Welcome to the ultimate resource for you to steal images of planets from! In the past, when you wanted to steal
my images, I truly inconvenienced you with those low-quality JPG images that had ugly backgrounds. But now,
I've revolutionized the theft process by making for you dozens of pretty (and some ugly) planets in high quality
PNG format, complete with transparent backgrounds! Use them in your own planetary classification guide (don't
forget to steal my newly updated guide)! Use them in your RPG! Use them in your shitty Firefly fanfic! Use them in
a plane, on a train, in a box with a fox in a house with a mouse... etc.

There are a few rules, though! Even though it's the Internet and rules don't apply, at least pretend
to take these
few suggestions into consideration:

1. Don't link directly to the images. Save them to your hard drive and then upload them onto YOUR website.
2. Let me know about your theft. I'd like to see what you've done with them, and I promise I won't call the cops.
If you click the "RETURN TO SITE MAIN" link on the left, my email address is on the main page.
3. Give me some credit, yo. As in, make sure that STTFF.NET is mentioned as the source of your snazzy new
planets. I mean, I made the dang things. The least you could do is give credit where credit is due.
4. Floss your teeth.

Yes, I do have higher resolution images of all these planets. No, I will not be sharing them. Yes, you may contact
me using the aforementioned email address on the main page. And upon contacting me, yes, you may ask for
me to make a custom planet for you. And yes, I will do it. And yes, I do think your Firefly fanfic is shitty. Sorry.