officer, USS Starlight
Z3 Y77 495
5'9"  •  1.75m
149 lbs  •  68kg
Left Handed
Beef Stew
Paleontology, Running,
Temporal Mechanics
Kendall Johnson was born on December 11, 2367 (Stardate 44945) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Earth.  His mother, Renee, was a school
teacher; his father, Erick, was a Starfleet security officer serving in San Francisco.  Kendall also had an older brother, Devon.  As a young
child, Kendall was fascinated with dinosaurs.  While other children were outside playing, Kendall was often holed up in his bedroom,
learning everything he could about dinosaurs.  This passion ultimately led to a general affinity for science, and ultimately became the
driving force in his life.
Hoping to expand his scientific horizons beyond the somewhat limited scope of Earth, Kendall joined Starfleet Academy in September 2385
(Stardate 62695).  Though his academic performance at the academy was impressive, Kendall struggled when faced with the academy’s
social aspects.  Though this was of little hindrance at first, Kendall’s inability to connect with people on a personal level had a cumulative
and detrimental effect.  His grades began to fall, his passion for the sciences waned, and in the end, Kendall found himself entering a
state of depression.  Both unable and unwilling to face his mounting problems, he began to run.  Literally.  And what started as a method
to escape his myriad problems ultimately ended with a spot on the Academy’s track and field team.  In the next few years, Kendall
became a valued member of the team.  In 2387, Kendall finished third in the marathon on Danula II.  He also participated in the 400-meter
dash, the 800-meter relay, and the 1600-meter dash, in which he held the Academy record for several years.  (“Nature of the Beast”).  
Bolstered by his success on the field, Kendall was able to get his life back on track.  He graduated in June 2389 and was subsequently
posted aboard the USS Prometheus as a junior science officer.  He was promoted to the rank of junior lieutenant in 2391.  (“Delicate
Starfleet Academy & Early Career
In 2393, Kendall Johnson was promoted to the rank of full lieutenant and posted aboard the USS Starlight, where he served as head of the
science department.  Aboard the Starlight, Kendall had many great successes, most notably in the temporal sciences.  In 2396, he
developed the first temporal probe alongside Erin Keller.  In that same year, he also drafted the initial protocols that would ultimately
become the Temporal Prime Directive.  (“Termina”).  He would later go on to develop temporal shielding (“Dimensional Analysis”) and a full-
fledged temporal manifold, capable of traversing the space-time continuum.  (“Gaiden”).  In addition to his contributions to the temporal
sciences, Johnson also played a pivotal role in the destruction of the Jevian—the Elorg City Ship—in the final hours of the Elorg War in
February 2400.  Along with a small tactical squad, Johnson boarded the city ship and placed several spatial charges on the ship’s reactor.  
The subsequent explosion caused a cascade reaction that ultimately destroyed the ship and helped the Federation win the Battle of Adin
Kel.  (“Where Angels Fear to Tread”).  Kendall also played a small role in the dismantling of the Velora Internment Facilities when he and
several other Starlight crewmembers were captured by the Ii’zyyr’aa in February 2399, and incarcerated aboard the Velora flagship, the
Drinar.  (“Retribution”).  Extraordinary as these accomplishments might have been, they were all of them overshadowed by Kendall’s
abuse of the very technology he created.
Aboard the Starlight
From the moment he first boarded the Starlight in 2393, Kendall found himself smitten with Commander Erin Keller.  (“Beginnings”).  What
started as a simple crush gradually evolved into infatuation; alas, Kendall’s inability to connect with people—or in this instance, even
speak with Erin—resulted in little more than awkward working relationship with her.  Unsatisfied with this outcome, Kendall eventually
worked up the courage to ask Erin on a date in December 2395; she declined, and Kendall’s descent into darkness began.  (“Delicate
Affection”).  Kendall initially accepted his fate, remaining a good friend to Erin, but little else.  That changed in May 2396, when the
temporal probe he and Erin constructed malfunctioned, stranding the both of them on a planet called Termina.  Over the course of
several years on the planet, he and Erin eventually fell into love and had children—this timeline was ultimately reversed, but Kendall
retained knowledge of the incident… and the notion that Erin could indeed fall in love with him when the conditions were right.  

