Antidean brain mites.
A rare neurological infection caused by a small insect native to Antidea.  Symptoms include headaches and blurred vision.  
(“Visions of Zirat” [TFF]).  The USS Columbia responded to an outbreak of Antidean brain mites in the Oakland Sector in late 2399.
(“Where Angels Fear to Tread” [TFF]).

Bendii Syndrome.
A degenerative neurological illness affecting a small portion of the elderly Vulcan population.  Symptoms include a gradual loss of
emotional and telepathic control..  Consequently, rampant emotions can be projected to others telepathically. (“Sarek” [TNG]).  
The symptoms can be muted through mind melds, but there is no cure for the disease. (“The Fields of Asphodel, part I” [TFF]).

A genetically engineered retrovirus covertly designed by Velora scientists to seek out and destroy any impurities that might pose
a threat to the stability of the Velora genome.  The blight is forcefully administered to all species that come into direct contact
with the Velora.  The virus immediately kills any individual that poses a threat to the Velora genome; both Vulcans and Betazoids
are highly susceptible.  Meanwhile, those that survive the blight are often forced into servitude.  In 2397, the Velora attempted
to engineer a more lethal strain of the blight.  They intended to test the newer strain of the retrovirus on the populace of
Forcas III, however the plan was halted by Federation forces in its earliest stages.  (“Decision Bells” [TFF]).  Despite the brutality
of these campaigns, existence of the blight amongst the general Velora populace was kept to a minimum for decades, until
Velora Prime Minister Vallis brought an end to the blight in early 2399 (“Velora” [TFF], “Retribution” [TFF]).

Cylurian plague.
A disease that typically affects Cardassians.  Sarah Hartman was studying the plague in May 2398.  (“A Link to the Past” [TFF]).

Entei’s Syndrome.
A potent disease that affects cats and dogs.  There is no known cure or treatment for the disease.  In July 2398, Cleo
succumbed to Entei’s Syndrome.  (“A Fear of the Heavens” [TFF]).

An imperfection in the eye that causes an inability to focus on near objects; the defect is more commonly known as far-
sightedness.  (“The Sands of Time” [TFF]).

Imolean flu.
A common ailment known to exist on several planets in the Beta Quadrant.  It can be easily treated with a single dose of
therazine.  Sarah Hartman devoted much of her time studying the disease.  (“Monarch on the Shore” [TFF], “A Link to the Past”

Irumodic Syndrome.
A degenerative medical disorder that elicits progressive degeneration of the synaptic pathways in the brain, causing senility and
eventually death.  Peridaxon can be used in tandem with other medications to prolong the life of the patient, but there is no
cure to the disease.  (“All Good Things…” [TNG]).  A cortical regeneration procedure developed by a Vulcan Doctor named
Bentic has been known to make patients more susceptible to Irumodic Syndrome.  (“Silent Adversary” [TFF]).

livathi flu.
A fairly common infection that affects cats and dogs, normally contracted after the animal is bitten by a small woodland insect in
the livathidae family.  The infection can lie dormant for years before symptoms appear.  It is easily treated with unefrazine.  (“A
Fear of the Heavens” [TFF]).

temporal shock syndrome.
A medical condition sometimes triggered by extensive time travel.  Symptoms include nausea and dizziness, and extreme cases
(though rare) can result in death.  Chronozine can easily counter the ill effects of temporal shock syndrome.  (“A Phantom and a
Rose” [TFF], “Containment” [TFF]).

Tevorian plague.
A relatively minor infection that occasionally appears on planets in the Beta Quadrant.  There are numerous treatments available
to mute the disease’s many symptoms, but most doctors agree the best course of action is simply to let the infection run its
course.  A minor outbreak of the plague was reported on Defornath VII in early 2399, but was quickly contained.  (“Adversaries”

Zudurian Scourge.
An extremely potent, contagious ailment.  Among its most notable symptoms are a series of excruciating convulsions.  The
ailment has been known to severely afflict Vulcans, while Ka’Tulans are immune. (“Strike Zone” [TFF]).