Due to numerous temporal incursions, it is difficult to devise the exact
history of the Yelss civilization.  In all likelihood, temporal incursions
have sufficiently altered the timeline to make even a general history
impossible.  However, Federation scientists have approximated a basic
timeline based upon known historical events.  

Prior to the year 2421, the Yelss were a technologically inferior species
engaged in a protracted war with their neighbors, the Noor.  Evidence
suggest the Yelss possessed nominal offensive capabilities and zero
temporal technology.  Those not engaged in conflict with the Noor
often worked as mercenaries, shuttling goods between the myriad star
systems within the Zukara Segment.
Twenty-two years earlier, on stardate 76334 (May 2399), the crew of the USS Starlight was experimenting with a new temporal shield matrix
aboard the shuttlecraft Epoch.  The experiment ended prematurely when the Epoch was attacked by an Iconian station.  While the Epoch
survived the attack, its chronometric beacon sustained heavy damage, and the Epoch began to drift through time.  The incident sent
shockwaves throughout the timeline and brought the Federation to the attention of the Guardians, an extradimensional species plotting to
convert the Milky Way into a habitable realm similar to their own.  The Guardians soon decided the Federation posed a threat to those plans,
and thusly decided to capture the Epoch for additional study.  Because they were unable to exist in normal space, the Guardians had no
choice but to coerce other species to do their biddings.  At that point, the Epoch had ventured twenty years into the future, and was adrift
in the Sovara System, very near Yelss territory.
On stardate 96754 (October 2419), the Guardians contacted a Yelss mercenary by the name of Ixdrinex,
and convinced him to retrieve the Epoch.  Ixdrinex complied, but the limitations of Yelss technology
became evident two years later, when the transport carrying the Epoch to a Guardian facility in the
Kasuto Expanse was captured by the Federation Starship Majestic.  Desperate to retrieve the Epoch, the
Guardians provided the Yelss with several
Rishar’aa Class warships.  Led by Ixdrinix, the Yelss engaged the
Majestic in the Kasuto Expanse—only to be thwarted by another faction of Yelss, from even further into
the future.  They absconded with the Epoch and set into motion the events that would see the shuttle
returned to its proper time.  The Guardians summarily abandoned the Yelss, believing the Xindi could
better accomplish their goals.  (
“Dimensional Analysis” [TFF]).

After the battle, the Yelss returned to the Zukara Segment with the remaining warships and immediately
began to study their new technology.  In the span of a few short years, the Yelss became a highly
advanced superpower.  The Noor were obliterated, and the Zukara Segment was dominated by the Yelss
shortly thereafter.  Eager to expand their newly powerful empire, the Yelss scoured their warships for
more technology—but soon realized that while they could easily duplicate that technology, the Yelss did
not have the scientific knowledge to expand upon it.  Several Yelss factions favored additional scientific
Meanwhile, Yelss scientists in the
Zukara Segment continued to
study the Rishar’aa.  Though
progress was slow, scientists were
eventually able to devise their own
rudimentary temporal probes.  
Initial tests were encouraging from
a scientific viewpoint, however the
data returned from the probes
indicated a considerable shadow
loomed over the Zukara Segment—
an alien species known as the
Drusari intended to use the region
as a staging ground for a scientific
experiment that would likely
destroy the entire Milky Way.  
Utterly helpless to stop the Drusari
with their current level of
technology, the Yelss had no
choice but to venture back to the
time of the conflict—the mid-
2390s—and develop their defense
with assistance from others.
“Infinity” [TFF]).

The Yelss intended to construct a
vessel strong enough to destroy
the massive starbase that served as
the heart of the Drusari presence
in the Zukara Segment.  To
accomplish this task, the Yelss
systematically abducted scientists
and engineers capable of creating
creating such a craft.  (“The Odyssey, part II” [TFF]).  In order to ensure they had a working blueprint, the Yelss “borrowed” a Federation
timeship in the 29th century.  (“A Phantom and a Rose” [TFF]).  Initial tests of the vessel were less-than-encouraging  In one instance, the test
craft was heavily damaged and expelled from a chronometric distortion in the Kilka Sector on stardate 72285 (April 2395).  (“Ghost Ship” [TFF]).  
Despite the numerous setbacks, the Yelss continued to construct their vessel, and when the Drusari invasion began in early 2398, the Yelss were
nearly ready—and in order to ensure victory, they forged a tenuous alliance with the USS Starlight and its allies shortly before the final
confrontation with the Drusari.  (
“New Blood” [TFF], “Infinity” [TFF]).  When the attack finally commenced, the Yelss were able to successfully
repel the invasion.  (
“Twilight of the Gods” [TFF]).  
The Yelss and their new warship would again assist the Federation in
2421, when they retrieved the Epoch from the Kasuto Expanse.  
Ironically, this was the very incident that initiated the Yelss’ fascination
with time travel.  (“Dimensional Analysis” [TFF]).  The tenuous alliance,
however, did not last.  Though details are sparse, the Yelss and the
Federation eventually become involved—on opposite sides—in the
protracted Temporal Cold War during the 29th century.  (“A Phantom
and a Rose” [TFF]).
The Yelss and Starlight engage the Drusari
The Yelss are a technologically advanced civilization indigenous to the Zukara Segment (“The Odyssey, part I” [TFF]), a globular cluster orbiting
the Milky Way some 80,000 light years from the Federation.  They have long aspired to obtain temporal technology to further advance their
species, but virtually nothing else is known about them.  The Yelss are a species of quadrupeds; they have but a single eye and are often
considered both gangly and phlegmatic.  It is also believed they are a highly telepathic species. (
“Ghost Ship” [TFF]).  Scientists have inferred
there is a basic hierarchical structure to the society, with groups of Yelss subordinate to a Master, possibly an elder member of the species.  
The extent of the hierarchy is not known, but the Masters are known to convene at the Sacred Grounds, located in the heart of the Zukara
Segment. (“Dimensional Analysis” [TFF]).
A Rishar'aa Class Warship
The Guardians forge an alliance
research, knowing they could eventually expand upon the designs provided by the Guardians.  However, those favoring research were in the
minority, for the Yelss soon discovered it was a far simpler matter to pilfer new technology from the future.

Though the temporal systems aboard the Risarh’aa were limited, it was sufficient for the Yelss to make several temporal incursions.  On stardate
73392 (May 2396), the Yelss detected the launch of the Federation’s first temporal probe.  They quickly descended upon the Termina System
and attacked the USS Starlight.  The Yelss successfully the Starlight during the battle, however much of that timeline was later reversed.  The
amount of information acquired by the Yelss during the engagement, if any, is not known.  (“Termina” [TFF]).

A year later, on stardate 74386 (May 2397), the Yelss detected a Zankaran vessel very near the end of the known temporal continuum.  Using the
sum of their temporal technologies, they ventured billions of years into the future to capture the vessel, known as the Entrox.  The attack was a
success, however the Yelss’ inability to effectively operate the Entrox ultimately resulted in its erasure from the timeline via an onslaught of dark
energy.  (“Eleventh Hour” [TFF]).

Over the years, Yelss vessels were also sighted near Romulus, Aschelon V, and Vega.  (“Ghost Ship” [TFF]).
The Zukara Segment.  Click image to enlarge.
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