Graviton Torpedo
Unknown.  Likely several hundred years ago.
2.68 meters in diameter.
Explosive yield of singularity warhead theoretically in excess of 900,000 isotons.  Direct
observations indicate an explosive yield near 385 isotons.
Heavy hexatanium double hull
0.4 cm ablative armor
Standard Stuctural Integrity Field
Quantum Torpedo = 1000
SPEED: 1,200

OVERALL:  82,086
Graviton torpedoes are infinitely dense weapons of mass destruction developed by the
Drusari.  Very little is known about the Drusari, though it is believed they are one of the
most highly advanced species in the universe.  This alone is a good indicator of the graviton
torpedo's awesome power, and unfortunately, it is one of the few indicators.  Having
encountered the Drusari on only two occasions--both in early 2398--Starfleet possesses very
little information on their tactical capabilities.

The graviton torpedo consists of a pressure-molded shell of denisfied hexatanium,
star-shaped in cross-section and coated with a 4-millimeter layer of plasma-bonded
terminium dichromate ceramic to form an ablative armor, over which is bonded a
0.04-millimeter coating of  silicon-copper-yttrium as an anti-radiation coating.  The torpedo
2.68 meters in diameter at its widest point, including the tip of the spires.

The heart of the graviton torpedo is the singularity warhead, a hexagonal-shaped chamber
fabricated from a polymer of unknown origin.  Heavy graviton particles are generated within
the warhead until they are sufficiently dense to generate an artificial quantum singularity
with a theoretical explosive yield in excess of 900,000 isotons.

A lower-yield of graviton torpedo was deployed during a battle with the Drusari on stardate
75057.5, and again on stardate 75161.2.  Numerous vessels sustained heavy damage in both
instances, including the US
S Starlight, but the Drusari were ultimately defeated and have
not since returned to the Milky Way galaxy.

As a result of the aforementioned incident with the Drusari, the Elorg Bloc was able to
acquire graviton torpedo technology.  It is generally believed that Overseer Xi'Yor pilfered
the schematics from the Drusari or their enigmatic allies, the Ghaib.  As a result, the new
Andrinel Class Elorg Destroyer is equipped with a low-yield graviton torpedo.

Prior to its destruction on stardate 76728, Eredas-Il was also equipped with graviton
torpedoes.  A high-yield singularity warhead launched by the base might have been
responsible for the destruction of the Cardassian fleet on stardate 76570, and Deep Space
Nine several weeks later.
The graviton torpedo mesh (the 'Demon Star') was created by Andrew J. Hodges.

This page was created using information from the Daystrom Institute Technical Library
( and the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual.