Velor Prime
The Federation defends the Lylat System
The Velora are a highly advanced humanoid civilization indigenous to a region of space 14,000 light years from the Federation.  (“Velora, part I”
[TFF]).  They are a mainly peaceful society, divided into a series of social and political circles that establish the basic framework of their
culture.  At the top of that hierarchy is the Prime Minister; in 2399, that position was held by Vallis.  (“The Storm” [TFF]).   The Velora control
an expansive empire in the Alpha Quadrant, the Velora Aggregate.  It spans tens of thousands of light years, with the outer-most colonies
reaching into the Beta Quadrant.  (“Spirit of the Night” [TFF]).  Highly advanced propulsion technology allow the Velora to easily patrol their
territory.  It took centuries for the Velora to establish the Aggregate, a task that was complicated by their unique genetic structure that makes
them highly susceptible to disease.  In order to combat that shortcoming, Velora scientists covertly developed the blight, a retrovirus
specifically designed to eliminated any alien species that posed a threat to genetic stability.  (“Velora, part I” [TFF]).  Its existence was largely
kept secret.  (“Retribution” [TFF]).
The Velora first became aware of their genetic shortcomings not long
after venturing into space.  A chance encounter with the Kandari
resulted in the loss of an entire Velora starship.  The incident prompted
the Velora to develop the blight; the virus was forcefully administrated
to all alien species that subsequently came into contact with the
Velora.  Many species were completely eliminated by the retrovirus;
others, such as the Lycorians and the Ii’zyyr’aa, were immune and
granted the opportunity to become the Velora’s allies.  However, a
great deal of those afflicted with the blight fell into a gray area, neither
immune to nor destroyed by the virus.  The Circle of Defense ultimately
decided to clandestinely imprison these individuals within large
Internment Facilities and use them as to mine and refine tetralithium, a
toxic substance used to power propulsion systems aboard Velora
starships.  Numerous Internment Facilites were established throughout
the Velora Aggregate, including the Elkorvia Facility orbiting Velora
Prime, and the Fil’sihar Facility aboard the Drinar, the Velora flagship.
Because the prisoners still posed a marginal threat to the Velora, the Internment Facilities were operated by the Lycorians, often under
gruesome conditions.  Over the years, trillions of individuals were eliminated in these facilities—mostly unbeknownst to the general Velora
populace.  (“Velora, parts I and II” [TFF], “Retribution” [TFF]).

In 2344, the Velora again encountered the Kandari.  Led by Kaid, the Velora engaged the Kandari in a brief, bloody war that resulted in the
extinction of the Kandari civilization.  They were the first of many species to be driven to extinction by the Velora.  (“Ring of Fire, part I”
[TFF]).  Decades later, in the 2390s, the Velora came into conflict with the Brenarians.  The survivors were quickly subjugated aboard the
Drinar where they remained until a prisoner uprising led by Treigenn in April 2396; in order to quell the uprising, Ambassador Kaid ordered
the immediate execution of all Brenarian prisoners.  The massacre ended with the extinction of the Brenarians.  (“Velora, part II” [TFF]).  

Amidst the nearly constant warfare, the Velora continued to explore space, often sending probes into remote areas for reconnaissance.  In
early 2396, the Velora reached sector 19328, on the edge of Federation territory.  While exploring the region, a scout ship commanded by
Sor Kalem intercepted a Federation shuttlecraft, taking captive the shuttle’s crew.  (“Reconciliation” [TFF], “From Hell’s Heart” [TFF]).  Alan
Christopher and Erin Keller were later declared immune to the blight and brought aboard the Drinar to meet with Ambassador Kaid.  Their
initial meetings went well, and the notion of an alliance was met with open arms.  That, however, changed when Christopher became aware
of the blight and the Internment Facilities associated with it.  With hopes for an alliance out of the question, Kaid retracted his overtures of
friendship and instead launched an attack on the Federation.  The attack was ultimately repelled, and the Velora retreated.  (“Velora, parts
I and II” [TFF]).
Azel IV is destroyed by a neutronic wave front
In the months after the attack, Velora scientists worked to create a more lethal strain of the blight,
one specifically designed to attack and destroy humans.  In early 2397, they began working covertly
with Federation scientists under the guise of improving the Velora immune system.  Though some
headway was made, the Velora ultimately used their newfound knowledge to perfect their new strain
of the blight.  They summarily took their Federation allies as hostages and set out to deploy their new
weapon on Forcas III—but the vessel was shot down and raided by the Garidians, eager to get a
sample of the Species 8472 biomatter aboard the ship.  (“Decision Bells” [TFF]).  In June 2397, a
derelict bioship was spotted near Klingon territory.  Ambassador Kaid immediately set out to capture
the vessel so that the attack on Forcas III could proceed—but the Garidians again interfered, and
attempted to claim the ship for themselves.  When the Federation also expressed interest in
capturing the bioship, Kaid forged an alliance with the Garidian Captain Pentara to ensure the ship
did not fall into Federation hands.  The Velora/Garidian fleet was ultimately destroyed when the
Klingons intervened on the Federation’s behalf.  Kaid, believing the Velora’s interest in Forcas III was
ultimately misplaced, used his ship to destroy the 8472 bioship, effectively ending the Velora’s
attempt to perfect the blight.  (“Ring of Fire, parts I and II” [TFF]).

The Velora faced a considerable internal conflict in February 2399, when a neutronic wave front
obliterated the Ii’zyyr’aa colony on Azel IV.  Despite knowing in advance of the front’s approach, the
Velora chose not to warn their allies of the encroaching calamity, and thousands of Ii’zyyr’aa died as
a result.  (“The Storm” [TFF]).  The Ii’zyyr’aa were infuriated with the Velora, and began to amass
their swarm near the Phendrana Drifts on the eve of a planned assault on the Federation colony in
the Lylat System.  With the Velora suddenly fighting a conflict on two fronts, Prime Minister Vallis
began to have second thoughts about the Velora’s overtly hostile actions.  After much debate—and
an Ii’zyyr’aa insurrection that resulted in defeat in the Lylat System—Vallis ultimately chose to destroy
the Drinar and its internment facilities, and instead focus the Velora’s efforts on finding a way to
better their immune systems.  Many within the Circle of Defense were opposed to this plan, and Vallis
was ultimately assassinated by Sor Dalem, one of his personal aides.  Even so, the Drinar’s auto-
destruct sequence fulfilled Vallis’ orders, and a new course for the Velora Aggregate was set.  
(“Retribution” [TFF]).
Velora Aggregate
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