Drugs and Medication
A medical compound in use aboard Federation starships, often used to treat
anaphylactic shock. ("Awakenings" [TFF], "The Darkling" [VGR]).

A fast-acting anesthetic aerosol that can be used to render the inhabitants of a ship
unconscious via the environmental systems.  (“Message in a Bottle” [VGR], “Cell
Divisions” [TFF]).

A powerful drug used to treat extreme cases of theta radiation poisoning.  (“The
Omega Directive” [VGR]).

A topical analgesic developed by Ka’Tulan scientists to treat minor aches and pains
associated with muscle spasms.  (“Moral Compass” [TFF], “Visionary” [DS9]).

A drug used to quell sexual desires.  (“Witch Hunt” [TFF]).

An experimental drug developed in the 2390’s to prevent synaptic damage caused by
exposure to class-nine nebulas.  Though effective, the drug still had a number of side-
effects as of 2398.  (“Renegade” [TFF]).

Powerful medication often used to treat kidney problems.  (“Trial By Fire” [TFF]).

A cardiovascular drug developed to treat Vulcans suffering from congestive heart
failure.  (“Journey to Babel” [TOS]).

biosynthetic implant.
A biosynthetic implant is a genetically engineered organ grown from a culture of
pluripotent stem cells.  Once mature, the organ can be placed inside of a patient to
replace a damaged organ.  (“Trial By Fire” [TFF]).

Medication used by twenty-ninth century Starfleet to treat temporal shock
syndrome.  Erin Keller was administered a large dose of chronozine when she was
transported to the twenty-ninth century in mid-2395.  ("A Phantom and a Rose" [TFF]).

An antibiotic drug used to prevent secondary infections in patients with severe
injuries.  When used in concert with azhamine, it can be an effective means to
stabilize failing kidneys.  (“Babel” [DS9], “Trial by Fire” [TFF]).

A highly potent neural stimulant in use aboard Federation starships.  It is used only in
extreme situations.  (“Dominion” [TFF]).

A drug used to prevent sunburn.  It can also be used to heal mild to moderate burns.  
(“Deadlock” [VGR], “Dear Doctor” [ENT]).

A drug used to treat oxygen depravation.  (“The Outcast” [TNG]).

Medication in use aboard Federation starships, commonly prescribed as a painkiller.  
(“Beginnings” [TFF], “Moral Compass” [TFF], “In the Heart of Darkness” [TFF], “Visions
of Zirat” [TFF]).

Medication used to treat radiation poisoning aboard Federation starships.  When
combined with lectrazine, hyronalin can be used to prevent such poisoning.  
(“Visionary” [DS9], “Real Life” [VGR], “Accretion Disk” [TFF], “Moral Compass” [TFF]).

A drug used to treat plasma burns aboard Federation starships.  (“The Art of
Deception” [TFF], “When the Shadows Steal the Light” [TFF]).

A painkiller in use aboard Phobian starships 200,000 years ago.  (“A Link to the Past”

Powerful sedative in use aboard Federation starships, often prescribed to treat mild
sleeping disorders.  (“Identity Crisis” [TNG], “Rising Terrors” [TFF], “The Odyssey, part
II” [TFF], “Words Better Left Unspoken” [TFF]).

Ketracel White.
A drug chemically engineered by the Dominion to control their countless legions of
Jem’Hadar.  The Jem’Hadar are genetically bred to have a dependency on Ketracel
White, and cannot function for extended periods without it.  White is composed
primarily of yridium bicantizine (“Statistical Probabilities” [DS9]).
A mild sedative in use aboard Elorg warships.  (“Words Better Left Unspoken” [TFF]).

A drug used to stabilize cardiac and renal systems in humanoid patients (“Life Signs”
[VGR]).   It can be combined with hyronalin for temporary protection against radiation
poisoning (“Real Life” [VGR], “Raging Fury” [TFF], “When the Shadows Steal the Light”
[TFF], “Silent Adversary” [TFF], “Monarch on the Shore” [TFF], “Twenty-Four Hours”

Drug developed by Ka’Tulan scientists to neutralize the toxins in Ka’Tulan food, thusly
making it edible for non-Ka’Tulans.  (“Rising Terrors” [TFF]).

A powerful sedative developed on Vulcan to treat malaise and multiple personality
disorders.  It is mildly addictive, and is only occasionally administered after mind melds.  
(“Words Better Left Unspoken” [TFF]).

Listazine is a cortical analeptic in use aboard Federation starships.  It is used to treat
mild to moderate brain damage.  Sarah Hartman administered listazine to Taylus Drayge
in January 2399.  (“In Memoriam” [TFF]).

A mild stimulant drug frequently included in emergency medical kits.  (“Soul Searching”

An experimental and extremely stimulant drug designed in the 2390’s as a replacement
for tricordrazine.  While powerful, the drug has far fewer risks than tricordrazine
(“Containment” [TFF]).

A drug used to treat cardiac arrhythmia.  (“The Host” [TNG]).

A very powerful stimulant often used as a narcotic.  It is illegal in the Federation.  
(“Raging Fury” [TFF]).

Drug developed by Ka’Tulan scientists to neutralize the toxins in Ka’Tulan food, thusly
making it edible for non-Ka’Tulans.  (“Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec” [TFF], “Rising
Terrors” [TFF]).

A palliative treatment used by Starfleet to treat Irumodic Syndrome (“All Good Things…”
[TNG], “Silent Adversary” [TFF]).  Peridaxon stabilizes degrading neural pathways, and
was prescribed for Rachael Meyer to take on a daily basis to keep her pathways stable
following her accident in late-2395 (“Awakenings” [TFF], “Accretion Disk” [TFF]).

A sedative developed by the Elorg to render a patient unconscious.  The drug also
served as a psychotropic agent, and was frequently used on prisoners during
interrogations and medical experiments.  (“Checkmate” [TFF]).

A potent stimulant derived from cordrazine, commonly used for resuscitation.  The drug
is extremely powerful; 25cc’s is enough to kill a Klingon (“Ethics” [TNG], “Beginnings”
[TFF], “Soul Searching” [TFF], “Containment” [TFF], “Mystic Invasion” [TFF]).

An anesthetic commonly used aboard Federation starships to alleviate pain.  (“The Wire”
[DS9], “Where Angels Fear to Tread” [TFF]).

A veterinary medication used to treat Livathi flu in cats and dogs.  (“A Fear of the
Heavens” [TFF]).

A drug commonly used to treat depression.  (“The Storm” [TFF]).

A rare, occasionally lethal neural toxin.  It is sometimes used by the Elorg as a means to
covertly assassinate a rival.  (“Toccata and Fugue” [TFF]).

Medication in use aboard Federation starships, often prescribed to treat vertigo and
other forms of dizziness (“Cause and Effect” [TNG], “Raging Fury” [TFF]).

A drug used to stabilize neural pathways and prevent synaptic failure after brain
surgery.  (“Confessions and Confrontations” [TFF]).