The Yelss emerge from a Drusari Gateway
The Drusari are one of the oldest, most highly advanced civilizations
known to exist, natives of a galaxy approximately nine billion light years
from the Milky Way.  (“
Infinity” [TFF]).  They invaded the Milky Way in
early 2398.  (“The Odyssey, part II” [TFF]).  Virtually nothing is known
about the Drusari as a civilization.  Direct observation of the Drusari and
their technology indicates an aggressive species; their vessels are
extremely powerful, equipped with
graviton torpedoes and capable of
destroying entire planets with relative ease.  (“
In the Heart of Darkness
[TFF]).  Conversely, indirect supposition into the motives behind the
Drusari invasion would seem to indicate a highly scientific species,
innately curious about the universe.  (“Infinity” [TFF]).  The truth likely
falls somewhere in between those extremes, but it is impossible to know
for certain without additional exposure to the species.
Physically, the Drusari are highly impressive species.  Standing nearly four meters tall and entombed
within a considerable exoskeleton, they are impervious to most forms of direct attack.  They have no
discernable language, however it is likely an advanced species such as the Drusari would communicate
via telepathy.  Because there has been only a single physical encounter with the Drusari, nothing is
known about hierarchy, social structure, or culture in general.  (“
New Blood” [TFF]).

In 2398, the Drusari invaded the
Zukara Segment, a globular cluster orbiting the Milky Way galaxy.  The
invasion, however, was not an attempt to gain control of the region.  Instead, the Drusari intended to
funnel energy from the core of Milky Way galaxy into a massive space station designed to open a
gateway to the very edge of the universe—and time itself—most likely to satisfy their scientific
curiosity.  The ambitious plan took centuries of preparation and relied heavily upon the Ghaib,
denizens of the Zukara Segment who became the Drusari’s closest allies.  (“Infinity” [TFF]).

Over the course of several centuries, the Ghaib were required to erect several massive gateways in
star systems across the galaxy, including the Sol System, the Zhargosia System, and within the Zukara
Segment itself.  These gateways were then cloaked and left idle until stardate 75161 (March 1, 2398),
when every last one of the gateways fell into perfect alignment, theoretically allowing the Drusari to
channel large amounts of energy from the galactic core.  (“Infinity” [TFF]).  In the interim, the Ghaib
were forced to rotect the gateways from afar.  Any starship that ventured too near a gateway was
swallowed by a subspace sinkhole and usually destroyed.  The few that survived typically wound up
stranded in the Zukara Segment.  (“
The Odyssey, part I” [TFF]).

This activity did not go unnoticed by the other denizens of the Zukara Segment.  Eventually, the
began to assemble a powerful new starship specifically designed to destroy the Drusari Gateway in
the Zukara Segment.  Because they lacked the knowledge to fully construct such a vessel, the Yelss
began to kidnap scientists from the vessels brought into the Zukara Segment from afar.  As a counter-
measure, the Drusari instructed the Ghaib to begin eliminating those scientists.  (“New Blood” [TFF]).
This tit-for-tat warfare continued until 2398, when the Drusari finally reached the Zukara Segment.  
They immediately set out to weaken the opposition by destroying several worlds, including the planet
Navarre. Drusari forces remained in the vicinity of Navarre until stardate 75062, when they engaged
the USS Starlight and its allies.  The attack proved disastrous for the Drusari.  (“In the Heart of
Darkness” [TFF]).  The Drusari immediately fell back to their Gateway to fortify their defenses, but to
no avail.  The Gateway was completely destroyed by the Starlight and its allies in March 2398.  The
defeat prompted the Drusari to retreat to their home galaxy.  (“
Twilight of the Gods” [TFF]).
The Drusari attack the USS Starlight
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The Yelss and the Starlight battle the Drusari