Over the course of the next few years, Kendall worked tirelessly to create new temporal technology—but there were numerous unseen
bumps in the road, including Erin Keller’s romantic relationship with Captain Alan Christopher… and in 2396, Kendall discovered many
other facets of his life were beginning to fall apart.  An error on his behalf directly resulted in an attack by the Mersah Tolidas in June
2396.  (“Accretion Disk”).  A few weeks prior to that, his cowardice while in command of the Starlight resulted in the incarceration of the
entire crew and the ship’s capture.  (“Velora, part I”).  Later, in August 2396, Kendall’s failed to open fire upon a group of attacking
Elorg; his inaction resulted in several injuries, including Talyere Rosat and Lucas Tompkins.  (“Between Dark Places”).  All of this,
combined with his lingering—and unrequited—feelings toward Erin, led Kendall Johnson to a suicide attempt in September 2396.   He
failed, and thusly spent the next several months in rehabilitation under the watchful eye of Rachael Meyer.  (“The Long Road”).  The two
gradually built up a solid relationship and Kendall was just starting to come around to his senses when Rachael was captured and Killed by
the Elorg in December 2396.  (“Meridian Dance”).

Without Rachael to guide him, Kendall was suddenly at a crossroads.  In April 2397, Kendall was offered a chance to work alongside famed
paleontologist Dana Horner at the University of the Rockies.  After working with Horner to unearth some ancient Ka’Tulan fossils on
Earth, he seriously considered taking the position; however, he ultimately declined.  (“Missing Links”).  Weeks later, he met Megan
Reinbold.  Over the course of the next two years, the two shared a tenuous romantic relationship—and though Megan was more than
eager to make it work, Kendall found himself intimidated by her teenaged son, Justin.  (“Perchance to Dream”).  Additionally, on more
than one occasion, his thoughts would turn back to Erin.  Still, their quasi-relationship endured until Megan transferred to the USS
Columbia in 2399.  (“Toccata and Fugue”).

With Rachel dead and Megan gone, there was but a single barrier keeping Kendall from Erin Keller and eternal bliss—Alan Christopher.  
Initially, Kendall was content to simply go back in time and change Erin’s opinion of him before she met Alan—but when this tactic failed,
Kendall brought it upon himself to completely erase Alan Christopher from the timeline.  (“Retribution,” “Gaiden”).  The enmity between
them grew in June 2399, when Kendall neglected to perform a metallurgical analysis that Christopher had requested—instead Kendall
focused on an influx of new temporal data; this ultimately resulted in a Qinxaea attack on the Starlight.   Furious over the attack,
Christopher had Johnson relieved of duty.  (“Nature of the Beast”).  Desperate to remove Christopher from the timeline, Johnson used
his temporal manifold to go back in time, hoping to kill Christopher as a youth—but much to Kendall’s surprise, young Alan Christopher
was hardly the man he expected.  In fact, Kendall spotted a great many parallels between the two of them, and in the end, Johnson
spared Christopher’s life, and returned to 2399 without incident.  (“Gaiden”).

Unfortunately for Johnson, his treachery was discovered weeks later by none other than Erin Keller herself.  Furious over his temporal
incursions, Keller restricted all of Johnson’s access to the Starlight’s temporal manifold and demanded he leave the ship.  Though the
conversation was entirely off-the-record, it was a demand that Johnson had little choice but to follow.  (“Words Better Left Unspoken”).

In 2400, Johnson left Starfleet after accepting Doctor Dana Horner’s offer to assist her on a remote dig in the Terra Sorna System.  
(“Where Angels Fear to Tread”).
Erin Keller & Temporal Machinations
Born on Earth
Entered Starfleet Academy
Finished 3rd on Danula II
Graduated From Academy
Assigned to USS Prometheus
Promoted to Junior Lieutenant
Transfers to USS Starlight as
Senior Science Officer
Meets Erin Keller
Develops Temporal Probe
Attempts Suicide
Develops Temporal Manifold
Attempts to eliminate Alan
Joins Dr. Horner on Terra
Starfleet Ratings